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About Seamus
Born in the Northern Ireland port town of Larne, Seamus, and his parents Dylan and Aisling Kennard, along with their 5 other children, escaped 'The Troubles' and moved to Miltown Malbay, County Clare, when Seamus was 7-years-old.
In Miltown, they lived in near poverty. As Dylan toiled in the mines and Aisling quilted bonnets for the neighborhood women, Seamus was left to fend for himself on the streets of the village.
After listening to an old man playing guitar and singing on a street corner, Seamus crafted his first guitar out of discarded roof panels and electric wire. At age 16, he was accepted to the local Cloonbony Academy of Music.
Seven years and hundreds of pub gigs later, Seamus was signed to the Irish Artists label and is now a proud member of Manka Music Group's Seven Cs (Manka's World Music Label) which includes some of the top international recording artists in the world.

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