That’s Entertainment

If there's one thing we strive to offer at Manka Bros it's entertainment for all. Of course we have our specialities which lie in things like short films, feature films and comics, but even we aren't so biased to believe that these are the only forms of entertainment which could appeal to our fans. That's why we have also branched out into things like publishing, broadway and music, but again we know these aren't the limits of entertainment.

In fact one form of entertainment which we don't feature nearly enough is gaming. Gaming itself has come a long way since the arcade days and even Gameboys. Nowadays not only do people play on a variety of fancy consoles which cost a small fortune, they also play online and expect far more from their games than they ever did before. No longer do things like Pac Man or Donkey Kong cut it in terms of graphics, gameplay or even storyline. Winning is just as important as ever but there are now higher prizes on winning, including more than just bragging rights. Winning allows user to unlock more content than before, making the game bigger and better the more they play.

The narrative is also a big part of the game these days, so much so that the storylines and graphic quality can also be comparable to animated films today. This of course requires people with the same sort of skillset as those who are involved in film-making and animation, not to mention their animation and scripting abilities. Some of the biggest selling console games of the last decade or so have revolved around scripting and storylines with different narratives available for different routes that players take.

This is not just limited to console games either – online games have also evolved dramatically since the days of minesweeper and things like this. In fact, it is now possible to not only gamble online and play fun casino games, it's even possible to do this for free. Not only are some of these games free to play, some also offer the opportunity to still win real money even when you play with free bonus cash. This is a popular benefit of playing bingo online. Visit to find some of the best places to play online bingo for free, with the chance to experience not only bingo games but their accompanying slot games with razor sharp graphics and integrated storylines.

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