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Carrier Pigeons (2019) - A lonely bachelor in Alberta, Canada, corresponds with a lonely Chilean woman via carrier pegeon. [To be made into the Manka Bros. Films movie "December Spring" in 2020.]

The Bronze Candle: The Moncton Revelation (2018) - Book three of "The Bronze Candle" triology of books features Cold War super spy Doug Shapiro stuck in the New Brunswick town of Moncton in 1980 as the Soviets invade Afghanistan.

President Harding's Secrets Of Love (2016) - A lonely presidential historian tries to find love amongst the Princeton library stacks where she discovers a very powerful secret.

Rampage Of The Stegosaur (2015) - Cormac McCarthy's haunting tale of bloodthirsty Stegosaurs as they rampage across the planet - terrorizing a peace loving pack of velociraptors. [Made into the Manka Bros. Films movie of the same name. Also to be made into the Broadway Manka musical of the same name.]

The Falcons Of Malta (2014) - A lonely widower goes to Newark, New Jersey for his 70th year high school reunion and strikes up a friendship with the only other survivor in his class.

Tight Ass Female Seeks Italian Love (2013) - A lonely food and wine editor for the Washington Post leaves her high pressure life and moves to Viareggio, Italy. [Made into the Manka Bros. Film "Bella Sangiovese" in 2015.]

The Lurchling (2012) - Manka Book Prize nominee for best first novelette, Holande Backaray's inspirational novelette will be made into three movies by Manka Bros. Films (with the third part to be made into an additional three films).

The Bronze Candle: The Interlaken Conundrum (2011) - Book two of "The Bronze Candle" triology of books features Cold War super spy Doug Shapiro stuck in the central Swiss Alps town of Interlaken in 1968 as the Soviets invade Prague.

Galapaghosts (2010) - Giant turtles haunt the dreams of lonely, sexy paleontologist Becky Morris as she looks for love in modern day Houston, Texas.

The Bronze Candle: The Montpellier Exposition (2009) - Book one of "The Bronze Candle" triology of books features Cold War super spy Doug Shapiro stuck in the southern French town of Montpellier in 1956 as the Soviets invade Budapest. [Made into the Manka Bros. Films movie "The Bronze Candle: The Montpellier Exposition" in 2013.]

My Last Adam Sandler Movie (2008) - A lonely, intelligent single woman vows never to go to another Adam Sandler movie after a string of horrible first dates.

The Cookie Quarantine (2008) - (Book Three of author Bandon Morris' Nathan Gerlach series) - No one in Accounting can access their user IDs or passwords, and our hero, Nathan Gerlach, is not about to let his painful carpal tunnel syndrome get in the way of addressing the issue. [Optioned by Manka Bros. Films.]

Eating Mussels In Brussels (2007) - A young woman leaves law school early after the horrific death of nearly everyone she knows and learns to live and love again in Brussels.

The Light Of Skagen (2007) - A lonely, socially dysfunctional travel insurance underwriter from Las Vegas tries to find new love on a dairy farm in northern Denmark. [Made into the 2009 Manka Highbrow film "Drawn To The Yellow Light."]

Flights Of Nancy: Alone And... Happy (2007) - Third in the series of "Nancy" books finds Nancy alone again after breaking up with "Prince Harming."

A Snowy Autumn Spring (2006) - A lonely older woman moves back to the house she grew up in with the hope of rekindling a relationship with the boy next door.

Runtime Error (2006) - (Book Two of author Brandon Morris' Nathan Gerlach series) - When a bead of sweat from Corporate It expert Nathan Gerlach's brow fries the "Ctrl" button on a junior executive's keyboard, he races against the clock to repair it so the executive can copy and paste some text. [Made in the Manka Bros. Films movie "Runtime Error" in 2008.]

Monkeys Of Shark Bay (2005) - A despondent, workaholic zoo worker in Shark Bay looks for love by placing a personal ad on Craigslist. She has no idea what she's getting into.

Cubism In A Round Room (2005) - A twice divorced, mother of two picks up and moves to Greece to learn about sculpture and love.

Fatal Exception (2004) - The first of Brandon Morris' techno-thriller novels - Corporate I.T. expert Nathan Gerlach has to get past a firewall and proxy settings to save an analyst's PC from crashing. [Made into the Manka Bros. Films movie "Fatal Exception" in 2007.]

Burial Clothes (2004) - An antique dealer reexamines her life after she is asked to pick out the clothes a dead friend will be buried in.

Flights Of Nancy: Prince Charming Exists... FOR ME! (2003) - Second in the series of "Nancy" books. Nancy finally finds love and realizes it's exactly all it's cut out to be!

The Laughter Of Gina (2002) - A child's laughter haunts Molly, a successful children's book publisher, as she returns home to attend her 25 year college reunion.

Appalachian Spring (2001) - After the death of his wife, a brokenhearted music composer moves to the Appalachian mountains to piece his life back together one measure at a time.

Flights Of Nancy (2001) - Nancy Smith is a single woman who loves her food but loves her men more. All of Boston is rooting for this mysterious young woman as she blogs about her everyday life.

The Man In The Breadcrumb Fedora (2000) - A recently windowed woman returns to Italy in search of the man that once made her feel young.




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