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Hollywood Sudoku (2016) - 81 squares - 81 celebrities - endless fun.

Anywon (2015) - Game show in which the "Anywon" prize van shows up anywhere at random to give anyone this weeks' prize. "Who could win this week? Anywon!"

Rhapsody In Glue (2014) - Contestants race to reassemble shreads of great classic music scores (including Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue"). Whose finished score will sound the closest to the original? Whose will sound, perhaps, even better?

DNA Will Convict You (2013) - In a studio audience are several murder suspects who think they are there to pick up a prize from the host. What happens next will truly shock one unsuspecting person - the person's DNA will convict them of murder.

Run For Your Wife (2012) - Husbands who claim to never run errands for their wives compete against each other to get items from the grocery store, pick up dry cleaning, etc.

It's Not What You Think (2011) - Before answering hard trivia questions - the host tries to trip up the contestants by saying - "It's Not What You Think."

Are We There Yet? (2011) - Blindfolded children must answer the question "Are We There Yet?" and where are we once we get there - sometimes it's Disneyland other times it's prison.

Stop When I Say... (2011) - Electrodes are attached to contestants, who are then zapped at higher and higher voltages - unless they can shout out the secret safe word (which has been shown to the studio audience). Watch as each contestant gets more and more clues, but more and more sizzled as the game goes on.

Hick, Hack, Hoe (2010) - It's redneck vs. redneck in these simple games of luck.

Rockpile (2010) - It's very simple: 30 minutes - 100 rocks. Now crush.



Say WHAT?!? (2009) - The game of "Operation" is updated and played with real people in front of a live audience. Outrageous!

Gospell (2009) - From Manka Faith - Christian spelling competition based on words from the Bible. Which kid is going to get "Zaphnathpaaneah" correct?

Intelluck (2008) - Combines really hard trivia with random coin flips.

Who Wants To Be Financially Solvent? (2008) - At the height of the financial crisis, contestants vie for the prize of having their debt paid off AND having their bills paid for a year. If unemployed, they also get a job. There WILL be a winner each week. (Note to Executives only: We will never guarantee or pay out this prize. The questions will be pre-screened with average stupid Americans who we know will fail.]

Buckgammon (2008) - High stakes backgammon tournament.

Super Ball (2007) - While everybody loves the Super Bowl, not everybody has the rights to it. [Super Ball was Manka Bros. attempt to create their own franchise in which EVERY weekly game captured an excitement similar to that of the Super Bowl.]

Cuantos Paginas (2006) - Mexican game show (imported off the Manka Bros. Espanol Channel) in which contestants attempt to guess the number of pages of books. [At its peak in Latin America it was the #4 show. In the States it never really got much traction.]

Back For Seconds (2006) - Game show for the Manka Food & Drink Channel that asks "How much can you eat?"

Judge For Yourself (2005) - Do you think you're guilty? Should you have been arrested in the first place? Judge For Yourself!

King Of Kings Poker Showdown (2005) - From Manka Faith, the top preachers in the country get together for the biggest Faith-based poker tournament in the country.

Who Dealt It? (2004) - "Jackass" meets "To Tell The Truth." A group of four contestants are given lots beans and chili a couple of hours before taping so that they would be able to pass gas on command and then figure out "Who Dealt It?" [Even executives at the Fox Network thought this show was low in class.]

DarWIN (2003) - Over the course of a season, contestants race to evolve back into a chimp. [No one even got close but that didn't stop audiences from tuning in.]

Kick The Bucket (2001) - If you could choose your own death, how would you die? With computer technology, we'll show you what your death will look like. If you guess right (based on questions about your lifestyle and the poisons you put in your body on a daily basis) you could win a new car.

Fish In A Barrel (2000) - Games even a retard could win.



The Race Race (1999) - Racial groups face off for ethnic pride and prizes, prizes, prizes.

Don't Piss Me Off (1997) - As quick as they can, contestants try to annoy people with severe anger management problems. The faster they piss them off, the more cash and prizes they win.

Amish Barn Raising (1995) - Every week, an average American family competes against the Amish to see who can raise their barn the quickest.

What's My Allergy? (1994) - Stars try to guess the allergies of contestants. At the end, the contestants demonstrate their allergic reactions (sometimes with deadly results!).

Power Chords (1992) - Musical fitness game show. Heavy Metal isn't just a style of music, it's also the substance of this enormous guitar. Are you man enough to play the leaden Strat?




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