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Five Kids, Five Dads and One Mom (2015) - Five kids ranging in age from 10 to 2 all have different dads and the same mom - and they all (including the dads) live in the same house.

My Wife Left Me For Bucky Dent (2014) - A down on his luck accountant, Phil, deals with his ex-wife and her legendary Yankee boyfriend with a little help from the ghost of Thurman Munson.

Phuckett, America (2014) - US TV's first all Thai cast about a family living and surviving in America as immigrants from Thailand.

18-34 (2013) - An 18-year-old married a 34-year-old. All of their friends are between the ages of 19-33.

Gut (2012) - An insurance agent in a crappy San Fernando Valley storefront office has a miserable life and a miserable family. Everbody calls him "Gut" because he's fat. Based on the UK Series "Dolt."

Pigs In Slop (2012) - Happy guys in their early 20s in the their first crappy apartment.

Is It Just Me? (2011) - Set in the year 2210. The loveable employees of the last remaining crude oil refinery on Earth crack wise about the average outside temperature of 100. Plus, their A/C is on the blink!

Rat Patrol (2011) - The antics of a group of off-beat and racially diverse exterminators living, loving and working in the Bronx.

SAM R I (2011) - Series about a Samurai warrior who gives up being a Samurai and moves to suburban Maryland, gets a job in an office and settles down. SAM R I is his vanity license plate.

Framed (2010) - They work at the mall. They sell glasses. And their work, lives and loves are hilarious! Follow the loveable but whacky workers at "Framed" as they take on life as only they can.

Stripper Pole (2010) - The wacky and sexy adventures of America's newest immigrant Oksana Kowalski. Laugh at the daily life of "working girls" as they undress their way through the strip club maze of life. She has an accent.

Baby. Baby! BABY!!! (2010) - Hilarious hi-jinx ensue after Brittany and Kyle have their first baby. Will they ever sleep again? (Every second season, the couple will have another kid.]

Clete From Cleveland (2010) - Poor Clete. Feathered hair, sleeveless shirt and a yearning for the 70s seems to be holding Clete back in today's world. Witness his exploits every week as he drinks too much Coors Light, berates his beloved Browns and annoys everyone from a stool at Dude's Sports Pub in Glendale. How long will Myron and Rhonda tolerate him?



Oh, Custer (2009) - General Custer and the zany crew of the 7th Calvary trade practical jokes and good times with the madcap Oglala Sioux, led by the full-of-fun Crazy Horse. Nothing can go wrong here... NOT! More like F-ed Troop! Cowboys and Indians for a new century!

Southern Dis-Comfort (2009) - A quilt making group of old southern ladies is thrown into chaos when a couple of young black rappers join their group.

Bill W's Place (2009) - A heartwarming funny series about a support group of alcoholics who meet at a local high school in a room they call "Bill W's Place."

Dolt (2008) - UK series about an insurance agent that is a dolt. [Remade in 2013 in the U.S. with the title "Gut."]

Hardass Momma! (2008) - Big, beautiful and sassy. Shawanda straightens out her parolees with love and sarcasm. And she's a single mom of six, including wisecracking Duane and droll T'Niqua!

Evil Twins (2008) - When their twins were born the Jones' never had any idea the good twin would always lie while the evil twin would always tell the truth. How's a family to cope? Only the evil twin knows... and he's not telling.

Model Family (2007) - Fiercely competitive family of professional models (four sisters, two brothers - all hot) will do anything to get ahead.

Shroud Of Turin (2007) - An American priest living in the Vatican fights to keep a pet parrot. When the Pope visits one day, the Priest covers the cage with the Shroud of Turin, enlightening the bird with the soul of Christ. How will the Priest and his Christ-bird get along?

Old Jokes (2006) - Sitcom set in the Friar's club around lunchtime. [Promised more jokes per half hour than any other show in the history of television.]

A Hole In Juan (2006) - The Hillshire Country Club will never be the same again after hapless caddy Juan starts to work there.

Salted Nuts (aka Rules Of Engagement) (aka How I Met Your Mother) (2005) - Competing shows with similar ideas took the preferred names of this MBS comedy which never got much traction with the name it ended up using.

Corporate Veal (2005) - The miserable (but hilarious) lives of cubicle-dwellers in a major corporation.



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