America Needs Donald Trump To Become President

Good afternoon from Michigan.

I’m 88-years-old and really falling apart. I may not even make to the 2016 Election (especially with Those Damn Kids running around on my grass, dropping their crappy chocolate ice cream in Mrs. Aldrich’s flowers and peeing all over my car just after I had it washed – this just all in the last hour!).

They know my hands shake too bad to load my gun with bullets – but one day I’ll get one in the chamber and there will be one less damn kid to ruin my life.

But I digress…

This isn’t about me or my colostomy bag, this is about the future of America and why we need Donald Trump to become President of the United States.

Manka Bros., Khan Manka, Lester Aldrich, Those Damn Kids, Donald Trump, POTUS 2016, Hillary Clinton, Jeb BushElections are bullshit.

No one votes anymore.

We had a local election in Lansing a couple of months ago and less than 2% percent voted. There were more volunteers at the polling stations than there were voters.

Donald Trump will change that.

He will be so horrible as a President that by 2020, Americans will do anything to reclaim their God given right to change things through the voting booth.

But if we have another stale boring Presidential race and someone like Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton becomes President, by 2020 no one will ever want to vote again.

I know I previously said Hillary Clinton will crush anyone who opposes her – and this is still true.

But maybe a village idiot like Donald Trump being elected President would really show us all how ridiculous our democracy has become.

So please, vote for Donald Trump for President – he’s the worst choice in the history of our country and the one we really need right now.

He actually said in his announcement that he would save America if he were elected – that’s one thing he was absolutely right about.

Here’s his Presidential Announcement (a must watch):

I’ll talk at you later…

AARP, Alf Landon, Arbys, Ari Emanuel, Ben Silverman, cannibalism, CNN, east lansing, Jeff Weiner, Jeff Zucker, korean war, lester aldrich, manka bros., Michigan, octogenarian, those damn kids, World's largest Media Company, Paul Harvey, Art LInklletter, Lawrence Welk, Garrison Keillor, Andy Rooney, Douglas MacarthurLester Aldrich – Those Damn Kids

Manka Bros., Khan Manka, Lester Aldrich, Those Damn Kids, Donald Trump, POTUS 2016, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush



18 Replies to “America Needs Donald Trump To Become President”

  1. First,I want to say to this mother of fucker that he is a fucking moron,u,s needs mexicans to do their fucking jobs so don’t come to me with this
    Bull shit! You just want to call the attention stopped pretend it..good luck beach!!!

  2. Yeah – I get it, Lester. I like you – though this idea is not gonna fly with me. I’m sure you’re joking. And while there is a slight interest in seeing the process blown up – not for this guy. Trump is such an incredible loser – on the hugest of loser scales – he deserves nothing good in life.

  3. I hope Tump wins and builds his wall as enduring as the Great Pyramids. Please Mr. trump when you build your wall, confiscate every penny these criminals invaders have accumulated. Don’t forget to fine and shutter any financial institution that allows Mexicans and their Southern brothers to send a penny out of the country. That alone would pay for the wall. Then post the military on the wall with orders to shoot-to-kill any stinking drug mule Latiano stupid enough to try crossing. Kick them out!

    1. david you are a pathetic lunatic…beyond any help and the best example of why an asteroid should hit this fkg planet asap…

  4. SAVE AMERICA FROM WHAT????? This idiotic jabbering is like a cancer. Trump is a self-serving profiteering goon. He has NO civil service experience AT ALL! He knows NOTHING about governing. The USA is NOT A BUSINESS and the president is NOT A CEO! America is not being destroyed by anything other than stupid nimrods who don’t have a clue, like the author of this piece.

  5. Love your humor and writing style! Fantastic idea, too, but might I suggest that Frump have that thing on his head run as his VP?

  6. Trump will never receive the GOP nomination,
    His supporters passions are really misdirected.
    He’s a male Palin.
    Move on folks.

  7. The Republicans have pretty much already destroyed any hope of real progress in the foreseeable future with their appointments to the Supreme Court and their allowing the wealthy to buy anyone who is elected to public office.

  8. Trump is no contender, only a pretender. I do however think he is doing a marvelous job of ripping away the political veil and forcing politics to see themselves in all their horrid nakedness of lip-serving failures, corruption, uselessness, self-serving, do-nothingess that the taxpayer is tired of underwriting. They have driven us off into the ditch!Trump has no desire to be president, only to start fires on the political landscape and burn or smoke out the vermin that reside there. Keep it coming Trump! Fan the flame that will keep them running! They are log-rolling, throwing water, choking and gasping as intended!

  9. So this is what I have to look forward to should I reach the plateau you preach from? A colostomy bag?Watered down beer and snotty grandkids? A bummer, but you’re making me laugh without even thinking about it.

  10. Trump has my vote for one simple reason…. he is not a politician. There is no difference between a DEM/REP that currently holds an office, they are there for one reason… to line their corrupt pockets. America needs to get back to basics, take care of our own backyard before trying to save the world. Outsourcing jobs is one of the stupidest ideas ever implemented; “let’s build up this country so they will buy from us in the future!!!”, buy what?? We don’t make anything anymore. Think they will use us as a middle man to acquire goods from China? Here are a few insights from an average working American:
    -Quit using medication as a babysitter, beat your kids ass every once in a while, it will do them some good.
    -Not everyone is special… last place does not deserve a trophy
    -Real men aren’t sensitive
    -If they are too lazy to work, let them starve to death
    -Common Sense Trumps a PHD
    -If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it
    -Don’t push your culture on us; if you like/miss it so much feel free to carry your ass back to the country from which it originated. This is America… conform to OUR way of living or get the fuuk out

    1. So you are in favor of child abuse, poverty, managing things you don’t understand and hate them damned foreigners. In a world where I can go anywhere in less than a day, that crap doesn’t fly.
      Trump is the eternal revival of the Know Nothing Party.

    2. Holy scary batman. Let’s run through the list of why you should probably sit the next ALL plays out.

      1. Beat your kids? Poorly worded but I will allow it ( assuming you are referring to spanking)
      2. Not everyone is special. Well played
      3. Are you fucking kidding me dude? You lost me here. Men are sensitive. The archaic mentality of men don’t cry is why men are so fucked up in this country anyway. Wow. idiot speak
      4. Who are you referring to? The answer is nobody. You have clearly never read anything whatsoever in regards to welfare. From how it works to who receives it. Let me guess, you are also anti abortion, even though as soon as they are born you would let them starve. Your word choices are important, douche
      5. Common Sense is important, but Joe the Plumber isn’t curing cancer any time soon
      6. Fair point
      7. “Your: culture. America was built on the premise of immigration. Seriously, read a book dude. Just fucking one. Not ten, not 100, but 1 on our history. Holy fucking shit you are stupid.

  11. Lester I just wish I could find you residence so I could come over and join the kids pissing on your car. You sure on sick idiot.

  12. The fact that this comb-over conman is able to get any attention at all is a sad indictment of American politics. There are 300 million of you and THIS is the best you can do? Personally I think you deserve him as a natural extension of the popular madness that put that alcoholic and drug-addled moron George W. Bush into the White House, not once but TWICE! What worries me is what he might do to the rest of the world. President Trump indeed! He might be wealthy thus making him wonderful by American standards but he’s a truly lousy and deplorable excuse for a human being. A sane society wouldn’t allow him to be more than a toilet attendant.

  13. Ohhh, I get it! We can use Donald Trump the way Ozymandias used that giant psychic alien at the end of Watchmen. Unite the people after a catastrophe! Pretty brilliant.

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