Frank McCourt: An A Hole Gets $2 Billion

Manka Bros., Khan Manka, OnMedea, Jill Kennedy, Frank McCourt, Jamie McCourt, Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Dodgers, Tommy Lasorda, Peter Guber, Stan Kasten, Bobby Patton, Todd BoehlyNow that the scumbag Frank McCourt has, apparently, sold the team for $2 billion to a group which includes Magic Johnson as the face of the venture, I can now root for my beloved Dodgers again.

This does make me happy as opening day approaches.

Last year, I couldn’t get excited about the team because of the scumbag Frank McCourt.

But do you know what sucks?  What sucks is that the scumbag Frank McCourt gets $2 fucking billion dollars!

This is a man that destroyed our beloved Dodgers by using the team as an ATM machine to live a billionaire’s lifestyle on a millionaire’s budget.  And now he gets to be a billionaire for real!  IT’S CRAZY!

This bastard took a team that had about $50 million in cash to a team with $550+ million in debt in a little over 7 years.

This is a true scumbag and now he’s got $2 billion.

Fine.  We’ll just have to file it in the “life isn’t fair” folder and move on, right?


We can’t.

We’re still stuck with this asshole because, for some reason, he will still own the parking lot that we need to use in order to see our beloved Dodgers!

Why don’t assholes just leave when they’re suppose to so that we can all just return to a somewhat normal life?

This guy should have been publicly humiliated.  This guy should have been run out of town on a rail.


But, no, we’ll have to accept whatever bullshit he does with that parking lot.  $50 parking?  F you, pay me.

This guy will probably end up building some sort of CityWalk type entertainment area around the stadium and make more money (on top of the $2 billion) than the Magic Johnson group could ever dream of making.

I’ll still support my beloved Dodgers this year but I’ll need to find a way to avoid the scumbag Frank McCourt parking lot to do it.

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9 Replies to “Frank McCourt: An A Hole Gets $2 Billion”

  1. Well, it’s better than it was, but McCourt’s got his grubby mitts on the parking lots. Many fans are not going to be satisfied as long as we’re still paying through the nose to finance the man who ran our team into the ground.

  2. At some point all these giddy Dodger fans and media will realize just how much this group overpaid. So now the Dodgers will be able to sign free agents? Really? The real winner is the scumbag Frank McCourt, not Dodger fans. I would say all the other owners are winners but the price is so grossly inflated I really doubt they feel their team’s value just increased.

  3. Huge mistake. Dodger fans will be regretting this in a few years. The other two groups in contention were much better.

  4. If Bud Selig could be the ringleader of Baseball’s second most egregious scandal (after the Color Ban) then Frank McCourt can hit the jackpot after nearly systematically destroying one of the greatest franchises in the game. When it comes to owners, nothing has changed since that arch-skinflint Charles Commiskey was fleecing his would-be Hall of Famers, a.k.a. the 1919 White Sox.

  5. This reminds me of Obama winning the Nobel Prize for Peace- everyone is so ecstatic to not have a clueless nitiwit in charge anymore that the new guy is treated like a god before he’s done anything.

  6. The owner of the Angels must have just done something with a brick. He paid Albert Pujols 200,0000,00000 bazillion dollars and he’s just been upstaged by Magic Johnson even before the season started.

  7. Good for him. As long as he can afford to move and leave Los Angeles forever. That’s fine with me. Wonderfull.

  8. It is a crime that McCourt bought the Dodgers without using any of his own money, then ran the franchise into the ground by spending all the proceeds on himself and his now divorced wife, then walks away with a billion dollars and a stake in any future development in the Dodger stadium parking lot. I think it’s an ego thing that the new owners paid a half billion dollars more than the nearest bidder–when you’re richer than god, what use is money, anyway? Let’s hear it for the 1 percent! Now tax the hell out of them so the rest of us can still afford to go to the ballgame.

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