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Allen Of Troy (2016) - 7-year-old Allen and his little sister, Heddy, protect their neighborhood against the Spartans.

Kitton (2015) - The world's fattest cat's dream of become a super secret spy is constantly being ruined because he's so fat and it's too hard to hide.

Siamouse In "Rent Control" (2014) - Siamouse, the two-headed mouse, tries to fight off eviction from the evil landlord Senor Python.

Fangst (2013) - Teenage vampires stress over the smallest things as they navigate their way through Transylvania Middle School.

Pawsome! (2012) - Manka Kids Junior. Pre-school animated show with the lovable Pawsome constantly high-fiving the TV and saying "You're Pawsome!"

Wailing Whales (2011) - Children's block of programming. Four hours of whale songs accompanied by cute and relaxing animation. The perfect bedtime companion (for kids with TVs in their rooms).

Socrateens (2010) - Live-action period comedy series with all the Greek philosophers when they were teenagers.

The Beanstalkers (2010) - Kid sleuths who live with Mother Goose try to solve all the Fairy Tale mysteries.

Barewolf (2010) - The hairless werewolf appears in public as just another teenager - but he's really a werewolf without all the hair. So watch out!



The Wazird Chronicles (2009) - Once the most powerful wizard, the Wazird is now a has been trying to regain his glory. His enchanted daughter, Angie, helps him out whenever his magic fails him.

Meduson (2009) - Animated series following the exciting advertures of the son of Medusa.

Kid Pope (2009) - Manka Faith Kids show imagining a world where a 8-year-old kid, Cooper, is Pope. Communion is now cookies and punch and nightly prayers are replaced by marathon video game sessions.

Valerie's Sense Of Smell (2008) - Fully interactive series in which Valerie smells things all around her and asks the kids at home if they can smell it. She waits for either text messages or emails to tell her what it is.

Shardvark's Christmas In August (2008) - Animaltered character Shardvark hosts the first Christmas Special of the year. Special guests include Joey Levitch and The Shrieking Potato.

Adult Supervision (2007) - Kids play time is "cautious time" in this musical series where adults make sure the kids don't get hurt. Songs include: "Put That Down," "Don't Touch That," "Just Stop It," and "What's Wrong With You?"

Kelvin & Flygirl's Basement Adventures (2006) - Kelvin & Flygirl crawl into their hyberbox and have adventures all over the world without leaving their basement.

Oh, You Mammoth! (2005) - Primetime animated series about Kreg and his family as they live a typical suburban life, trying to stay alive 75,000 years ago.

Jenny Levitch's New Toys (2004) - Joey Levitch hosts this kids educational special about sharing. His seven-year-old daughter from his 5th marriage, Jenny, gets a truck full of new toys. In the show, Joey teaches other kids how to correctly share and play with her toys. The key message is "If Jenny wants it, she should get it back."

Walter Buffalo (2003) - A weekday morning talk show featuring the lovable Walter and his kindergarten friends. They discuss the news of the day.

Vegan Egan's Petting Zoo (2002) - Faux fur petting zoo hosted by Manka Kids' favorite vegan - Vegan Egan.

The Crazy True-Life Adventures Of Pocket Hercules (2002) - Animated adventures of the pint-sized Russian weightlifter as he battles dark forces with a band of kids and animals.



Sabaturtle's Tales From The Silk Road (1999) - Educational special hosted by Manka Kids' favorite super secret spy turtle - Sabaturtle.

The Cypress Hill Silly Sunday Show (1997) - An anything goes Sunday morning where the kids are jacked on candy and soda. [Canceled after five episodes when the kids just started to get too out of hand.]

Dodger Dogs In The 43rd Galaxy (1996) - The Dodger Dogs become the first hot dogs in space but must deal with the evil "Ball Park" Frank who will do anything to stop them from saving the Universe.

Cranium Fred & His Friends (1995) - Cranium Fred thinks he konws everything because his head is so large. His friends try to keep him grounded while they all study for the mathlympics Grand Champion Finals.

Storsjodjuret (1994) - Produced for the Swedish government to promote wildlife conservation. Storsjodjuret, Sweden's Great Lake monster, reads stories to kids about the men who have tried to kill her.

The Halifax Explosion (1994) - Animated history of the 1917 explosion that killed 2,000 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Sad Sack (1994) - Spin-off series from Manka Kids' animated grocery store character. Sad Sack is so depressed that the world is switching over to plastic bags, he blows away from home looking for a world that appreciates paper.

Sabaturble (1993) - Villainous turtle who is always caught because he escapes VERY slowly.

Animaltered (1992) - Colony of misfit animals including: Chimpanzebra, Albacorilla, Elephantalope, Coyoteagle, Flamingoat, Hawktopus, Buffalobster, Crabbit, Dolphinsect, Rhinoscerostrich, etc.

My Doctor The Snake (1991) - Through music and play acting, the show addresses the two greatest fears children have.

Talkshund (1990) - Informative talking dog talk show. Dog interviews interesting teachers, scientists, as well as famous actors and atheletes.

Torvath The Tricycle (1990) - That silly tricycle from Finland!




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