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Mac McCord Stars In "Straight Flush" (2017) - That's the title of the movie - not a marketing tag. The worlds of country music and competitive pokwer collide in this Manka Legends movie starring Jimmy Row Records recording artist Mac McCord.

Back Nine (2016) - A Manka Sports original about the life of an aging golfer.

Laughing On The Inside (aka Cured Ham) (2015) - When a comic loses his wife and children in a drunk driving accident, it's time to start taking things more seriously - including his comedy career.

Dislocated Father (2013) - A pro football player reconnects with his daughter after a career-ending injury.

A Christian Lives In Mecca (2012) - Holiday classic about a strong willed Christian's attempt to bring Christmas to Mecca.

Welcome Home, Son - Welcome Home, Murderer (2010) - The title says it all - can mom and son cohabitate when the both know the truth?



Who Will Save Our Children? (2009) - Controversial true story about a group of pedophiles that declare war on the neighborhood drug pushers.

The 40 Deaths Of David Miles (2008) - A western in the classic Spaghetti sense. David Miles has been through it all.

Escape From Gomorrah (2007) - A Manka Faith production of the true Bible story of a shepherd (Harry Hamlin) who doesn't look back.

I, Monster (2006) - Joey Levitch starred in this live mini-series on the Manka Legends Channel which depicts a prominent scholar's slow transformation into a blood thirsty monster.

Hammurabi's Code (2005) - When Shamash the Sun God reappears in 2005 with a new set of laws for the descendant of Hammurabi, lawbreakers are about to receive a fresh can of opened "whoop ass."

I'll Call As Soon As I Get Home (2005) - For Susan, a five minute drive home from the store turns into a terrifying eighteen year life and death struggle across six continents.

Santa Claus And The Yuletide Killer (2004) - Another in the series of "Santa Mysteries," Santa Claus teams up with a rookie detective (Sarah Jenkins) to solve a series of murders the week before Christmas.

Hail To The Freak (2003) - True story of Jimmy Handfoot, a former circus freak that is elected President of the United States.

The Koran (2002) - This never-aired 12-part mini-series about the Islamic holy book was pulled by MBS following 9/11.

Son Of Icarus (2001) - Epic mini-series of the odyssey of Icarus, Jr. Every time the sun rises, he is reminded of his dad.



Pandamonium (1999) - An actor friend of Carrot Top stars as a zoo employee doing everything he can to get the endangered pandas to mate. [A spin-off TV series was planned if Carrot Top himself played the role. He refused and the project died.]

Rampart (1999) - Gangs run wild in an L.A. neighborhood after the Mayor suspends every cop in the division for bad behavior.

A Flock Of Seagulls - Tragic Flight (1998) - Original Manka Music movie of the triumphs, the tragedies and the eventual cannibalistic deaths of a few crew members of New Wave's first mainstream band.

Always A Bridesmaid (1998) - It's "Groundhog Day" at a wedding for a woman who will repeat as bridesmaid at a wedding day-after-day until she catches the bouquet.

Blackout '97 (1997) - The 43rd Precinct in Manhattan tries to stop the chaos during "The Great Blackout of 1997."

The Bhagwan's Little Joke (1997) - A Hindu family prearranges a marriage for their son in accordance with tradition. The son's fiancee turns out to be MALE!

Broken Wires (1996) - When the wires are cut by Jesse James, will Jake Gunderson - a telepathic telegraph operator on the Oregon Trail - be able to warn the next town using his telepathic abilities that James is coming to terrorize them?

No Hard Feelings (1996) - A comedic look at the effects of impotence on a marriage.

Final Exit (1996) - Manka Kids original of the controversial children's book on euthanasia. [Never aired.]

Excel 1.3 (1996) - Story of the men and women who took the free version of Excel and created the newer version, becoming billionaires.

The State Of Nevada vs. Bobby Berossini (1995) - Famous animal abuse criminal case against the star of one of Las Vegas' most popular shows - Bobby Berossini and his Orangutans.

Excel (1995) - Story of the men and women who created the software and gave it away for free.

Grandpa Won't Be Coming Home (1995) - Manka Legends original about divorce after 70.



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