Haley Reinhart? WHY????

American Idol, Ari Emanuel, Ben Silverman, Bruce Gowers, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Freemantle Enterprises, Gaude Lydia Paez, Jeff Weiner, Jeff Zucker, John Pritchett, Kara DioGuardi, Ken Warwick, Kevin Reilly, Khan Manka, Manka Bros., Nigel Lythgoe, Nikki Finke, Paula Abdul, Peter Rice, Randy Jackson, Rupert Murdoch, Ryan Seacrest, Scott Grogin, Sharon Waxman, Simon Cowell leaving American Idol, Simon Fuller, Terry Semel, Haley Reinhart, James Durbin, Scott McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Silverman, Jimmy IovineAm I the only one in America who thinks she is undeserving of all these accolades?

TOP 3 on American Idol?  Seriously?

Whenever she sings it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.  About a 1/4 tone under the note with no life to her voice at all.  That blank stare without emotion, the inability to move in a natural way.

Is she related to a producer on the show or something?

Is she the Goddaughter of Jimmy Iovine?

I think we need Dan Lyons (the guy who exposed the Facebook smear campaign against Google) to do a full investigation into the popularity of Haley.  Because something is not right here.

Based on Jennifer Lopez’s reaction last night, she also knows that something is rotten in state of Hollywood.

What am I missing?

People, please help me understand why America is brainwashed to think Haley is talented enough to win this competition. 

James Durbin has probably the best and most natural voice this show has seen in years.  He has a four octave range.  Scotty has a four note range.  James could scream all day and never lose his voice – Haley has been hoarse all year.

Please, help me understand?

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41 Replies to “Haley Reinhart? WHY????”

  1. What a black campaign you wrote about Haley. I’m totally not agree with you. I think Haley is the most talented singer of the group. She is different and so unique. She has style on music, she blends the blues, jazz, soul, even rock to be Haley’s style. All of those genres mixed in every performances she sang. And we need new type of idol this year. We had already country, rock, pop, and R & B idol, didn’t we?

    But I do agree with you too that James didn’t deserve to be voted off. He’s also very entertaining. I do really hope that Haley and James could make it through on finale.

    I hate Scotty and Lauren, Both of them are so flat and deserved to be voted off even after Naima.

  2. Come on! Who cares? The times I wander through the living room and watch particles of that mundane show, Haley gets my attention. Number one, she’s pretty hot. If I had a chick like that 75 years ago, I would have been on cloud 10. Number 2, she’s got a very distinctive voice, unlike the majority of these kids who sound the same and don’t bother to study the history of songs before 1998. Even if she doesn’t win the competition, she wins in the long-run, because you WILL hear and see her due to her belting, Janis Joplin-like pipes, which would also help with some bongs.

  3. I don’t really have a horse in this race; I’ve tuned in intermittently this season and finally watched this week as the finals approach. I think I understand the “outrage” over James being killed off, and maybe a little bit about Haley being kept. But I think I also understand what happened, too.

    First, I think it’s fair to say that the voters skew heavily female. If you go along with that notion, then it seems early on they get rid of the females who seem fake or over-posturing in the early stages, and perhaps also favor the heartthrob males. But when it gets closer, then it may also become about favoring a female winner to “represent,” and to a degree, also supporting the underdog.

    James’ performances this week seemed a bit too schmaltzy, even if they were good. A bit overplayed. As much as the judges liked his “Don’t Stop Believing,” I’ve heard it re-done so many times and this just seemed like an “okay” version of it; nothing outstanding — and if others agreed, they may have slightly resented seeing it praised so well. “Love Potion” was also good, but the performance seemed to have nothing to do with the song. Also much overplayed.

    Then we have Haley getting drubbed for “Earth Song,” and the fans may have appreciated her tribute to MJ there as heartfelt and didn’t like seeing her take a beating for it. Her second performance was just plain good, and she basked in the praise well — nothing cocky at all there. All at once she became an underdog to support, and made that support worthy by nailing the second piece. It was the best emotional moment of the night.

    But, she’ll probably be gone next week and it’ll be down to Lauren and Scotty, which should be a worthy battle. When it comes to the final two, there’s not much room for underdogs — that’s where everyone just votes for “the best.”

  4. Seriously? Are you crazy? Don’t you know who’s got the most fans from all over the world? It’s Haley! I’m not American so I know. Haley is the most marketable of them given the right management. Your JAMES my dear has no talent except screaming. If he wins, he will be a flop like the rest of the previous male AI winners. He’ll do well being a frontman of a cover band though. Don’t you understand why American Idol hasn’t had any superstars since Underwood? Because you’ve been getting it wrong, plus the system is flawed and should be amended. If Scotty or Lauren wins, they will do well in country only, but no impact abroad.

  5. F U in your A, Jill. You don’t know shit from fuck!!!
    Haley is the shiznit!!! My dad is a lawler and I’m gonna file a law suite against you!!1!


    1. wow you really are that much of a child aren’t you? not even a post worthy of making. do you feel that Haley somehow hurt you? your unprofessional-ism runs strong. you really do need therapy. you do not deserve any sort of public forum to express your opinions on. what are you–like 50? Haley is a wonderfully talented 20 year old singer just starting out in the business. It might be a ‘TV show’ to you–but she is a real person who does not deserve to be maligned by you. Honestly your throwaway post insinuating that she slept her way to idol. That girl has more class and talent stuck to the bottom of her shoe than you could think of having. I feel sorry for you jill.

      1. Dew, you’re nuts. Read the blog, did I say she ‘slept her way to idol’? I asked if she was related to one of the producers. You must realize, LA is a town with a LOT of nepotism. It’s not a crazy question especially when I, in my opinion, don’t believe she is very talented. That’s all. Now that she is off the show, I have nothing against her and wish her nothing but the best. I hope she puts out a bunch of good music and has a great career.

        1. reading comprehension 101 Jill…before you call me nuts try reading what I wrote….the word insinuating means “tending to instill doubts, distrust, etc.; suggestive” I NEVER said you said stated she ‘slept her way to idol’ I said you INSINUATED it with your foul blog post. You stated “Is she related to a producer on the show or something?” What pray-tell did the ‘or something’ mean if not to suggest another sort of relationship? And good to know that “Now that she is off the show, I have nothing against her” so you admit that you had something against her while she was on the show, nice. You want to write a post loving James, have at it….but if you are going to maliciously attack someone else for no reason then expect some backlash. And don’t call me nuts when you clearly had your own vendetta here, I just called you on it.

          1. Perhaps Jill understandably has a button involving ‘sleeping one’s way to the top’; there is nothing in dew’s posts worth responding to as an equal, yet she did.

            If she does have such a button, it needs to be rooted out.

  7. JUSTICE! Though James and Pia should be the final 2 other than Scotty and Lauren – at least Haley is gone!

  8. Jill, i like you for the same reason I liked Haley – you’re hot.

    I’ll agree that Haley isn’t the greatest singer ever. The only problem is that she is much more interesting that Scotty or Lauren.

  9. Every day people from around the world discover Haley and fall in love with her voice. She’s racked up tens of millions of views for work published in 2015 and 2016. Her remake of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” for Extra gum topped the Spotify Viral Top 50 and became the first remake of any song to chart on Adult Contemporary Radio in a decade. It’s now become a staple at weddings.

    Why? Here’s how other singers explained it in 2011:

    Melinda Doolittle – “This girl can just flat out sing. I was watching the show last night with some of my favorite singers and we were in awe of what her voice can do. She can go from a raspy tone to one that is as clear as a bell in a matter of seconds. She has the vocal flexibility of a singer twice her age. She is amazing.”

    Adam Lambert – “I love the sound of her voice, the texture of it. Musically, her choices are incredible. I don’t even think people are realizing the things that she’s doing vocally. I think it’s because she’s so effortless about it.”

    Jackie Tohn – “Haley for me is one of the freshest girls I’ve seen on Idol ever…That girl is a ridiculous singer. I can’t even put my brain…like, when you’re a singer, you have to, like, go there in your head, like ‘Can I go there, can I… oh I kind of know I can’t do that.’ She doesn’t even have that. Like, she just goes anywhere she tries. And J Lo said that to her one night, she was like, ‘You don’t even have a barrier vocally.'”

    The jazz instructor at her local college wasn’t surprised she did well. From a 2011 news story:

    “When I pressed him for specifics, he told me it was her range that was extraordinary. Not to mention the texture of her voice, and its amazing depth.

    When she hit those high notes, he said, it would make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

    She is, Ken continued, a little like Johnny Cash or Elvis.

    ‘You’re comparing her to Johnny Cash and Elvis?’ I asked. ‘That’s high praise.’

    Yes, he told me. That’s the kind of depth her voice has.”

  10. For the record…

    Idol sound engineer on Haley (in 2016):

    “I mixed her when she was on American Idol. Best voice of that season by far!!”

    Man who charted arrangements on Idol (in 2016):

    “She has such a sultry voice but has the chops and theory to hang with the 13th #11 chords with ease”

    Randy Jackson to Haley in 2017:

    “You are one of the ones that I really thought would have a career because doing that stuff you do with the jazz stuff is not easy. It’s hard to do, and you sing it with more melody than a lot of the songs on the radio today… With the jazz stuff, it’s about singing through multiple chord changes. It’s a very different thing, so your ear has to be trained so acutely, and then you also love the rock side.”

    Adam Lambert in 2011:

    “I don’t even think people are realizing the things that she’s doing vocally. I think it’s because she’s so effortless about it.”

    Idol vocal coach in 2011:

    “Jimmy Iovine said in one of the sessions — I don’t know if it aired — but he said, ‘People don’t understand what a good singer you are.’ It just bothered him. ‘People really don’t understand you’re an amazing singer here.’ I was so happy he said that.”

    Melinda Doolittle in 2011:

    “I was watching the show last night with some of my favorite singers and we were in awe of what her voice can do. She can go from a raspy tone to one that is as clear as a bell in a matter of seconds. She has the vocal flexibility of a singer twice her age. She is amazing.”

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