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Preliminary (2016) - Hard-hitting drama set in the cutthroat world of real estate title insurance.

Always A Bridesmaid (2016) - Follow the adventures of Sarah as she participates in one friend's wedding after the next week after hilariously sad week.

Playing Politics (2015) - Inspired by a ton of other shows - he's a Conservative. She's a Liberal. He works for the President. She works for the Speaker Of The House. They're man and wife. How, exactly, can this possibly work?

Reservations (2014) - A group of Native Americans serve as the wait-staff at the most "exclusive" restaurant inside the Pumwumpum Indian Casino. This serves as the backdrop for each week's trilogy of heartwarming stories.

Severed Fingers (2013) - This exciting forensics drama follows the members of an elite county medical team who just need part of one digit to solve any murder.

Prodigies (2012) - A 13-year-old criminal attorney; an 11-year-old concert violinist and a 16-year-old biochemist share a house in San Francisco.

Murder, Moses Lake (2012) - The police force of Moses Lake is one guy - one lonely guy who is just dying to get some sort of crime. He basically hangs out with the other public services guys in his town (the fireman, the mailman, etc.) discussing their lives, loves and philosphy.

Dr. Cindy Barnes, Esq. (2011) - Cindy Barnes is a famous brain surgeon by day, a top criminal defense attorney at night and renowned painter on the weekend - all while trying to navigate the tough waters of single life.

Flu (2010) - Based on the Manka Bros. motion picture "Avian," a group of bird flu survivors wander a post-apocalyptic landscape. Who was responsible for the epidemic? The answer will make you gasp - for air!

Megan Fa Olean, MD (2010) - Lonely spinster Megan is the only doctor on Goose Island, Nova Scotia. Her fight is valiant - but oh, so painfully lonely.

Suture Squad (2010) - Kids/young adult volunteers in a Philadelphia hospital who are always ready to help out even though they party all night, every night.



Workforce (2009) - Seattle's homicide sub-division has the thankless task of investigating workplace shootings in the most depressing city in the country. Despite video evidence and eyewitness testimony, the Workforce will find some reason to dig deeper.

The Patients Of Job (2009) - Medical drama surrounding Dr. Job, the heart specialist with a heart of gold.

Witless Protection Program (2008) - Greg Lennoxx witnessed a mob hit, now he and his family have been relocated to Hickory, the dumbest town in America (as named by Forbes Magazine). Can this one-time rocket scientist survive as a simple florist while dodging the locals and mob henchmen?

Dreamlife (2008) - What is real and what isn't? Characters walk into each other's real lives and each other's dreams. Are they alive? Are they dead? Are they asleep? [One of the first experiments in transmedia, cross-platform digital production - it failed.]

The Arena (2007) - The lusty lives and loves of our modern day gladiators: The men of Arena League Football! Follow the Sacramento Sycamores through season-after-season of the only primetime soap that real men love.

The Long Arm Of The Law (2007) - Sam McKenna retires from professional basketball, joins the NYPD and searches for the man who killed his brother - all while looking after his slain brother's hot wife and children.

The End (2006) - A group of theologians investigate odd goings-on around the planet as they try to stop the end of the world. But can they even agree on how the end will happen if they can't even get their personal love lives in order?

Psychiatric Ward (2006) - Fresh out of school, young psychiatrist Benjamin Ward learns about life and love as he moves through the trials of his first year at Kubler-Ross Psychiatric Hospital.

Nackets (2005) - The lives and loves of tennis ball boys working on the New England tennis circuit. Adapted from the BBC series of the same name.

Baker's Dozen (2005) - Family drama about Joe and Maggie Baker and their 13 kids.

The Savage Seven (2004) - Gulf War vet Manny Savage leads a group of do-good bikers across the American Southwest, righting the wrongs and helping those who need it most.

The Marrying Man (2004) - Raleigh Hamilton plays a kindly man of God who travels America ministering to those couples about to be married. Each week finds him in a different town, with a different and unique heartwarming story to tell.

Puzzles (2003) - A crack forensics crime team puts dismembered bodies back together to track down murderers. It's about the work - it's about living - it's about love - and crime. Can these dreamers solve the puzzle each week before the heart is put back in the chest?

Ironside 2002 (2002) - When your only evidence is a few scattered atoms, you'll want Detective Hawking on the case. Conceived and produced with what was thought to be the okay of Stephen Hawking. [It actually wasn't approved and production was shut down after several episodes.]

Hope Against Hope (2001) - Split personality Hope Benson is a criminal at night and an attorney by day. At some point her personalities will cross paths and then... really horrible stuff could happen.

Guy Dreams Adventures From Inside A Coma (2000) - Story about a guy that dreams adventures from inside a coma. [When the writers failed to come up with a suitable title, an executive in the TV group said - "Why not call it what it is?" - and they did.]


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