Kyrle Lendhoffer Has Taken Ill

Kyrle Lendhoffer’s column, Behind The Proscenium, will not appear this week.  Mr. Lendhoffer took ill at a preview of Tennessee Williams’ lost play Haunted Alligators and was hospitalized.  He is expected to make a full recovery.  Everyone at Manka Bros. wishes him the best.

Here is a statement by Mr. Lendhoffer:

Thank you, dear readers, for your kind words in my hour (hours, more like it) of need.  It is when things are darkest that one can truly appreciate the brilliance of light.  And it was very dark for me.  But you – all of you – came through for me and filled my hospital room (which was very Dickensian by the way.  Manka Bros. Publishing does not give insurance for us ‘lowly bloggers’ – so ‘rat-infested room’ was all I could afford) will an illumination that filled my soul with song.  A song that sounded like it was performed by a younger Len Cariou.  And for that I was very happy.  Len Cariou’s voice is delicious.

Ari Emanuel, Broadway Manka, Cal State Northridge, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Charles Dickens, Dickensian, Haunted Alligators, Jeff Weiner, Khan Manka, kryle lendhoffer, Len Cariou, Manka Bros., Manka Classic Movies, Marlon Brando, MIT, pectoral muscles, Peter Brook, Tennessee Williams, Terry Semel, the actor's craft, Zac Efron, zachery tisdaleAccording to my doctors, I am physically fine.  Apparently, I am suffering from mental exhaustion.  I didn’t realize how frail I was until Zachary Tisdale took the stage as Chest.  It took my breath away.  Then Zachary/Chest took off his shirt.  The last thing I heard as I fainted was the collective gasp of the audience.  I don’t think that Tennessee Williams could have dreamed of such pectoral muscles.

So, to make a long story longer (my sense of humor is intact!  Huzzah!), I will be posting my review of Haunted Alligators, along with interviews with cast and crew, next week.  I continue to regain my strength and look forward to watching another preview of this amazing show this weekend.

Until then, dear readers,

Kyrle Lendhoffer – Behind The Proscenium