Manka Bros. Television Library

Variety Shows


Seamus - He's Not Comin' Home (2017) - Musical variety show starring international music star Seamus and a cast of improv actors from the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Apache Chef (2015) - Produced for the Manka Food and Drink Channel. Live cooking show stars Diablo Tasso - an Apache chef - with his live band, The Abduction and his sidekick, American Joe.

Monday Night Manka! (2013) - Hosted by funny-man Travis Leonard. Comedy! Music! Dramatic Sketches! Weekly themes are based on recent film releases from the Manka Bros. Theatrical Group.


Awedville (2007) - The Best of Vaudeville Tonight!

America Is Whack! (2006) - Average Americans tape each other doing sketch comedy, impromptu stunts and dramatic readings and then we bring them to you.

The Cameron Manka Talent Extravaganza (2005) - America sings, dances, juggles - you name it! At the end of the season, only one performer will win a contract to appear in a Manka Bros. Films blockbuster movie. Hosted by Cameron Manka, the 'alleged' nephew of Studio Chairman Khan Manka, Jr.

Manka Bros. Late Night Horror Show From 'Your Parent's Basement' (2003) - Scary movie night hosted by various creepy people 'From Your Neighborhood.'

The Best Of Manka Bros. SILENT Bloopers (2002) - From the Manka Bros. Film Library. Compilation of the best silent film bloopers from vast Manka Bros. silent film vault. [Includes real life shooting death of Western movie bit player Slap Happy Farnsworth.]


Live From Palace Station (1999) - Every Friday night at midnight watch your favorite musical artists and comedians perform Live from the best casino in Las Vegas.

Fish and Chirps (1996) - Manka Food and& Drink Channel show focusing on trained performing fish and birds. The least talented are prepared by a world-renowned chef and eaten at the end by the studio audience.

Jazzmatic (1995) - A Manka Legends Channel mainstay. Variety show combining jazz music and comedy sketches.

Mackee Truck (1994) - Need a make-over? Fashion designer Bob Mackee is coming to your neighborhood with a truckload of his latest fashions (and there may be a couple of musical acts in the truck as well).

Manka Bros.: 80 Years Young (1993) - Hosted by Rue McClanahan. Classic clips and guest stars from Manka Bros.' illustrious 80 year history.

Fishin' With Joe Pesci (1993) - A new kind of fishing show. A fishing show that don't take no shit.

Ranford's Follies (1993) - Canadian variety show starring hockey goalie Bill Ranford featuring a cast of Canadian comedians and hockey players.

That's Compilation! (1992) - The best of the 'That's Entertainment' movies.

Hit Creek (1991) - Country music show that takes place on the banks of the Chattahoochee River.

Wishbones (1990) - A retooling of the 1960s late night show 'Fred Halbert's Dream Orgy.' Starring Fred Halbert, Jr. with guest celebrities all talking about who they have and they'd like to 'bone.'


Manka Bros. Stupid Skit Show (1987) - The comedy sketch show that started it all! [With the exception of 'Your Show Of Shows,' 'Saturday Night Live,' 'Fridays,' 'SCTV,' and many others.]

Rock Bottom (1984) - The workout show (and musical revue) for the most out-of-shape people on the planet.

Wang Chung Presents... (1983) - Comedy-variety show starring Wang Chung and featuring regulars the Puppet-tyme Players, Judy Slavik, and The Hilltoppers.

XXX Tonight! (1982) - Clip show featuring dialogue-only scenes from pornographic films. [A definite low point in the studio's history.]

England Dan and John Ford Coley's Open Mike Night (1981) - Featured some of the top unsigned bands and poets - hosted by England Dan and John Ford Coley.

Brimley! (1980) - Short-lived variety show hosted by and starring Wilford Brimley.


MBS Circus Of The Stars (1979) - The top talent from the top shows on MBS compete under the Big Top for charity. [The show was canceled after one season when 10 'B-level' celebrities died during the Live Finale when they fell off a high wire without a net. Among the dead was prolific Manka Bros. character actor Hap Kearney.]

The Best Of Manka Bloopers (1978) - Nothing was off-limits in this hilarious collection of 'bloopers' (actually written by Hollywood's finest scribes).

Isaac Asimov's Confusion Depot (1977) - A discussion following performances of poetry, music and theatre, that Mr. Asimov just doesn't understand. He understands why there are extraterrestrials. He doesn't understand why that joke is funny.

Wow, Is It Windy (1976) - Shields and Yarnell's short-lived hour of music and mime. [Which followed another short-lived hour of music and mime they did on ABC.]

Friends And Nabors (1975) - Jim Nabors' brother - Harold - hosts an our of music and mayhem. [It lasted 3 episodes.]

G. Gordon Liddy's Monster Gate (1974) - G. Gordon Liddy hosts this Saturday late night horror movie party (featuring comedy sketches and creepy songs) from inside the Manka Bros. Film Vault (which has so much nitrate that thing could blow at any moment).

The Coco-Clock (1974) - Half-assed variety show hosted (badly) by James Coco.

Sammy Shore's Vaudeville 2-Nite! (1971) - Featured the last comedians to honor the dead art of Vaudeville. It was a heartbreaking reminder that the 'Susquehanna Hat Company' bit just doesn't work in the 1970s.


Manka Bros.: 55 Years Of Comedy Gold (1968) - MBS variety night hosted by Joey Levitch showcasing highlights from Manka Bros. Studios first 55 years.

Mogen David's Starlight Showcase '67 (1967) - Up and comers perform (in music, theater, mime, juggling) for a chance to win $500 in Mogen David wine.

A Puppet, A Pauper, A Pirate, A Poet (1966) - A weekly late night chat show starring A Puppet, A Pauper, A Pirate and A Poet. Their first guests were - A Pawn and A King.

D. Day = Doris Day! (1964) - Variety show hosted by Doris Day commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion. Show featured skits and songs from the 1940s.

Dorm Crosby (1964) - A series which chronicled comedian Norm Crosby's disastrous comedy tour of the Ivy League schools in the spring of 1963.

Manka Bros.: 50 Years Of Comedy Gold (1963) - MBS special hosted by Joey Levitch featuring highlights from Manka Bros. Studios first 50 years.

Newton Minnow's Vast Wasteland (1961) - After his inflammatory speech to the National Association of Broadcasters, Manka Bros. Studios head Harry Manka told Mr. Minnow to put his money where his mouth was. The result - Newton Minnow's Vast Wasteland - Manka Bros.' most successful variety show to date - consisting of 30 minutes of the best monkey and juggling acts the United States has ever seen.

Fred Halbert's Dream Orgy (1960) - On the heels of 'Playboy After Dark,' pathetic, old, Vaudeville comedian Fred Halbert shows pictures and talks about the women he would have an orgy with if given the opportunity. [The show was canceled 15 minutes into its first episode and Fred Halbert was thrown in jail.]

Callas and Callas: One Night Only (1960) - Maria Callas and Charlie Callas variety show. [One night only became four incredible years of opera, comedy, poetry and love.]


Wilson And Woody (1954) - One of the first variety shows. Ventriloquist act in which all jokes end with Woody, the dummy, being distracted. Wilson sakes Woody a question that he fails to hear. 'Woody? Woody?' 'I bet he would...' was always Woody's punch line. And America never got tired of it (until Woody's death in a storage facility fire in 1956).

Manka Bros.' Hour Of A Million Stars... Again (1950) - Great stars from the stage and screen perform songs and skits.


Manka Bros.: 35 Years Of Laughs, Tears, And More Laughs (1948) - Early TV variety show dedicated to the history of the world's largest movie studio, Manka Bros. Studios, hosted by rising teenage radio star Joey Levitch - featuring unseen clips and some of the greatest moments in Manka Bros. Studios history.

Harry Manka's Hour Of A Million Stars (1947)  - Manka Bros. First Television Show premiered on June 4, 1947, on the nascent Manka Broadcasting System (MBS).

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