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Comcast Acquires NBC Universal? - OnMedea

Comcast Acquires NBC Universal?

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the_wrap_nbc_universal_comcast.jpg"COMCAST DENIES A DEAL IS DONE, BUT DOES NOT DENY TALKS."  Are you really fucking kidding me, Sharon?

So this is the way it's going to be?  Semantics.

Everyone in the world with a blog could report anything (anything) and find a way to call it a true story. 

My five-year-old daughter could tell me she knows where Iran is hiding a nuclear bomb and I could report:  "A trusted source tells me that Iran is hiding a nuclear bomb in a closet in La Canada."  I do consider my daughter to be "trusted".  She's the "source".  Iran would come out immediately and call the story "inaccurate" - but I wouldn't be a liar.

I'm stunned that nobody calls bullshit on a story that mentions quite a few details about a deal that is far from complete. 

sharon_waxman.jpgYet nobody calls Sharon Waxman at a liar.  Semantics.  Or... I suppose, because nobody really cares. got everything it needed from this story.  National exposure.  Who cares if it's "inaccurate"?  That's not the point. 

Comcast and GE get everything they want out of the story - a test of the market to see what the rumor, if true, would do to their stock prices.

Even so, it's absolutely ridiculous.

"Comcast is in talks to buy the entertainment giant NBC Universal from General Electric... ACCORDING TO KNOWLEDGEABLE INDIVIDUALS."  WTF does that mean?  I consider myself to be a "knowledgeable individual" - does that mean I could have been a source even if I didn't know about the meeting?

"Deal points were hammered out...EXECUTIVES FAMILIAR WITH THE MEETING SAID."

Who are these "Knowledgeable Individuals" and "Executives Familiar With The Meeting" - and why the fuck are they talking to

Are "Sources" protected in online journalism?   What kind of a crazy-fucking world is it when Nikki Finke is the reserved one in a big entertainment business story like this?  Maybe it's because she didn't break the story and would love to see it discredited.  Actually, not "maybe" - I'm sure she wants to see it discredited.

The biggest surprise of all is that nobody is calling bullshit or lies lies lies.  In today's journalistic environment, that means the story is, most likely, true.  And if I had the chance and "sources" to break this story, I would have done the same thing.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Molly Glover said:

Excellent points, Jill. Agreed. last night there were nothing but rumurs, today there is nothing but denials and now there are no updates.

Hollywood Producer said:

CNBC is now reporting that Comcast is negotiating to buy 51% of NBCU. I can't imagine that price would be $35 billion.

The Truth said:

Waxman is getting all the heat she deserves. It should have been her day of glory and now it's a disaster. Huffington Post has come out with a story highlighting all the anger at her inaccurate reporting.

Brian's Friend said:

Once those sources really f-ed Sharon good.

Jill Kennedy said:

Now it's all starting to make more sense. No thanks to Sharon Waxman and

GE will spin off NBC Universal and Comcast will buy 51% of the new company...

Jennifer Lewis said:

Sharon "Retraction" Waxman is a fake, phony. This isn't the first inaccurate, unethical, one-sided, badly reported article (haha investigative story) she's published since launching thewrap in January in her efforts to get her site on the public's radar. She's defamed her competitors in an effort to crush their business, and she's been all over her publicist to land her interviews and articles wherein she can claim to be taking over the Internet as the #1 entertainment site in order to gain advertisers. MEMO TO SHARON: "90% of Hollywood hates your guts and are not, as you claim, flocking to your site. If they are watching, it's only in anticipation of your fall." I laughed out loud at her Ad Age interview yesterday in which she states she strives to be accurate, fair and have both sides supported. What a load of crap.

Amber R said:

I seriously hope this puts a big fat spotlight on Ms. Waxman and becomes the beginning of the end for

Polprav said:

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

Jill Kennedy said:

Yes, Polprav. Go ahead and quote a post with link. Send it to me once it's up just so I can see if it's anything crazy or inappropriate.

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