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Yahoo! Finally Does Something Right

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YHOO is headed for $50/share.

Marissa Mayer is a perfect choice.

Great for Yahoo!

Great for Silicon Valley.

It’s a stunning move – completely shocking and unexpected.

If you’re worried about her pregnancy – then shame on you.

Her pregnancy makes me even more bullish on the stock.

Marissa is going to make this work and no one should question it (especially the loser stock holders who, for some reason, were holding Yahoo! stock before this announcement).

I, frankly, didn’t think the Yahoo! Board had the cojones to make such a choice.

Well done.

And next year, at Herb Allen’s Sun Valley Conference crap-fest for moguls, there will be a new Woman of Sun Valley (sorry Sheryl Sandberg).

And if, for whatever reason, things don’t work out (very small chance), Ms. Mayer can take comfort that like her predecessors Scott ThompsonJerry Yang and Carol BartzManka Bros. will offer her a job.

Good luck, Marissa (don’t read too many blog comments).

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  1. Christine Liu

    Good for her. Very inspiring moves forward both personally and professionally.

  2. schneider volt

    Jill your statement few months back “dont cry for yahoo ceo” for his exaggerated resume, now this lady is ceo…..

    1. schneider volt

      Meyer has ur hair color jill

  3. schneider volt

    Is American Industry relying on below people for IT work !

    You will be more surprised to know that Indian software IT companies encourage its workers in office rave parties, many software IT office drain pipes are clogged with rubbers. Even Vizag IT area was in news due to drain clogging with rubbers, due to night shifts, many indulge in such activities in office and also nearby lake ‘durgam cheruvu’ in hitech city cyberabad & entire India.

    Lot of genetic material can be found on keyboards too apart from office floors.

  4. Citizen Bob

    What an intelligent, beautiful (I am salivating) gorgeous young woman. Inspiration to ALL women worldwide. Only if she was Secretary of State, of these United States of America. Heck, Marrissa for President! Anyone that smart, beautiful, ambitious and successful SHOULD be our president.

  5. Fawn

    No matter who Yahoo chooses, the question remains what is the vision for Yahoo and the roadmap to get there?

    Congratulations, Marissa, and best wishes for your new baby. Both the job and the baby will be more time consuming than you have imagined. Let’s hope you and your board develop and execute a working plan for Yahoo. Presently, I will not be buying the stock.

  6. Johnny Stats

    I think hiring Mayer is a ballsy move. Not so easy as running with Levinsohn and maybe built on a dream but shows the board has greater ambitions than just running it for cash.

  7. schneider volt

    Microsoft reports first quarterly loss

    Many polyandry Asians are in Microsoft

    Nair caste is famous for its polyandry. In the disguise of uplifting the social status of Nairs etc Brahmins deceived others wives thru Polyandry.
    Nair women had Polyandry relationships with Brahmins etc.

    Brahmins are jinxed and during orgasm with them the body Electric field, magnetic field collapses.
    Now the protonic field (from protons) protrudes from the body , it too collapses in long orgasm, now souls Aura remains and interacts with other couple, the dirty characteristics are transferred to other person, non Brahmins never marries this caste, these went to US too

    Women of Kammas(Chowdarys), Reddys etc etc are Bold, and are similarly famous for polygyny.

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