My God Is Better Than Your God

I normally attack theater from the review flank. I use my insight to take you, the possible audience member, into the “reality” of what a theatrical event may be like – without you having to actually be part of the reality.  I try to express the theatricity of a theatrical event through the written word.  It is my job – to bring the entire experience of sitting in a theater, marveling at what is taking place on stage, the smells of the greasepaint and the dinner that is stuck to the lapel of the patron next to you – without your ever having to enter a theater.  Although entering a theater to see a play is always best!

And here is why… I’ve just returned from a performance of My God Is Better Than Your God by theater great Gina Grass.  Once again, it is a one woman show.Normally, I would just review the show, but there was a moment when everything came together for me, as it will for you.  As it will for anyone who ever lived to see theater.  For anyone who has ever lived!

Here is a snippet from My God Is Better Than Your God, now playing at the Manka Open Mike in Tribeca.

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I have never heard the like on a stage before in my life.  I could only imagine saying these beautiful words to someone who has cut me off in traffic, or to my landlord when he implies that my sub-lease may be invalid.  In what situation would you use these words?  And what would you do with your HOOF?!?

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