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School (2013) - An unprecedented and astounding event in the history of daytime drama. Manka Bros. Daytime Television is proud to present this epic soap opera based (slightly) on "War and Peace" by Tolstoy. The show follows children as they start Kindergarten and will follow them until they graduate college.

Sequestered (2008) - Steamy drama about sequestered juries and the regular hotel employees that "service" them. There are worse places to be than poolside at the Hilton Garden Inn on a Wednesday afternoon.

Aspen Sex Stories (2002) - Night time drama. Stories of wild sex among the rich and famous in Aspen.

Manhattan Beach (1989-1996) - A cosmopolitan city right on the beach. Featured the cut-throat world of a declining publishing empire. It's high-culture and mini-skirts.

Thongs Of Ecstacy (1983) - Famous novel of land baron witches in Hollywood turned into a daytime drama. [Considered too racy for the time - and, unfortunately, even too racy for home video.]

Water + Still + Run + Deep (1968-1975) - The O'Reillys and the Billingtons don't get along. Never have. Never will.

67th & Park Avenue (1962-1968) - The only soap opera that dared to show wealthly New Yorkers sipping martinis, shoping and going to the latest Broadway show openings.

Ivory Tower (1958-1968) - Sponsored by Ivory Soap. Story of the Callahans and their struggles to save their publishing empire while still maintaining clean, fresh smelling skin.

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