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Book Paste With Cyrus Weinstein (2017) - Manka Bros. Publishing Group president Cyrus Weinstein hosts the world's best authors in the most engaging one-on-one conversation about writing ever produced [coming soon].

Dartboard Portfolio (2012) - Manka Business Channel's weekly stock picking chat show with various celebrities who throw darts at old-fashioned Wall Street Journal stock listings. They then buy the stocks and we follow the progress from week-to-week.

Stock Picking Chicken (2010) - Unsuccessful precursor to "Dartboard Portfolio."

The Gumbell Machine (2008) - Viewer call-in show about the news of the day hosted by Bryant and Greg Gumbell.

The No-Home Show (2007) - Hosted by Randy and Cathy Brown. Daily interview show taped from the burned out remains of their home.

I'm Not Your Father (aka... And Here's The Bad News) (2003) - Talk show that dares to give its unsuspecting guests really bad news.

The Inn Crowd (1998) - Televised weekly Bed & Breakfast book club. Something they don't agree on everything!

The Screamin' Jay Hawkins Shows (1989) - He puts a spell on guests!

On The Road With John Cougar (1985) - Talk show taped from the back of a pick-up truck. The truck picks up John Cougar's guests along the side of the road.

Goodnight, Everybody! (1994) - Short-lived attempt to bring back the late night talk show franchise from the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s.

Goodnight, Everybody! (1991-1992) - MBS revived the latenight franchise for another go. It didn't work any better this time as Jamie Farr didn't have the audience pull executives were hoping.

Goodnight, Everybody! (1983-1986) - The early 1980s seemed the perfect time to reinvent the late night talk show format. By the mid-1980s, audiences were ready for it to be reinvented again... by someone else.

Goodnight, Everybody! (1972-1979) - Late night talk show hosted by a revolving list of celebrities (including Joey Levitch). Aired nightly at 2:30am.

The Professor And... (1970 - pilot only) - Talk show hosted by Russell Johnson (from "Gilligan's Island").

Book Talk (1964) - Hosted by Manka Bros. studio head Harry Manka. He talks to guests about the books he likes.

The Joey Levitch Show (1962-1962) - Beloved Manka Bros. comedy star Joey Levitch brought all his great show business friends onto live television in one of the first great late night talk shows. [The show was cancelled abruptly two weeks after it started when Joey punched guest poet Sylvia Plath in the face.]

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