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Che Gueverra Lives Next Door (1979) - World-renowned freedom fighter moves to suburban Chicago and has trouble adjusting to the backyard BBQ lifestyle.

Ray's Cane (1978) - Starring Ray Charles as a junior high school principal. There's gonna be Hell to pay if Ray catches you misbehaving.

High And Mighty (1978) - What happens when Zeus shares an apartment with stoned slackers Mike and Jim? Exactly what you think happens.

In The Dog House (1977) - Sheldon Applebaum was sentenced to death for the gruesome murders of twenty seven people. Now his spirit returns as Cookie, the family dog of the Andersons - a family of Mormons.

The Cossacks Upstairs (1977) - Russian immigrants spice up a white-bread Wisconsin apartment building.

800-Pound Guerilla (1976) - Before he fights for freedom, he's going to have to lose some weight.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem (1975) - All sorts of colorful characters gather nightly at this convenience store that's only open from midnight to 8:00am.

Desdemona And Lady Macbeth (1975) - Inspired by Norman Lear. Two single lesbians from New England raise Hell AND a 12-year-old boy in Jackson, Mississippi.



Vumpire's Way (1969) - A nice vampire and his family of monsters move to a Cleveland neighborhood after he is hired as a Major League umpire.

Narcissus Now! (1967) - Hilarity ensues when the ultimate egomaniac, captain of industry Ned Blier takes a job in a steno pool!

Baron Of Humour (1964) - The Baron from Yorkshire has an uncanny ability to imitate the Queen.

My Dog The Robot (1961) - James Mason takes a bite out of television comedy.



Howl (1958) - Loosely based on the poem by Allen Ginsberg. A group of silly beatniks live together in one swingin' pad.

Norbert (1957) - Norbert, the wonder cow and global sensation (because he could talk!) stars as a normal farm cow who earns a Ph.d in history from Harvard. Unable to find work at university because of his "bovineness," he returns to life as a normal farm cow - but a really smart one. [Norbert died in 1964. Unable to find another talking cow, the series was cancelled.]

Speak OF The Devil (1953) - The Devil lives alone in blue-collar Queens but always shows up at the neighbors house uninvited. [Controversial live episode during the first season - the first use of the word "pregnant" on TV.]

Cockles (1952) - Family comedy that's all about the lovable mutt - Cockles.

Cuddle & Coo (1951) - He loves that bird! [NOTE: The show was fined havily by the FCC for the parrot's constant use of the phrase "Shut up, mother fucker!" during a live telecast.]

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