Ayn Rand Was NOT A Conservative

Ann Coulter, Anne C. Heller, Ari Emanuel, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Barry Diller, Ben Silverman, Conservatism, Ernest Hemingway, Glenn Beck, Jeff Weiner, Jeff Zucker, Jill Kennedy, Khan Manka, Krishnu Mehta, Manka Bros., Media Blog, Objectivism, OnMedea, Ralph Lauren, Rebecca Dana, Ritu Beri, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Shipley & Halmos, Terry Semel, The Daily BeastThere was a story posted on The Daily Beast by Rebecca Dana titled AYN RAND POWER DRESSING in which she writes:

“Ayn Rand–author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, mother of Objectivism, and the conservative movement’s most rapacious cougar–leapt back into popular culture this year as the hero of the Obama-hating far-right.

But it’s not just Glenn Beck and his minions who are drawing inspiration from the writer, who died in 1982.  This fall, the dowdy Russian émigré is en vogue with a whole different set: the free-wheeling, Obama-loving, arugula-eating fashion world.”

Now, I do not follow the antics of Glenn Beck (though I may follow a few of “his minions” depending who they are) and I realize that Rebecca Dana did not actually call Ayn Rand a Conservative (just “the movement’s most rapacious cougar”)… but I just need to put down for the record that she was a staunch anti-Conservative and actually speaks with an almost hatred of them in this extensive audio interview (about 3:30 into the interview she states “I am not a Conservative nor is Objectivism a Conservative philosophy.”):


For readers of Ms. Dana’s blog who may not actually research her statements, I fear they would form a completely wrong opinion of Ayn Rand – especially by carelessly linking Ms. Rand to Glenn Beck(Having done a little quick research on Mr. Beck, I will refrain from opining on him as I do not want to draw the bloodthirsty freaks in his audience into this discussion.)

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3 Replies to “Ayn Rand Was NOT A Conservative”

  1. I hate Glenn Beck. And I hate News Corp. for employing him. He’s just a bomb thrower without any worries about the repercussions.

  2. Really interested to hear that audio interview, but the link’s expired, any clues on how to find it…
    I’ve already noticed a fair few values in Ayn Rand’s work that are often neglected by modern capitalists, but I also find her heroic entrepreneurs an inspiring archetype.

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