Manka Books - Non-Fiction


I, Khan (2015) - Autobiogrphy of Manka Bros. Chairman & CEO Khan Manka, Jr.

At The End Of The Day (2010) - Manka Business Book that gives a comprehensive list of all the business cliches so that middle managers can "get their arms around" the terms and use them in everyday business.

I Did A "Hunter" In 1986 (2004) - Autobiography about the eighteen year struggle to survive for an actor who last worked in 1986



I Am "Potatoe" (1994) - Diary of the kid who slowly went insane and lost all touch with reality after Vice President Qualye forced him to add an "e" to the spelling of potato on national television. [Adapted into the Manka Highbrow movie "Potatoe" in 1995.]

Improve Your Depth Perception (1993) - People who haven't read the book don't think it can be done.

The 3 Mrs. Maos: Roses Are Red (1993) - Experience the first hand accounts of the many loves of Mao Tse-tung.

STANislavski (1992) - Stan Freeman (from the "Travels With Stan" series of books) returns with this easy to underSTANd actor's guide exploring the method of Stanislavski.

Is There Anybody Out There? (1991 - pamphlet) - Prayers that didn't work.

The Emmy's Greatest Acceptance Speeches (1991) - Timeless coffee table edition with full text and images of some of the most famous speeches made during the 43 year history of the Emmy Awards. Includes several from this year's winning drama "L.A. Law!"

Jesus (1990) - Unauthorized biography by Albert Goldman. (Albert Goldman was murdered at a book signing one month after publication.)



Travels With Stan (1978-1987) - Everyone's favorite travel buddy, Stan Freeman, takes you on a special journey through some of the most mystical places on Earth. Volume 1: AfghaniSTAN; Volume 2: PakiSTAN; Volume 3: KazhakSTAN; Volume 4: UzbekiSTAN; Volume 5: DageSTAN; Volume 6: TajikiSTAN; Volume 7: ISTANbul (also covers ancient ConSTANtinople). Series ended with Volume 8: STAN Francisco.

Peas & Carrots - My Life As A Hollywood Extra (1986) - Harlan Joyce recalls the highs and unbearable lows of her career as a Hollywood extra.

Four Years In A Killer's Bed (1985) - True story. After finding out a dark secret about her husband of four years, a woman must make a life-altering decision for her and her children. [Made into the 1989 Manka Bros. Films movie "Killer's Bed."]

Charles Manson: In His Own Words (1983) - Eerie message in their original form and everything the dog told him to do. [Features scientific decoding by a prominent philosopher.]



Fit To Be Tried (1979) - Chronicles the Jack Lalane espionage trial.

Farr From Funny (1979) - Alan Alda's angry rebuttal at the lies written about him by Jamie Farr in "So Farr, So Good" [Manka Books 1978]

So Farr, So Good (1978) - Jamie Farr's hilarious autobiography.

Rocks Full Of Blood (1974) - Disturbing stories of seawrecks and dead mariners.



Fore! The Golf Dictionary (1961) - Hey, girls! Want to know what your husband means by a "a driver" or "sinking the putt?" Then this book is for you!



Bat Masterson - Sports Reporter (1954) - Story of wild west marshall Bat Materson's final days as a sports reporter in Philadelphia.

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