I Completely Agree With Marshall Mathers!

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As a country, we have been walking on eggshells for 9 months. It has to stop!

I’m 88-years-old and everyday something new happens to further break apart our once great country.

What is coming out of that White House every day is appalling and criminal and it is eating away at millions of Americans like a cancer.

People are afraid to look at the news. People are drinking more. People are getting sicker. People are driving aggressive like maniacs because everyone is stressed because it’s ALL TOO MUCH – AND IT HAS TO STOP!

Marshall Mathers did a great service to his country by fighting back with his words. His violent, angry words that had to be said. He’s a good Michigan boy and has done a lot of great things for this state. He just did one more.

Thank you, Marshall.

The clown in chief is ruining our country! STOP HIM OR IT TRULY WILL BE TOO LATE.

I wrote a blog 2 years ago that I completely regret – because 2 years ago there was no chance in Hell that Donald Trump would become President.

So I wrote that American Needs Donald Trump to become President because… (as I wrote): He will be so horrible as a President that by 2020, Americans will do anything to reclaim their God given right to change things through the voting booth.

I never predicted it would be this bad. We don’t have until 2020.

Please listen to Marshall Mathers’ words and do something!

I’ll (hopefully) talk at you later…

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