Dick Shepherd

Manka Bros., Khan Manka, Lester Aldrich, Those Damn Kids, Dick Shepherd, Michigan State, Tiger Woods, World War 2Dick Shepherd (left picture – 1943) came by the house last weekend and we watched golf and basketball on television.

Michigan State looks good and so does Tiger Woods (though I think if he gets close to breaking Sam Sneed’s record for most victories or Jack Nicholson’s record most major victories, someone should break Tiger’s hands).

Dick Shepherd – or ‘Shep’ as I call him – has been an acquaintance of mine for over 75 years. Neither one of us left the neighborhood after the war like so many others I used to know that are long since dead.

Shep moved to East Lansing in 1935 from Hawaii. And like everyone from that stupid “state,” he’s about as smart as a coconut. He’s got six stupid grandchildren that like to do stuff like hide his dentures and spray him with the hose.

Thank God it was cold outside – so Those Damn Kids from the neighborhood were most likely pissing all over the mall urinals and watching another two hours of Hollywood tripe.

This is not a complaint. I am grateful for the afternoon of peace from those little assholes.

But back to Shep. He’s got one kidney, half a tongue and a quarter lung left. Doctors say, once he gets down to an eighth of a lung, he can being the countdown to his death.

Shep’s looking forward to that countdown – aren’t we all.

He still smokes and chews tobacco at the same time.

Good ol’ Shep.

I’d put a current picture of Shep here – but I promised him I wouldn’t. There is absolutely no resemblance left of that young man up there.

So we’re watching this golf tournament and every one of the damn commercials is about retirement planning or erectile disorder. Is every man who watches golf impotent and in need of financial advice?

But the commercials on the Michigan State basketball game were about young men drinking and trying to have sex with young attractive women.

If those young men want to keep having sex with those young women, they had better watch more golf and figure out how to stay erect and plan for a strong financial future.

Or they’ll just end up like me.

I’ll talk at you next week…

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