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Hot Grease (1986) - Action-adventure starring Drake Derrek as a disillusioned ex-CIA operative working at a fast food restaurant. Things really heat up when he recognizes a group of international terrorists in the drive-thru!

The Aruban War Of Independence (1986) - Communists invade the tiny island paradise of Aruba. The invasion is defeated bya strong-willed group of models and photographers.

Red Letter Daze (1986) - Rapper Mos Def in his first movie as an exchange student from Compton... in Libya during the Allied bombing compaign.

Horrorgasm (1986) - An orgy turns bloody on a Saturday night at Princeton University.

The Bride Wore Plaid (1986) - An American woman from Chicago meets a Scottish man and goes to Edinburgh to meet the family and get married.

Air Force (Reserve) Cowboys (1986) - Air Force (Reserve) Cowboys are hot shots in the air and hot shots in teh sack - and will do anything necessary to keep America safe. [The Air Force would not permit the use of just "Air Force" in the title so they made Manka Bros. Films add "Reserve" in the title the day before release.]

Grandpa's Teeth (1986) - Directed by David Sedan. Sedan's lifetime pet project about an 80-year-old ex-bowler and his shot at the APBA Trophy. If only his life were as easy to pick up as all those spares.

My Goombah (1986) - Tony Rosato stars in this tale of a smokin', drinkin' whorin' mob guy who pulls a few strings and qualifies for a female speed skating team.

Apollo's Child (1987) - A kid is born in space and can't life in Earth's atmosphere. NASA and a rotating group of astronautical parents have to take care of him for the rest of his life.

A Life Without Death (1987) - A rich, well-endowed high school quarterback lives forever in high school. He never has to study, has sex with whatever girl he wants and always wins the big game.

The Littlest Elf (1987) - Christmas movie about a shorter than normal efl with a very magical gift.

Act II (1987) - Boy loses girl.

The Nonconformist (1987) - Chastised by the puritans for not kneeling during Holy Communion, an Elizabethan clergyman with a bad sciatic nerve starts his own church for village idiots and cripples.

Ahead Of His Time (1987) - After a lab mix-up, Dr. Ronald Andrews finds himself thrown 15 minutes into his own future.

Marine Layer (1987) - Unauthorized (but much better than the original) sequel to "An Officer And A Gentleman" in which Debra Winger's friend, Donna, moves to Oceanside and takes on the Marine Corp.

Bounty Hunter (1987) - Action-adventure starring Drake Derrek as a disllusioned ex-CIA operative working as a bounty hunter. Things really heat up when he tries to bring in a group of international terrorists for the bombing of a passenter jet!

Pope Rufus I (1987) - Through a screw-up at the College of Cardinals, a dog is elected Pope. His successful reign lasts 85 years (dog years) and millions mourn when he dies.

Allen Ginsberg's Kaddish (1988) - A modern day update of Allen Ginsberg's epic poem about a mother's fight with insanity, set in a North Carolina strip club.

Feed The Kitty (1988) - A stripper from the wrong side of the tracks is asked to house sit at a mansion in the Hamptons.

Bruised Psyche (1988) - After a famous psychic is hit on the head, he can not keep others from hearing his thoughts.

Mankind's Last Hope (1988) - Gallagher stars as a post-apocalyptic bounty hunter.

Carnegie Mellons (1988) - Facing bankruptcy, the Board of Directors of Carnegie Mellon University turn to a group of local strippers to help save the school.

Hot Air (1988) - Three stand-up comedian idiots dream of circling the globe in a hot air balloon. They could have made it if they weren't stand-up comedian idiots.

Viet-Kong (1988) - American and North Vietnamese soldiers must fight together against a 300-foot tall gorilla terrorizing mountain villagers.

Shot Through The Heart (1988) - The romantic comedy that "gives love a bad name."

Fancy Free (1988) - Unauthorized (but better than the original) sequel to "Footloose" starring Corey Haim..

Tropic Of Cancer (1988) - Animated film based on the novel by Henry Miller. [Featuring FIVE original songs.]

Retirement Cop (1988) - When several residents of an old age home turn up dead, a retired cop and an out of the academy rookie team up to solve the crimes.

King Butt (1988) - Early rap movie with the tagline: "It's time to unwrap that ass!"

I Need Three Hands (1988) - Tim Kazurinsky made his leading man debut in this story of a Hollywood agent who falls in love with his latest find - a woman with three breasts!

Did We...? You Know...? (1988) - A pickup bar/next morning romantic comedy.

You Reeka! (1989) - Yahoo Serious discovers gold in the outback.

Dishwasher Safe (1989) - Modern retelling of the Grail legend.

The Cyber Nets (1989) - A cyborg basketball team takes on NBA's best. The loser will be destroyed.

CIA Squad: A Force Of Habit (1989) - The President has assembled an elite crime-fighting team of nuns who one-up evil Sister Bertrilled and their rocket-booster head gear.

Killer's Bed (1989) - After picking up a Congresswoman in a bar, a killer takes her and the United States government hostage for $1 billion dollars. [Based on the Manka Books novel "Four Years In A Killer's Bed."]

Earth Eaters 9+8 (1989) - Like termites, the Earth Eaters are slowly eating away at the Earth and only one woman, Lindsay Cowgill, can stop them.

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