Herb Allen’s Sun Valley Conference – 2021 – Vlad The Impaler

It has been a long time since I’ve interacted with people.

I’ve been at my house in the Seychelles for 16 months. I was terrified to leave my house because the locals there were hoping to get Covid and die because of their miserable lives working in the service of billionaires living on their islands.

My life is not miserable. So I wasn’t ready to die.

Herb Allen reached out to me in May and said he was having the Sun Valley Mogul conference and knew that if I came, so would Bezos, and Gates, and Zaslav and Iger, etc.

So it was up to me if this conference as going happen. So I, reluctantly, said yes. Even though my mind is not right. My mind is fucked up because of Covid. I live in a world where the ‘paranormal’ seems ‘normal’ these days.

I’m starting to believe that there are vampires walking among us and many of them are media moguls.

While many will say this is a paranoid fantasy concocted in my own brain, I know, for a fact, this is the truth. It sounds like the babbling of a crazy man – but it’s not.

(While I did call this blog ‘Vlad The Impaler’ there is really onto one mogul who would actually impale the heads of his fellow moguls on a pike outside of his castle – and that is Barry Diller.)

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But I digress.

Last night, at the Drankin’ Hole, I actually saw Bill Gates drink blood from a glass and it wasn’t a Bloody Mary. While that is not normal, I get it. I’ve been through a horrible divorce and once contemplated drinking blood (though I didn’t actually do it).

But Gates is an actual vampire.

He drank the blood of a start-up founder he helped to fund (because what start-up founder wouldn’t donate their own blood to Bill Gates for a check?!) and it had nothing to do with his divorce situation.

And my great friend, the greatest bartender the world has ever seen – Bin Tran, has confirmed this fact.

Under a promise that I wouldn’t blog about it (fuck that), he confirmed that he had a gallon of human blood behind the bar just for Bill Gates and a quart of human blood just for Charlie Munger (he’s not a vampire – it’s just to keep his heart pumping with new blood that actually works).

Things are not right here. It’s all fucked up. And it may just be my own mental state right now, but I actually believe that people’s lives are in danger here.

In my history and life in Hollywood, I have never seen the level of murder-lust than I have this year. So many moguls want to kill other moguls.

I mean, I understood it in the 1970s when people wanted to kill Jack Warner – but now, everyone wants to kill everyone. And mostly just because their TV show didn’t win an award.

And now the only thing that seems to keep media moguls happy is the chance to go into space. What the fuck kind of middle age crisis is happening. I’m past middle age and have no desire to die in space (or even live in space). I want to go to Cannes, drink cocktails and watch fucking movies.

Jeff Bezos told me that he was terrified of going into space and has arranged for a blue screen film production to make it look like he actually does go to space without having to sit on top of a rocket that could explode. This was, also, confidential information that I could give a shit whether it comes out.

This is my current mental state.

I give no fucks.

I think I’ll leave Sun Valley tomorrow – not wanting to participate in the ‘Life After Covid In Media’ panel which promises to suck.

To really suck.

You want to know what ‘Live After Covid In Media’ is?

It’s media. It’s film. It’s television. It’s games. It’s the fucking same!

I’m tired and worried that Bill Gates wants to suck my blood. Hopefully he goes after others first.

Good night. Worst Allen & Co. event ever!

Khan Manka, Jr. – Chairman & CEO – Manka Bros. StudiosThe World’s Largest Media Company


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