No “Dark Knight Rises” Review

Kyrle Lendhoffer for Kimmo Mustonenen

Dear Readers,

As you can see, there is no film review today.

I’m sure that, by now, everyone has heard the news of the “Dark Knight Rises” shooting in Colorado that has (so far) left 12 dead and scores wounded.

Kimmo’s review for today was less a review and more a musing on comic fans, and their obsession with what they love.

It poked fun at the extremes that these fans go to, to show their appreciation for what they love – whether it be camping out for days to be the first to see a movie or hitchhiking across the country to be at Comic-Con.

It was snarky in tone and its intention was to hold these folks up for some good natured mocking.

Sadly, today is not a day for snark or for making fun of people who we are sure were represented in great numbers in the casualty list from the shooting.

Today is a day for everyone to ruminate about this tragedy, to give a loved one an extra hug, and to remember just how short life really is.

We at Behind the Proscenium wish to express our greatest sympathies and condolences to the victims and to their families.

Our thoughts are with you.

Good fortune and good health to you all.

Kimmo on Kino will return next week.

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  1. Screaming Jay · July 20, 2012

    Thanks Kimmo. See you next week.

  2. Boozehammer Of Galen · July 20, 2012

    Very respectful. Although I’ve been looking forward to Kimmo’s take, I’m glad you made the decision you did.

    My thoughts go out to all those affected.

  3. Fallout Girl · July 20, 2012

    Please post it soon!