Fox News Declares Mitt Romney the Winner of the First Presidential Debate

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How is that possible? The debate doesn’t even happen until October 3rd. 

Here’s how: Fox News is really pushing a specific storyline about the upcoming debate. They are calling it “Do or Die” for Mitt Romney.

If that’s true, do you really expect the Fox News election team to sit there after the debate and say “Mitt Romney lost the Presidency tonight”?  “Boy did he lose that one.”  “I’ve never seen such a horrible performance.”  “Barack Obama got my vote tonight.”

Of course not.

They will say, guaran-freakin-teed, that Mitt Romney easily defeated President Barack Obama in the debate. They’ll say “Romney was up against the wall and he came out fighting.”  “It was ‘Do or Die’ and Romney is still very much alive!” etc. etc. etc.

Romney could come out, stare into the camera and complete freeze up – never saying a word and Sean Hannity would say “Frankly, he was just speechless over how bad the Obama presidency has been.”

Romney could come out and throw up all over the stage and Limbaugh would say “It was a very real moment.  I wish more of our Presidential candidates would have the courage to throw up on national television.”

Romney could come out and punch Obama right in the mouth and Hannity would say “It was great. He was just expressing how so many Americans feel about President Obama’s job performance.”

He could do that bit about holding a gun to a puppy’s head and say “Vote for me or the dog gets it” and Ann Coulter would say “See, he likes animals. He didn’t actual shoot that dog.”

There is absolutely no question about. I’m sure they already writing the script for Wednesday night’s broadcast. They don’t need to see the debate to decide what they are going to say. That’s for the losers in the real news business.

According to Fox News (and many others on the Right), Mitt Romney has won a debate that hasn’t even happened.

And that’s some seriously fucked up shit.

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P.S. – And spare me the “But NBC News has already decided Barack Obama is the winner of the debate…” argument – nobody is as predictable or as harmful to the country as Fox News.


57 Replies to “Fox News Declares Mitt Romney the Winner of the First Presidential Debate”

  1. Signs that your campaign for President is under water:

    #43: Your campaign staff has to daily explain what you meant to say, when you said what you meant.

  2. Your final comment regarding NBC is just funny – if you really think that the MSNBC gang is say that Obama lost any of the debates, and not point out every tiny flaw of Romney’s performance you’re crazy. I’m not going to defend Fox, but come on…your post is just silly. During the RNC, MSNBC had a “fact checker” going over any claim made by a Republican. Meanwhile, no one at MSNBC questioned anyone on anything at the DNC. Both networks are horribly partisan.

    1. Yep, they are both extremely partisan. But there is one glaring difference. There are facts, and there is spin. All networks and political pundits do “spin”, that’s part of politics. Facts, however….Fox wouldn’t know a true fact if it smacked them upside their lying heads. There is simply no denying that Fox has an atrocious reputation for telling lies. MSNBC, while some may not like their spin, is well known for it’s fact checking and accuracy.

      1. @Jo Hargis — I was with you until you said “MSNBC is well known for fact checking and accuracy.” The liberal media (everything but FOX) spins every fact to make liberals look good or conservatives look bad. FOX does the same thing in the favor of the conservatives. To argue that one does it less than the other only proves what your bias favors. No media outlet provides bias free information. NONE. That includes Jill Kennedy.

        1. Do you actually watch MSNBC or do you just repeat what they say about MSNBC on Fox or right-wing websites? MSNBC does call out the Democrats plus they issue corrections when they make a mistake. In addition, unlike Fox, they clearly identify what the affiliations of anyone appearing are. Fox, OTOH, does not bother to tell its viewers when someone commenting on Romney or the Romney campaign is in fact a part of the campaign or an advisor to the campaign.

          My mother watches both stations and is appalled by all the lies and misinformation she hears on Fox.

  3. Mark my words:

    If his performance on 60 minutes is any kind of clue, when debating, Mitt will speak very forcefully, which will appeal to the aggrieved white males from red states who think they are being hard done by the “liberals.”

    There will be a display of machismo and bravado that will play well with his base, and may even make him look by contrast to Obama as a more manly man. Manly men shoot first and aim later, they don’t have time for nuances or subtleties, they think and speak in certainties, even when they’re wrong.

    In the debates, the medium will be the message. Romney will be Loud, Simple, Belligerent and probably erroneous on almost every count, especially as he is getting desperate.

    Obama will have to keep his sarcasm in check, and keep his own talking points up front, clear, plainly stated and substantive. On no account should he let himself get rattled by the volume of the diatribe. (Romney will try to call him names, without actually calling him names — especially Socialist.)

    The debates are Obama’s to lose, but he must keep his cool without showing his impatience or his disdain.

  4. NY times is reporting that, Mr. Romney’s advisers have privately urged him to “rescind and replace President Obama’s executive order” and permit secret “enhanced interrogation techniques against high-value detainees that are safe, legal and effective in generating intelligence to save American lives,” according to an internal Romney campaign memorandum. They want us in WWIII — ASAP! We need to vote out Cantor, Romney, Ryan, and all the rest of them….

    1. Great point! I am completely stunned that the bitch Ann Coulter came around to Romney. She hates him and hated him so much during the primary. She would have accept Newt over him. Anyone but Mitt and now she’s behind him? Bullshit.

  5. New Fox “News” general election poll came out today – Obama 48%, Romney 43%.

    Must be one of those liberal skewed polls.


    1. But… after the debate, when Fox “re-polls” and the numbers are more like 46% / 46% they get to say, “Romney gained significant ground after the debate.” Creating success from nothing.

  6. Mitt, You can not be the president of this country while your money is working for other countires against American interests competing with American workers.
    Thank you very much.

  7. Mitt is a flat, soul-less individual. He cannot show empathy no matter how hard he tries, because quite frankly, he doesn’t feel it. That and a whole other slew of emotions are missing from this man’s make up.

  8. Need we hear more of this mans failings?He is a good man but he supports a heavy and insurmountable problem called the GOP !!! Far too right for most Americans !!!!

  9. Imagine being an 87-year old woman with cancer who now has to start bartering with insurance companies and then doctors who will agree to take that insurance. That is Ryan care. The entire point of Medicare was to avoid that nightmare.

  10. GOP….the American people don’t trust them, and here is one reason why: they blatently commit voter fraud while pushing voter ID to so-called “prevent voter fraud.”
    The other reason why no one trusts the GOP is because they put forward a candidate like Romney the “hide my money in the Caymans” Vietnam draft dodger.
    Repubs, to quote your candidate, “My heart aches for you.” hahaha

  11. Romney is working on ‘zingers?’ Well, that’s brilliant. After all we’ve heard about his disdain for half of America, I’m sure that insulting a President who has retained a very high lilkeability rating will be super helpful. Face it, Mitt, it’s just not a great time to run as a nasty robber baron.

  12. It’s interesting to me how different the two sides are preparing for this debate. Obama is having John Kerry get into GOP character so he can actually practice debating Romney. Romney, on the other hand, is just memorizing a series of zingers to make Obama look bad. Somehow, I feel this will backfire on Mitt (fingers crossed anyway).

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