Reminder, This Is What High Treason Is

Thanks Shakespeare, you gave the proper weight to what President Trump has done to his country. High treason is not a joke! Not something to be ignored because some will get tax cuts. We sugar coat it. Who cares if someone running for office undermines…

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I Am Willing To Be Detained And Chopped Up By Saudi Death Squads

Salacious title, yes. But it’s really important. A journalist from the Washington Post was trying to get a fucking piece of paper needed for his wedding and what did he get instead? He was tortured, murdered and chopped into pieces. The Saudi government did not…

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The Reason Donald Trump Conspired With Russia To Win The Presidency

This video is absolutely the reason Donald Trump used every dirty trick (including conspiring with a foreign government) to win the 2016 Election. Those three minutes from the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner is the real reason Donald Trump leveraged his relationship with Russia to…

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You Haven’t Got It

I’m back. Thank God. I didn’t blog most of the past year because I was writing a book that I got actual money for (just so you know, blogs don’t really pay) and because I just didn’t have an angle. Not sure I do now…

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Lenny Bruce Perfectly Sums Up Donald Trump’s Campaign Strategy

There is absolute proof that Donald Trump said he was FOR the Iraq War in 2002: “Are you for invading Iraq?” Howard Stern asked him, and Trump answered, “Yeah, I guess so.” No matter how you interpret “Yeah, I guess is so…”  – it definitely doesn’t mean…

Variety Has An Unfortunate Cover This Week

You would think there would be some editorial oversight on a cover like this: The red boxes were added by me. Obviously not meant to go together but still – a terrible image to go with the top headline. Jill Kennedy – OnMedea

News Sites Are Obsessed With “Crazy” Hillary Clinton Pictures

Even when it’s good news! Even when it’s a “liberal” pro-Hillary-slanting site – photo editors cannot resist putting up the “crazy Hillary Clinton” photos (e.g. CNN below). She freakin’ clinched the nomination – THE FIRST WOMAN EVER IN A MAJOR PARTY – and CNN made…

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If CES Were Held In Fresno, No One Would Go

I think Tech reporters really only care about CES because it is in Las Vegas. If the show were held in a place like Fresno or Akron does anyone really believe reporters would trek from all over the world to see LG’s new roll-up screen? Of course not….