Lauren Conrad: The Fame Game

Manka Bros., Khan Manka, Lauren Conrad, The Fame Game, Glamour, Jonathan Franzen, Charlotte Bronte, jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, William Shakespeare, John Irving, The Hunger Games, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, The Hills, 1000 books you must read in your lifetime, Jackie Collins, Dostoyevsky, The GuardianOK – let’s say you’re 30 years old.

Let’s say the average American reads three books a year (outside the U.S. the average may be a bit higher).

Let’s say you have a good fifty years of reading before you die.

That’s 150 books.

[Fun fact: The average American will watch 72,800 hours of television in that same time period.]

Is “The Fame Game” by Lauren fucking Conrad going to be one of those 150 books?

Let’s assume you’ve already “Crime and Punishment,” “Pride & Prejudice,” and the complete works of William Shakespeare and don’t know what to read next and you’re at the check-out counter at Ralph’s and  there’s Lauren Conrad smiling at you naked from Glamour magazine asking you to read her book.


You’ve still got over 129 million books to choose from – do a little exploring!

Are you seriously going to read “The Fame Game” when there are a couple of Hemingways, Brontes and Woolfs you haven’t gotten to?

It’s time to up your “Summer Read” game and resist the temptation of shitty celebrity writing!

Manka Bros., Khan Manka, Lauren Conrad, The Fame Game, Glamour, Jonathan Franzen, Charlotte Bronte, jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, William Shakespeare, John Irving, The Hunger Games, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, The Hills, 1000 books you must read in your lifetime, Jackie Collins, Dostoyevsky, The Guardian“A Prayer For Owen Meany” is a fairly awesome book.

Read that one instead.

Or any one of these:   1,000 Novels Everyone Must Read.

And if you simply can’t stay away from the trashy celebrity novel – go for Jackie Collins (I can’t believe I wrote that) and leave Lauren Conrad in her reality show world where she belongs.

I warn you, if “The Fame Game” is a best seller, Audrina is going to write a book next.

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P.S. – If you’re one of the crazy reading freaks who are able to consume a couple of books a week, disregard the above and enjoy “The Fame Game” – it may clean your palate for loftier fare.

16 Replies to “Lauren Conrad: The Fame Game”

  1. I didn’t go through the whole 1,000 books list. Are you sure Lauren Conrad’s ‘Fame Game’ isn’t on that list? Right next to Joseph Conrad?

  2. Exactly! thank you! If I wanted to read crappy fluff pieces I’d just buy tabloids and save my money. She should not be rewarded for “writing” about her own “fame” and calling it fiction. Please no one buy this.

  3. Thanks for this Jill. Lets find out who the ghost writer is and then thank them for writing these books that quote “isn’t about exceptional writing or unpredictable plot points”. What a great way to sell your book. It’s frustrating that these books get cranked out when real writers have to write exceptional and still might not get noticed. This ranks up there with Snooki’s “book” to me.

  4. I guess because I’m not watching any reality TV I’m not familiar at all with LC. She is a pretty face from the pics and as jojo pointed out there might be a ghost writer. The “Milli Vanilli” model for literature.

    I think though there is always a market for any book so I’d say it has a chance to be one of the books in someone’s list of 150.

    It comes down to short term vs. long term. Short term looks might get a good start. Long term survives only if there is good substance.

    For example, I like the picture of Jill. It’s a pretty face. I am not even sure that it’s her or some stock photo. However, I care a lot more about the content of the website because it resonates with my thinking 😉 That is a lot sexier for me and will make me come back to read this blog. 🙂


    I hope they changed that in subsequent editions.

  6. Once upon a time one had to be Dickens, Twain, or Steinbeck: excellent grammar, impeccable vocabulary, exceptional mastery of the English language (if writing in English) and a literary giant for the ages. Now one just has to be a good looking bimbo with a mediocre ghost writing budget. This is another example of the decline in civilization.

    1. Intellectualism is a sociological faction that has long been on the fringe. If people devote their lifes to something that matters, and it gets passed down and benefits other generations, their efforts weren’t in vain. But this kind of blogging is in vain, regardless of your credibility. You’re on the money, but the currency is still on what you hate: the celebrity and their undeserved importance. What of applauding people who draw attention to the underserved importance? Do you not feel the wealth trickling down? I find the lauding and derision of celebrities to be or to fail to be what we want to see of people at large to be antithetical to intellectualism. It’s instant gratification, only playing for the other side. From facebook liking and the nature of the blogs, we live in a sycophantic culture.Thumbs up, thumbs down. People at large, even those who pursue learning, accredit the popularity and the vantage point of being in authority to snub, over what is being said. It begins just a dressing. Popularity is earned cheaply in our culture, and it is a consummate principle. The down-to-earth subscribes for lesser emphasis on the archetypes, which the insecure intellectuals who don’t produce the work they aspire to, focus on intently, however veiled. Lauren Conrad sells or at least tries to sell down-to-earth and sensible. She knows she’s no aueter, and if people will line up to buy it why justify. And no, Audrina will not be next. These situations always depend on a victor: Paris Hilton is obsolete because Kardashian took her thrown (typo, stays), Lauren Conrad is the popular one; Audrina will live on what are comparitive scraps. Heidi will have to debase herself for a piece of bacon. People root for the ones who don’t put their self worth into matter via celebrity, however veiled. Intellectual world, art world, politics, sports. All in the same. Celebrity, Celebrity is just the main street of mainstream.

  7. I had a fantasy conversation recently (with myself, how sad is that) where I was asked what my favourite book was. As I’m one of those ‘crazy reading freaks’ this was not an easy question to answer. I decided after much reflection that I would nominate A Prayer for Owen Meaney as my all time favourite. So having just discovered your blog, consider me a committed reader from now on..

  8. why do you care what others read or how many book they read in their life time? worry about what you will be reading next. this is sad.

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