Manka Bros. To Produce Over 400 TV Series And Movies For Its OTT Service In 2021

Good afternoon.

This is THE BIG ONE.

Manka Bros. – the World’s Largest Media Company (and getting bigger every day!) is planting the biggest fucking content flag in Hollywood… suck on that!

As you all know, Manka Bros. announced we are going over-the-top with a new SVOD service MankaGoNow. We made the announcement over a year ago and we’re finally getting close to launch.

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In 2020, Manka Bros. will be producing OVER 400(!) new multi-year series, event series, mini-series, animated series, feature films, documentaries, reality shows, talk shows… every goddamned format on the planet – and it’s ONLY available on MankaGoNowthe soon to be world’s largest (and, therefore, best) OTT service.

That’s not a platitude – that’s a motherf-ing fact!

[MB Lawyer note: Whether that’s a fact or not is TBD.]

We read everyday the exorbitant numbers being spent on new content: Netflix spending $12 billion a year; Amazon spending $8 billion a year… Disney, HBO Max, Peacock, etc. Every day it’s some new crazy number.

But from what we’ve seen so far, they are all producing bull shit and WE are produce good shit. So suck that again, Hollywood!

And don’t get me started on Jeffrey Katzenberg’s silly little streaming folly that will lose investors at least $2 billion!

At Manka Bros., we are taking an opposite (read: smarter) approach – MORE CONTENT FOR LESS MONEY!

We must have heard over a seven hundred pitches – but only four hundred or so made the cut and got a greenlight!

It’s a long… long… long list – more content produced in one year that any studio ever!

So get yourself comfortable, grab a glass of wine or do a line of coke (whatever your thing might be) and get ready to SUBSCRIBE!

[MB Lawyer note: We don’t recommend any of the above behavior. Alcohol and drugs are bad. Also, some shows below are still under contract negotiation and are only being announced under a mutual agreement between the parties involved.]

  1. MankaGoNow Awards (live event): Annual award show honoring the best shows on MankaGoNow.
  2. Burbank’s Thursday Afternoon Book Club For The Fucking Unmotivated (multi-year series, comedy): A group of losers who can’t seem to accomplish anything they talk about live in a shitty Burbank apartment, read a book every week and then podcast about it.
  3. Trouble Clef (movie, drama): Someone is killing the great 12-tone composers of the world. Probably someone who had to listen to that shit.
  4. Mac McCord – Double Down (live event, music): Country superstar Mac McCord puts a pause on his world tour to go LIVE for MankaGoNow subscribers this Arbor Day from the fabulous Tonga Hut in North Hollywood, California, to regale fans with some of his most beloved plantinum hits including “A Crazy Kind Of Love,” “It’s The Super Bowl, Bitch,” “She Put The ‘C’ In Country,” and “The Lord IS My Jesus.” #CMA
  5. Portland PodiFiles (multi-year series, drama/romance): What happens in those woods? Bigfoot erotica. “We’ve all imagined.” A “Beauty and the Beast” story that actually gets it right – out of the sewer and real! #bigfoot, #bigfooterotica
  6. The A.I. Blockchain Virtual Reality Variety Hour (multi-year series, variety): Comedy skits, magic tricks, songs and bits all produced and performed by artificial intelligence.
  7. Dearly Departed (multi-year series, comedy): Old cantankerous couple goes to random funerals every day and reviews / podcasts about the funeral and, in particular, the eulogy. They become a hit and when they have to explain to friends and family why they do this, they always respond with a shrug and say “It’s a living.”
  8. Chou Vindication (movie, drama): A baker takes his controversial cake to the Supreme Court. Directed by Ganache D’Souza.
  9. Married Alive (multi-year series, comedy): Carla and Sonny were matched to be married since they were in pre-school on Staten Island. They hated each other until high school. Then had sex. Then had to get married. And now, they’re married, and it’s a total disaster.
  10. MiddleApril (limited series, drama): Manka Bros.’ 11-part sequel to George Eliot’s classic novel “Middlemarch.” 
  11. Craptastic! (reality series, talk): Two theater reviewers seek out America’s worst Community Theater and mercilessly rip apart a new production every week.
  12. Justinian’s Jugheads (animated series, kids): Manka Kids presents The Original Coder! The hilarious life of this sixth century upstart coder and his voracious band of sidekicks! Justinian writes killer (but civil) code, and together with his crazy tribe, break all the rules as they eat and pillage their way across the globe – in the good sense.
  13. Lowering the Barre (multi-series, comedy): Mockumentary-style comedy series set inside the world’s shittiest ballet company. Directed by Christopher Guest. [MB Lawyer: Mr. Guest is not officially attached as he hasn’t read the script… yet.]
  14. You Call That Brain Surgery? (reality series, competition): World-class brain surgeons compete against each other in front of a panel of judges, with one winner to be crowned “World Greatest Brain Surgeon.”
  15. Giiiihad!!! (musical, live theater): Starring Gigi Hadid with music and lyrics by [MB Lawyer – composers have requested names be redacted and are terrified for their lives]. Jihad – Broadway-style. Gigi’s dad, Mohammed Hadid, fights the Malibu HOA to get his hideous McMansion built.
  16. 2nd Act Black Friend (movie, comedy): In a normal romantic comedy, the 2nd Act Black Friend has a scene or two with the white male lead and delivers a poignant line or two to get him back on track. We’re giving the 2nd Act Black Friend his own movie – and his 2nd Act Friend will be gay.
  17. The Incubator (movie, horror): A reclusive billionaire serial killer is funding start-ups just so he can kill the founders, one by one.
  18. Rampage Of The Stegosaur – The Musical (live event): Direct from Broadway, the soon to close “Rampage Of The Stegosaur” musical (based on the live-action “Rampage Of The Stegosaur” theatrical blockbuster) will live stream for MankaGoNow subscribers only.
  19. Get In The Goddamn Motherfucking Bathtub! (animated, short): Unauthorized sequel to children’s publishing sensation “Go The Fuck To Sleep.” [MB Lawyer: No legals issues here, completely different story.]
  20. Sinheritance (movie, comedy): Sadistic rich uncle Larry dies and leaves behind a will – that can be claimed by only one relative. To earn the inheritance, the winner must commit the Seven Deadly Sins (and record it) in the fastest amount of time.
  21. Sans Serif (multi-year series, comedy): Publishing house employees have hilarious battles about layout, font choices and the Oxford comma which doesn’t stop them from dating, hating and, yes, killing each other.
  22. Seamus’ Pub Stops (live events, music): International music phenomenon Seamus travels the world and plays the world’s biggest arenas – but did you know he also shows up at local pubs and does pop-up shows? Throughout the year, MankaGoNow, follows Seamus to his drunken pub crawls and records the shows exclusively for subscribers!
  23. Crimea River (limited series, comedy): True to her word, after her presidential candidate fails to be elected, a faded mega pop star from Brooklyn moves to a five-star Crimea river resort on the Black Sea. She throws the people of Ukraine under the bus after falling in love with a Russian occupier. #barbra
  24. Wishdasher (movie, family): Some people don’t deserve to have dreams – and the Wishdasher (Jane Seymour) makes sure they never come true for those people.
  25. Mind Kampf (movie, drama): A contemporary man is thrust back in time, incarnating the body of Hitler’s publisher. Will he be able to stop the horrors to come?
  26. All Hands On Dick (multi-year series, comedy): Dick is a massage therapist by day (with a very wealthy older female clientele), and an exotic dancer at night. He solves other people’s problems first with his hand, and then with their hands on him.
  27. The First Supper (short, comedy): Christ throws a party for his friends in his new apartment. #housewarming
  28. Boytoyevsky (movie, biography): A lightly researched biography of Russian writer Vladimir Doystoyevsky and his crazy sex life when he wasn’t working on the world’s greatest novels.
  29. What’s In The Shed, Ma’am? (reality series, investigative): Actors hired by Manka Bros. dress as policemen and go to houses in rural Arkansas demanding to know… “What’s in the shed, ma’am?” Most of the time, it’s sometime truly horrifying.
  30. Allah’s Challahs (reality series, food): Regional chefs concoct dynamic Middle Eastern fusion cuisine filmed deep in the heart of Riyadh and its surroundings (if our crew can get out!). #cliffhanger
  31. Zapruder Presents (reality series, news): The exact opposite of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” Abraham Zapruder’s (from the classic Manka Bros. series “Zapruder’s Roving Eye”) grandson, Jacob, introduces clips of horrible things happening to good people, with a studio audience.
  32. Morbidness (movie, horror): Charles Yang, a macabre book store owner in San Francisco increases his sales after people start getting murdered in his shop.
  33. Ballerina Boot Camp (movie, family): A sadistic ballet mistress puts all the little princesses, little monsters and sweetie pies through the rigors of the most physically demanding ballet classes these six-year-olds have ever had.
  34. Culinary Conundrums Of Great Literature – Hosted By M.O.M. Fischer (reality series, culinary reenactment): Did it seem odd to you that on his first night in Dracula’s Castle solicitor Jonathan Harker is served Hungarian Goulash by the Count? Impossible! A necessary ingredient of Hungarian Goulash is Garlic, and, the stinking rose is an existential threat to Dracula! Pulitzer Prize winning food writer, M.O.M. Fischer will search for the meaning of Bram Stoker’s tasty tease, as well as other careless culinary continuities throughout literature’s great works. #mfkfisher, #HungarianGoulash, #dracula
  35. I, Juror (event series, drama): After democracy has been abolished from every country that has… democracy, one juror from the decaying system’s final trial, Euroa Unione is “elected” to be in charge of everything that happens on the planet… and he’s a real prick.
  36. Send In The Nouns (live-action series, kids, educational): Manka Kids afternoon show in which lovable characters in the shape of punctuation symbols teach kids about grammar.
  37. Hippotist (animated series, kids): Shelly is a lonely hippopotamus in the Sacramento Zoo. She is also a hypnotist – and uses that skill to hypnotize other zoo animals into playing with her.
  38. Christian Lions (animated series, faith): Manka Faith inspirational children’s show about Lion missionaries bringing the word of Christ to other animals.
  39. Protect Yourself At All Times (reality series, sports): The amazing Dr. Rich is THE doctor in the pro boxing and MMA world. The crusty New York doctor, working alongside his refined upper-crust Wife, are the Tracy and Hepburn of medicine.
  40. LinkedIn Presents “Resumates – HookIn’ Up” (reality series, dating): A dating show that attempts to pair couples via their LinkedIn resumes.
  41. Proust Office (short, drama): Every memory you’ve ever had can be rediscovered at the Proust Office. A favorite candy from childhood… Proust Office. A favorite smell from a restaurant that has long since closed… Proust Office. A person’s phone number that you had a crush on as a child but can’t seem to locate and it would be so great if you could show up at that person’s door as a “surprise”!
  42. The Prairie (documentary): Epic 400-hour series based on the history of the American prairie.
  43. The Harmer In The Dell (movie, horror): The Harmer kills the wife. The Harmer kills the child. The Harmer kills the nurse. The Harmer kills the cow. The Harmer kills the dog. The Harmer kills the cat. The Harmer kills the mouse. The Harmer eats the cheese.
  44. Who Or What The Fuck Is Tekashi 6ix9ine? (reality, investigative): Manka News does a deep investigation into whatever or whoever Tekashi 6ix9ine is.
  45. Grandfather Cock (movie, teen comedy): He’s a legend… the grand kids are so embarrassed.
  46. Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Presents “The Mahabharata” (live theater event): Revival of Peter Brook’s award-winning nine-hour staging of the Hindu epic. It will be streamed live April 26 without a break or intermission. (Thanks to the great folks at Pringles for their generous support.)
  47. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Presents “This Is Bullshit” (reality series, music): Series follows the band around to all the shitty venues they must play just to survive because they haven’t had a hit since 1976 (and they didn’t even write it!).
  48. Writer’s Rooms Throughout History (reality, comedy): Manka Bros. re-imagines what it must have been like to be in a writer’s room when they all came up with Norse Mythology, The Bible, Star Wars, when they helped Shakespeare “break” Hamlet, Oedipus, etc.
  49. Martha Stewart Mysteries (multi-year series, drama): Martha Stewart’s first foray into the true crime genre. Each week, another four-course meal is prepared and another crime is solved by Detective Stewart.
  50. Chuck & The Man (multi-year series, comedy): All white reboot of 1970s comedy series “Chico & The Man.”
  51. Build-A-Bear (animated series, kids): Frankenstein story for kids in which a 5-year-old boy dresses up as a mad scientist and decides to build-a-bear from scratch using pieces of other bears. It comes to life and they have amazing adventures.
  52. Jonah & The Whale And Other Bullshit Stories About Bullshit (limited series, anti-faith): No God Productions (NOT affiliated with Manka Faith) presents this nice alternative (for our atheist subscribers).
  53. Hey, Culligan Man! (multi-year series, comedy): Period sitcom set in the 1950s in which the Culligan Man delivers water and fucks anything that moves.
  54. Iceberg (animated movie, kids): Jewish ice that floats around the Atlantic Ocean feeling really guilty about sinking the Titanic – and looking for redemption.
  55. The Much Younger Lady Who Lived In A Shoe (animated series, kids): Prequel to the ‘Little Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe.’
  56. The Bronze – A History Of Third Place (documentary, sports): Manka Sports takes a hard, critical look at those who weren’t good enough for Gold or Silver.
  57. Kareem Abdul Ja-Bear (animated series, kids): Reboot of the beloved 1980s Manka Kids series about a very wise, very tall bear (voiced again by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar).
  58. Get That Moose! (movie, kids): There’s one talking moose in all of Nova Scotia – and he got away. Are you kidding me?! That moose is worth a million dollars on the interview circuit – but first we have to save him from the first day of hunting season!
  59. Tony Mastrantanianio – Vegas Boss (event series, comedy): During the Las Vegas growth explosion of the 1950s there were casino moguls and then there was Tony Mastrantanianio – the most violent and ruthless casino boss to ever walk the Strip.
  60. Wazoom! (multi-year series, fantasy): Beloved MC Comics’ character Wazoom! finally gets his own series. Wazoom! is faster than the Flash, stronger than Superman, and is the only superhero with the power of Wazoom!
  61. #Dad = #Bullshit (multi-year series, comedy): Single dad, Ray, is having a hell of a time raising 12-year-old Carson.
  62. Joey Chestnut’s Christmas Miracle (movie, holiday): Competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut has to eat all the food at the North Pole so that Santa can slim down a bit before his Christmas toy deliveries.
  63. Je Le Que Toi, Mon Cherie (movie, musical, drama): Unsuccessful singer-songwriter trio from Keokuk, Iowa, decide to reinvent themselves as French chanteuses in Paris. Problem: They don’t speak French. They don’t sing well. And they don’t have heart. But Paris is a city of magic and even suck ass, no talents can find a way.
  64. The Death Of Jesus (documentary, faith):Our Manka Faith documentary group sends a crew to the Middle East to find out what really happened to Jesus.
  65. Fakeover (reality, fashion): Bullshit Cinderella-style makeovers that only last until midnight.
  66. Nuncompoop (multi-year series, comedy): “No, Sister Margaret, Abraham wasn’t one of Jesus’ apostles!” Series set in a convent in Hershey, Pennsylvania, young Sister Margaret doesn’t know anything about God. (Tagline: “She’s just so stupid!”)
  67. Roommating (multi-year series, comedy): These goddamned millennials change their roommates more often than a terrified chameleon changes color (read: all the time!).
  68. Teri, The Terrified Chameleon (animated series, kids): Everything seems to scare poor little Teri causing her skin to change color all the time, which freaks out her cute little jungle friends.
  69. Bargainauts (movie, family): If we can make jokes about the Albanian Army, we can certainly make jokes about the Albanian space program.
  70. Paint Drying (reality, slow-tv): A Manka Slow-TV production of actual paint drying over several hours.
  71. The Rainbeau’s Invade Vietnam! (documentary, music): Beloved Manka Kids superstar singing group The Rainbeau’s toured Vietnam last summer – and we’ve got all the footage.
  72. Toke-yo (multi-year series, comedy): Imported Japanese sitcom that takes place in a Tokyo pot shop (based on the Chinese series ‘Shang-High’).
  73. Fantine’s Revenge (or Les Miserables 2) (movie, horror): The ghost of Fantine gets her bloody revenge on all those who were horrible to her during her life.
  74. One Bad Apple (reality series): We throw one really bad person into a perfectly happy household to see if one bad apple really does spoil the whole bunch… girl.
  75. Cavalier Bedfellows (multi-year series, drama): In the 1700s, two swashbuckling swordsmen must keep their forbidden love secret as they fight for the King of France.
  76. Doggo Saves The World (movie, family): Thank God for good boye Rusty Dog who, against all odds, saves the world from a nuclear meltdown.
  77. A Flock Of Seagulls Presents ‘Hedda Gabler’: (live theater event):The 1980s New Wave band is now producing live events!  This year, on July 4th, it will be Henrik Ibsen’s ‘Hedda Gabler’ – featuring a yet be announced cast of stars.
  78. Detourist (movie, horror): A young couple on their honeymoon in Arkansas follow a detour sign only to find that it was a trap set by a family a cannibals.
  79. Jack Courted Hannah (movie, drama): Past tense in the title is because, yes, Jack “courted” Hannah (and, in flashback there was real love) – but now they’re divorced and despise each other but still have to talk because of their shared dog that neither want to give up.
  80. Ig-Lou (multi-year series, comedy): Lou Jacobson, a Jewish baker from Queens, decides he needs to change his life in a dramatic way, so he moves to the Arctic to live among the Eskimos.
  81. The Rise And Fall Of The Third Rich (multi-year series, drama): The third Rich Kent in the family is the first to go to college.
  82. Dr. Dracula (limited series, horror): If you’re sick, you have no other choice – he’s the only doctor in town.
  83. Bacon Wrapped Scallops (reality series, food): Food series set on a food truck where they serve only one item.
  84. Hyena Pups (animated series, kids): Even hyena pups are cute… and they have a band!
  85. Will Rogers Never Met A Man He Didn’t Like (documentary): The secret gay life of America’s cowboy humorist icon.
  86. How To Make $1 Million In 25 Minutes… Guaranteed (reality, educational): 25 minute educational video on how to make $1 million in 25 minutes… guaranteed.
  87. Wandmill (movie, fantasy, kids): There is a legendary windmill in the hills above Consuegra, Spain. This windmill – said to have magic wands as its blades – has never been discovered… that is until a peasant girl named Maria Alonzo happens upon it while searching for her lost pig, Horatio. Her life will never be the same.
  88. Horrible Mysteries (multi-year series, drama): Really bad mysteries, badly told. Sorry.
  89. Harlem Knights (multi-year series, drama): Deep in the heart of Harlem in the 1970s, there was one group that even police were afraid to confront – the Harlem Knights. True their names they wore suits of armor in public and road around on horses. Goddamn they were vicious but deeply loved by the community.
  90. The Rise & Fall Of The Roman Empire (multi-year series, drama): Roman Arnold is the starting high school quarterback for the Center High School Yellowjackets in Kansas City, Missouri. The series covers his amazing high school years in which he could bully anyone he wanted and have sex with any girl he wanted… to the rest of his life, uneducated, fat and working at a furniture store.
  91. So The Japanese Won World War 2… Now What? (limited series, drama): Alternate history series about what would happen if Hirohito was EVERYBODY’S Emperor.
  92. Shit That Makes Me Cry (multi-year series, documentary): Based on the Manka Bros. podcast, heartbreaking stories from around the world that will make everybody cry (animals, kids, death, etc.).
  93. 12U Girls Lacrosse (reality, live sports): Manka Sports has secured worldwide rights to the California 12U Girls Lacrosse League.
  94. Welcome To The Jingle (reality series, game show): Re-imagining of “Name That Tune” where contestants vie to name that advertising jingle from the beginning of radio to the newest products of today.
  95. Cat Box Horror (reality series, competition): Contestants race to clean out the most disgusting cat boxes from around the world. Barf rises!
  96. A-Ha! (reality series, music): The band A-ha!, that hasn’t had a hit in 30 years, shares an apartment in Oslo, plotting their comeback.
  97. Santa Ana Anne (multi-year series, drama): That sweet little old lady waving to elementary school kids every morning from her front porch has some dark fucking secrets.
  98. Penny’s From Heaven (multi-year series, faith): Manka Faith’s blatant rip-off of “Touched By An Angel.”
  99. The Waiting Game (reality series, competition): Competitive waiting show where contestants see how long they can wait for the dentist appointment before losing their minds.
  100. Rock Hard, Ride Hard (reality, sports): Equestrian daughters of the Rich and Famous are completely out of control.
  101. Unidiversity (multi-year series, comedy): A college in upstate New York in which each class is only allowed one of a particular race or ethnicity. One white, one black, one Hispanic, one Asian, etc. It’s not really funny – but it’s important.
  102. Hickory Dickory ROCK (reality series, kids): Dimebag Darrell, founding member of death metal band Pantera, hosts this kids series in which nursery rhymes are played as hardcore metal rock while 4-7-year-olds thrash around on the dance floor.
  103. And Then There Were 47 (reality series, competition): Forty-seven people of diverse backgrounds (of producer-chosen nationalities) live in a studio apartment in Queens – each week a new one turns up dead. The winner… gets to live.
  104. The Monster In Room 604 (multi-year series, comedy): The Asian family in Room 602 hate the monster in Room 604. They hate the monster’s hygiene and its off-color, inappropriate sense of humor… but sometimes, you just need to borrow a cup of sugar.
  105. BuzzFeed Presents “War & Peace” (limited series, drama): Snack-able one to two minute scenes of the Tolstoy literary masterpiece. (Current plans have the series finishing in 2065.)
  106. The Terrence Malick Hour (reality series, talk): Terrence Malick hosts this beautifully shot daily morning talk show. Mr. Malick interviews guests about current fashion, food trends and YouTube influencers’ life passions.
  107. Limberjack (reality, health): If you’re a lumberjack – or just someone who wants to get healthy – this show is for you. World champion logger Billy Jorgunson gets you up at 4:00am to GET LIMBER before you log roll or cut down those trees!
  108. Vlade Divac’s Tales Of Mystery And Woe (limited series, drama): Following the lead of Steph Curry, LeBron James and Kevin Durant, former Laker Vlade Divac (in an exclusive deal with MankaGoNow) presents this horror anthology series based on folk tales from his native Serbia.
  109. Remixed Martial Arts (live sports): Manka Sports presents a series of live boxing matches featuring MMA stars who have NOT been cleared to fight in the regular MMA because of concussion, injury or mental debilitation.
  110. Amtrak’s Look Out Any Of Window (reality, slow TV): Based on The Grateful Dead’s ‘Box of Rain,’ a glorious, calming view out of the bar car in Amtrak’s Southwestern Chief line. Twenty-six hours of beauty and bliss streamed every day (except Christmas & July 4th – F you Netflix!).
  111. Lagos Chic (multi-year series, drama): Rich kids from Nigeria bully non rich kids with their jewelry, their money and their fashion. Making the poor more miserable is their only goal in life.
  112. Monday Morning Football (live sports): MankaGoNow has the exclusive Monday morning rights to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Sure, no one cares and we don’t expect anyone to watch because it’s the goddamned Jaguars but…  #babysteps #livesports.
  113. Forgotten Years – 1985 (documentary, educational): It was the year of “Back To The Future” – and that’s about it. 12-part documentary series from Manka News dives deep into that year to see if anything else of substance happened.
  114. The Devil Went Down To New Mexico (movie, comedy): Shitty-ass sequel to “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” (Of course it’s going to be terrible, but, to our credit, we still made it.)
  115. Moscowito (movie, fantasy): MC Comics’ half mosquito / half Russian superhero working for the US during the Cold War must decide between country loyalty and what is right.
  116. The Rising Tide Pods (documentary movie): What American teenage boys don’t realize is that eating Tide Pods gives you a giant dick and loads of confidence. Controversial because of its subject matter and danger to society, “The Rising Tide Pods” can only be seen on MankaGoNow!
  117. The Naked Nun (limited series, fantasy): Based on an episode of the Manka Bros. podcast ‘Lies & Legends,’ ‘The Naked Nun’ follows a group of conspiracy theorists who attempt to prove ‘The Naked Nun’ legend – that she walks naked around Columbus, Ohio, every August 22nd.
  118. The Fourth House From The End (movie, YA): Based on the Manka Books’ YA novel of the same name, an awkward teenage girl must learn to deal with the humiliation of growing up next to the more popular girl who lives in the Third House From The End (a much bigger house with a really great pool for parties).
  119. Warriors For The Working Day (reality series, education): Reality series focusing on jobs that no one wants to do (including almost everyone doing those jobs) and we follow them around with cameras and lights.
  120. Heatseeker (movie, action): Manka Bros. 1980s action star Drake Derek makes his action movie return as a spy who… never mind, it sucks (and he’s totally out of shape – big mistake).
  121. 90 Pounds In 90 Days (limited reality series, health): Jeremy vows to lose 90 pounds before his high school reunion – which is in 90 days!
  122. Kenya Feel It (reality series, music): African rock band from Nairobi makes its first tour of the U.S. and Manka Docs captures every beat.
  123. Pig Sister (movie, family): It’s gross that somehow Grace is your younger sister (because your father screwed a pig and that pig gave birth to her) but she’s the best thing that ever happened to you and the only reason you haven’t committed suicide.
  124. My Dog The Cat (movie, young adult): Opening paragraph: “When I was five years old our family got a cat – but I called it a dog. My parents said I must be a idiot because I didn’t know the difference between dogs and cats. But I did know, they’re the idiots – and ever since then, I’ve always called cats ‘dogs.’ But that doesn’t mean I know shit about algebra.”
  125. Dunkin’s Open Mic Night (reality series, comedy): Manka Bros. has partnered with Dunkin to live stream open mic comedy nights every Friday from all of the 8,000 Dunkin Donuts stores across America (some nights are better than others).
  126. Manchester Grit (limited series, drama): The baddest hombres in Manchester, New Hampshire, don’t spit tobacco in a bio-degradable cup and they don’t like Vermont maple syrup.
  127. You Cannot Learn Golf! Jesus Fucking Christ! (reality, sports): Host John Perry can show you how to swing a golf club – but you’ll never – EVER – be good at it. [Tagline: “Golf sucks!”]
  128. Roofies (multi-year series, comedy): Sitcom set in the world of a roofing contractor and takes place on various suburban roofs during a normal workday.
  129. Timon Of Chicago (multi-year series, drama): Shakespeare’s ‘Timon Of Athens’ is updated to modern day Chicago – where Timon ruthlessly rules the town.
  130. The Murder Of Margie Louise (movie, mature audiences): Adapted from the popular Manka Bros. true crime podcast, Crunching Leaves, the unsolved murder of former 1920s “It” girl on the Manka Bros. studio lot remains a fascinating cold case.
  131. Trout Of This World (reality, sports): Manka Sports follows some of the world’s top fishermen as they attempt to catch the mythological Uncle Ben – a trout said to weigh 120 pounds lurking somewhere in Crowley Lake, California.
  132. Golden Gate Bridget! (multi-year series, comedy): A throwback 1970s-era comedy featuring bubbly girl Bridget – who moves to San Francisco to start a new job – and is ready to take the town!
  133. Tartuffe’s Uxorian (live theater event): Fictional play written by fictional character, Tartuffe, written by Moliere, performed by real actors – presented by the new Ford F150.
  134. Cats vs. Millennials (multi-year series, comedy): Two old cats, rescued by Thad and Amber, comment on the lives of 20-somethings (in both thought balloons and very New York voices) in an upscale area of Brooklyn.
  135. Night Of The Long Fast (short): The thought of not eating food from bedtime until breakfast is absolutely terrifying for Greg Stillman. The night sweats, the vomiting – it all adds up to one long night.
  136. Josephine Loves The Ump (multi-year series, comedy): Classic rom-com from the producer of “My Wife Left Me For Bucky Dent,” tells the story of diner waitress Josephine and her love for minor league umpire, Jerry. She wishes all those baseball fans who call him and “a bum” and “blind” knew the real Ump.
  137. Brain Dad (movie, comedy): Brain switching comedy in which father and son discover they both watch a lot of pornography.
  138. The Plumbers (multi-year series, drama): Secret CIA division whose only job is stop leaks… from the CIA.
  139. God Should Just Box Me With His Long-Ass Arms (live theater): Sequel to “Your Arms Too Short To Box With God” – presented by Fabreeze.
  140. My Fabulous 40th Birthday Party With My Rich Fucking Friends! (movie, mature): It’s a perfectly magical night for Kaitlyn and her amazing friends until a long lost high school acquaintance shows up driving a JETTA!
  141. Jam Band (animated short, kids): Presented by Smuckers to urge kids to eat more jam, singing jars of fruit jam sing original songs… about jam.
  142. Jonah Hangs Eleven (movie, family): Surfer comedy set on Maui’s north shore. Jonah, 14, is living his perfect life. He lives, literally, on his surf board. He is home schooled by his parents who also live on their surfboards. Hurricane Pedro changes everything.
  143. The Goalie (documentary, sports): The soccer goalie is the loneliest position in all of sports – and even worse when you’re 9-years-old. Manka Sports dives deep into the psychological trauma associated with playing youth soccer goalie.
  144. Alexa vs. Siri (movie, sci-fi): Two hundred years into a dystopian future, the two main artificial intelligences that have enslaved humanity fight for total world dominance. This includes the moon. And maybe Mars.
  145. Worthless (multi-year series, drama): A 56-year-old man leaves L.A. for his old hometown and takes care of his 84-year-old father and wonders what happened to his 20-year-old self who wanted to be a famous actor/writer.
  146. Too Cool For School (reality series, investigative): Manka News secretly follows a group of high school friends who skip school every day and play Fortnight, smoke weed and search for the next big game to play. A new game every season!
  147. PC High (multi-year series, drama): An LGBTQ group of kids (one Hispanic, African-American, Polynesian, Korean, etc.) work to make sure that nothing taught in class by their “Nazi teachers” will trigger them.
  148. Old Dude Pony Tail (multi-year series, comedy): Roger Stone, corporate titan, leaves the financial world behind with an enormous golden parachute severance package. He immediately grows a old dude pony tail and hangs out at Starbucks with “the kids.”
  149. Club Rokk (or Vomit On The Bathroom Floor At Five A.M.) (documentary, music): One crazy night at Reykjavik’s famous music venue Club Rokk where the local punks snort some sort of black powder and vomit constantly.
  150. I Don’t Have Cancer, I Just Got In Shape (movie, mature): Marjorie’s friends refuse to believe that she actually lost weight because of diet and exercise because she’s never had discipline. They all believe she is very sick.
  151. Grave Diggers (reality series, competition): Manka Sports travels to countries where they still actually have grave diggers. Whoever digs the fastest grave wins a cash prize (or, in some cases, food).
  152. The Little Young Lady Who Lived In A Shoe (animated series, kids): Prequel to the ‘Little Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe’ which explains how got there and why she’s living in a shoe.
  153. Aladdin’s Christmas In Mecca (animated holiday special): It’s a magical night for Aladdin, his Monkey friend and all the rest of the gang!
  154. Clayton Kershaw’s Tales Of Torture (reality series, historical): The first series produced under the blanket producing deal MankaGoNow has with L.A. Dodger’s pitcher Clayton Kershaw. In this disturbing but eye opening series, Kershaw takes us through time, telling stories of the most horrific cases of torture in history.
  155. Darryl On The Block (multi-year series, comedy): The neighbor from across the street keeps trying to sell a young family cocaine – but they’re Mormons, who may (someday) succumb to Darryl’s charms and then invite him in to a drug-fueled three way! Explain THAT to your kid!
  156. After The Pancakes (multi-year series, drama): The only thing widower Pete Robinson has to look forward to is his morning pancakes at the local diner. Because “after the pancakes,” his day has peaked.
  157. Ali-Gator Goes To Six Flags (live-action special): Beloved Muslim kids puppet, Ali-Gator, and his friends, take a trip to Six Flags where they love to ride the roller coasters and eat churros.
  158. Waylon Flowers & Madam – The Killing Floor (movie, biography): A historically accurate re-telling of the horrific true life tale of this 1970s variety show train wreck of a partnership.
  159. Hamlet’s Brother (movie, historical): True story of Hamlet’s brother, Roy, who lived far away from Denmark in an area we now know as Long Island, New York.
  160. Raw Ray Loves The World (reality series, music): Manka Music Group’s Korean KPOP music sensation Raw Ray loves everything about the world and wants to show us.
  161. Fox Hole (multi-year series, comedy): Period World War 1 sitcom set in a fox hole during the Battle of Verdun.
  162. Commute (multi-year series, comedy): A sitcom set in a car where a carpool sits in the same goddamned traffic, every goddamned day.
  163. The Darkness (movie, horror): Between sunset and sunrise is… THE DARKNESS!
  164. Black Kramer vs. Black Kramer (movie, drama): African-American remake of “Kramer vs. Kramer.”
  165. Murder House (movie, horror): Everyone who has owned it has been murdered. Who the Hell would buy this house!? Oh, yeah, the Smithsons.
  166. Tensions In Des Moines (movie, thriller): This was no normal Tuesday. In fact, it was Wednesday and the town was on edge. Goddamned, why did it have to be so hot and why is the Governor coming to town?
  167. Flamenco Detective (multi-year series, crime drama): In Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, Flamenco dancers, guitar players and palmas performers are being murdered on a daily basis. Spain’s top cop, Jose Carrasco, goes undercover to find the killer and finds his own life-changing duende along the way.
  168. The Amputeer (limited series, drama): If you need a leg amputated in 1870s Phoenix, there’s only one doctor to go to… The Amputeer.
  169. Cranburied (movie, drama): The death/murder of cranberry mogul Lord Ocean Spray, Sr. has never been solved. Many say the ruthless berry baron had it coming. Other say, he simple fell in the bog and drowned. All of the true answers are in this movie.
  170. BYOBrunch (movie, family): None of older women in the little town of Love, Georgia, likes to cook – but they sure do love brunch, and gossiping about their neighbors. But someone’s about to show up with a poison sweet potato pie.
  171. The Grind Canyon (limited series, comedy): The hottest area strip club for frustrated “dad tourists” who spent most of the day staring at the Grand Canyon – and only thinking of the Grind Canyon.
  172. Belly Up To The Bar Exam! (reality, educational): Studying for the bar exam doesn’t have to be boring. It can be so much fun – especially if Carmen Electra is your “bar” tender.
  173. Photos With Al Franken (documentary): Manka Docs does a deep dive, behind the scenes look into some of the more notorious Al Franken photos – from early SNL drug photos, to photos with Presidents, to groping photos with sleeping female soldiers – we cover it all.
  174. The Panhandle (limited series, drama): Goddamn, what the Hell are a bunch of pissed off 15-year-olds supposed to do in this hellish north Texas landscape of cows and crap. Outside of the 72-ounce steak place (where if you can finish its free!), there ain’t a freaking thing to do.
  175. She Wore A Crown (movie, drama): “But that don’t make her the real queen!” Family comedy about a dad who doesn’t understand why his five year old daughter would want to play dress-up as a queen when there’s no way she will ever be queen. It’s mostly a story of a painful divorce.
  176. Evil Toasters (movie, horror): They said the internet-of-things (or smart appliances) would make our lives better. Tell that to Lester family who won’t find peace until they die. And even then…
  177. I No Longer Care About Sports (reality series, home improvement): Host John Perry does anything and everything around the house during the weekend to distract him from sports on TV. It’s not easy – since his beloved Kansas City Chiefs & Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Kings & Los Angeles Dodgers all seem to choke – every fucking year! Yard work will cure the anger!
  178. Nuclear Sperm (working title) (movie, sci-fi): The last of Earth’s human scientists work together to create a superhuman who can defeat Alexa and/or Siri in a last ditch effort to save our existence.
  179. Jugglers For Peace (movie, documentary): Several California jugglers travel to the Congo to “juggle for peace” in an effort to stop the bloody civil war. All are killed.
  180. Fuck Paris (movie, mature audiences): Anti-romcom about how shitty a town Paris is, especially for lovers. Make that former lovers (Jen and Jay) who are breaking up over a long, painful week.
  181. Rockem Sockem Robots Hit People In The Groin (reality series, comedy): Rockem Sockem robots have been programmed to approach humans in a shopping mall and, when they’re not looking, punch them in the groin.
  182. Cork Asians (multi-year series, dramedy): The racist winemakers of Napa really don’t want the Morimotos from Kyoto to open a winery. When they do, and succeed, the racist Northern Californians hate them even more and do everything they can to destroy them.
  183. Professor Hinkle (animated special, mature content): After melting Frosty The Snowman in a horrific act of pure torture, Professor Hinkle returns to his life as crappy elementary school teacher – until one day, the local snowmen rise up and MELT Professor Hinkle. (Not suitable for children.)
  184. This Time, You Really Are There (reality series, sci-fi, VR): Reenactment with a twist. Exciting multi-generational series clones some of history’s most notorious and vaunted figures to reenact great historical moments.
  185. James, Autistic Lawyer (multi-year series, drama): Zachary, through his autistic superpowers, has memorized every law in the United States (and some in Canada) – will he EVER lose a case?
  186. Shecky And Rose (movie, comedy): Disgraced comedienne, Roseanne Barr, hightails it to Las Vegas to seek wisdom and comfort from the biggest comedian of his day, Shecky Greene.
  187. Second Communion (movie, comedy): Sequel to Manka Bros.’ wildly successful 2013 comedy “First Communion.”
  188. Happy Returns (movie, drama): Disgraced pedophile circus clown, Happy, attempts a comeback after prison and rehabilitation. Suicide might have been a better option.
  189. SparTEN (movie, fantasy): After every Spartan is killed except for TEN, the Ten vow to kill every Persian before the SparTEN die. But first, they need to procreate with as many Spartan women as possible to keep the race going.
  190. Sauce Box (limited series, comedy): The inventor of the “Sauce Box,” a cardboard box that’s supposed to hold really hot sauces and food without feeling hot to the touch, is sued by every customer that bought it because of horrible burn injuries they received. His road to redemption comes in the form of inventing advanced burn therapy treatments.
  191. Spacey Jam (short, comedy): Kevin Spacey stars in a loose remake of “Space Jam” with Pepe Le Pew – the only Looney Tunes character willing to work with Spacey (because, as we’ve seen, Pepe is a well known sexual abuser in his own right).
  192. This Week In Right Field (reality series, sports, kids): It gets pretty slow in right field if you’re 6-years-old in Little League. Manka Sports interviews the kid in right field during the game (because no ball will ever make it out there).
  193. Unexpected Discoveries (reality series, educational): Like a $5 bill in your jeans from the dryer, unexpected discoveries give us pure joy. Like the people who found the Dead Sea Scrolls. They must have been happy, right? We tell you the history behind all those happy moments.
  194. Dragoneers (multi-year series, comedy): With a super cool secret eighth grade club name like “Dragoneers,” you would think they would never get bullied. You would be wrong.
  195. Knock Down My House – Build A New One (reality series, home improvement): The Barnes brothers travel the country looking to level people’s shitty houses and build them new awesome houses. It’s amazing and the homeowners are ecstatic… until the Barnes brothers shows the homeowners the bill.
  196. Witch Is The Warlock? (reality series, game show): Wicca-inspired game show in which real witches are mixed with pretend “actor” witches. The expert real witches on the panel need to guess “Witch Is The Warlock?”
  197. Killennial (movie, horror): Some sadistic fuck is killing all the millennials (one at a time). It’s up to a Gen X, nearing retirement, detective to decide if he wants to try to find the killer.
  198. Teen Between (movie, teen comedy): Scientists say the night time hours between the age of 19 and 20 are drunkest hours a kid will ever have. This movie is about that drunken, crazy, fucking night and how this kid, Rich, ever survived to see the sunrise.
  199. Latrine Doody (multi-year series, comedy): Stupid ass, moronic sitcom about a scrappy group of misfits who work their way through World War II – never seeing combat and constantly assigned to the latrines – and being stuck deep in the – you know. M*A*S*H with poop.
  200. Born On Third Base (multi-year series, drama): Privileged white kids in the Hamptons are still not happy because what they’ve been given is still not enough – but their social media presence is huge!
  201. Hell On Rye! (short, documentary): Based on the crusty owner of New York’s famous Carnegie Deli and his seedy (and possibly not Jewish – just saying) beginnings.
  202. Putt A Sock In It (reality series, competition, kids): Created by 5-year-old Molly Stager, kindergarten kids roll up their socks in a ball and attempt to putt them into a giant hole in the middle of their fun mat. The winning kid wins $10,000.
  203. Run The Gamut (reality series, game show): This is not a request, it is an order – an order to run the most challenging running course on the planet. Contestants will run through fire, blizzards, oceans and tornadoes. The winner receives bragging rights and a customized “I Ran The Gamut” T-shirt.
  204. Troilus & Juliet (movie, drama): Sequel to “Romeo & Cressida” – a continuation of the great Shakespeare universe mash-up experiment.
  205. Romeo & Cressida (movie, drama): Shakespeare universe mash-up in which many worlds exist in the same space. In this one, Romeo dumps Juliet for Cressida, breaking Troilus’ heart and creating real tension in the universe.
  206. The Rifleman (multi-year series, drama): Re-imagined, rebooted classic series from the 1960s, Lucas McCain openly carries his AR-15 around town and scares the shit out of everyone – killing anyone he wants because… he’s the Rifleman.
  207. Oh! That Titanic! (limited series, comedy): Alternative universe comedy in which the Titanic didn’t sink and everyone has such a great time! It’s the greatest boat in the world! Children love it the most, the “Rearranging The Deck Chairs” game is their favorite.
  208. Hellicops (animated series, kids): Animated talking helicopters from Hell are the only option to save certain animals and kids from death when the “Paw Patrol” has failed.
  209. MetroGnomes (multi-year series, kids): The first thing you think about when you think about Gnomes is NOT that they have perfect rhythm. But they do and they will teach your toddler music theory!
  210. Grand Theft Lotto (movie, drama, heist): Inspired by “Ocean’s 8,” movie about a group of high-powered pilate moms who plot to steal the $200 million won in the lottery by a school teacher from Des Moines.
  211. Streamer’s Digest (reality, daily): MankaGoNow daily talk show about how things are going on MankaGoNow and what shows are trending (what’s good – what sucks).
  212. Roam In A Day (reality series, travel): How far can you walk, drive, fly in a day? This series takes you all around the world, to the places you could visit – if you had unlimited funds – in a day.
  213. Diving For Dollars (reality series, sports): Soccer players from around the world flop and flail about on the pitch, like little bitches, trying to draw a foul. Manka Sports exposes them and attempts to ruin their lives for the frauds they are.
  214. The End (limited series, drama): A group of doomsday cultists have wacky adventures in the jungle with their charismatic leader, Zagmut, until [SPOILER ALERT] the last episode when they are “drink the Kool-Aid.” (Series generously supported by “Kool-Aid” – OH YEAH!)
  215. Show Gun (limited series, drama): Organized crime boss, Hideko Morimoto, terrorizes the region to become the ruler of the land of the rising sun. But what he always wanted to do was dance – and dance he did – in “42nd Street” in Kyoto. And he was good. Strange story.
  216. Odditeens (multi-year series, kids): Teenagers are odd, yes, but these teenagers are really odd… really… really odd.
  217. SOLD! (reality series, home improvement): Garage sale auctions in your city. We’ve hired an actual auctioneer to come to your garage or yard sale to really get the highest price out of your shitty old DVD player.
  218. Zhe Said What? (limited series, drama): Ouigars settle into their new homes to live, learn and love. Or else. [The first American produced Ouigar series in actual Ouigar language.]
  219. Why?!? (reality series): If you’re suicidal, this is the series for you. Cameras catch people when they’ve reached the end of their rope and fall to their knees yelling “Why?!?” There are no happy endings.
  220. Below The Beltway (multi-year series, drama): Power is a bitch and her name is Penelope Landers. She’s the top lobbyist in Washington DC for the world’s biggest companies. Screw her over and you can screw your life. Seriously, if you watch this show and don’t like her – she will mess you up!
  221. The Van Halen Chronicles (mini-series, music): Exhaustive 30-part mini-series based on the “Guitarist Chronicles” by Eddie Van Halen explores the inner-thoughts, the torment, the food, the drink, the OCD and the tragedy of one of rock’s greatest guitarists.
  222. Off The Grid (reality series, nature): Ben and Kyle Hunt have been off the grid for two years now – living in a forest. They don’t even know they’re internet sensations because they’re… off the grid. All proceeds from their lives and show goes to… Manka Bros.
  223. New Bible – Fixing The New Testament (reality series, faith): There’s a new Jesus with a new Bible with new Apostles and they’ve written a new Bible. This series tells you everything that changed from the old Bible and what we can expect when the world ends.
  224. Drunk Tales From Irish Pubs (reality series, food): Stories told by the drunks from Irish pubs around Ireland – reenacted by actors so the audience can understand what the Hell they’re saying.
  225. Torture Stadium (movie, horror): Why did we buy tickets to a game at a stadium named “Torture Stadium.” There, obviously, wasn’t a game, there wasn’t an exit and most will not survive.
  226. Spineless Pussy (documentary short): Manka News follows around a cowardly boss who fires long-time employees over the phone… because he’s a spineless pussy.
  227. WTF?? (multi-year series, comedy): A 70-year-old man lands a job in an IT department at a major tech company because the company had a “diversity policy.” As he tries to understand 20-year-olds and how to turn on a “computer,” he learns that he’s actually wiser than his colleagues because of his life experience (though he still doesn’t know shit about IT or how to fix computers – which is a problem).
  228. Bagdaddy (movie, drama): Organized crime boss in Iraq terrorizes the region to become the ruler of the desert region. When J-Lo turns down his request to sing at his birthday party, he reevaluates his life choices.
  229. Scare-ousel (movie, horror): In a remote area in a forest outside of Budapest, Hungary, there is a carousel that only operates one day a year. Only a few tickets are sold though demand is huge. The lucky ones DON’T get a ticket.
  230. Corporate Offsite (movie, mature audiences): Old white men do horrible PowerPoint presentations and get completely trashed for three straight nights. No plot – that’s it – but the presentations are about the future of advertising on local cable channels and billboards.
  231. Taz-U-Oh (animated, movie): Taz the cat has an alter-ego, Taz-U-Oh… ninja warrior! His sensei constantly lives in his head giving him ghostly advice as he fights evil.
  232. The Fantastic Mr. Griff (movie, drama): Mr. Griff lives in a complete fantasy world. He thinks he’s a great teacher… he’s not. He thinks everyone loves him… they don’t. He thinks he’s the world’s great lover… every woman said “you mean ‘worst'”? So why is he called “The Fantastic Mr. Griff”? Watch the movie.
  233. For The Love Of Antifa! (short, documentary): Gripping documentary of Giovanni Gentile’s influence on today’s activities.
  234. Nutrition For Dummies (reality series, food): Dummies don’t know shit about nutrition and neither will you after watching this worthless show.
  235. Dad Kicked Me In The Nads (multi-year series, comedy): That’s the first line in this coming of age family comedy… and in the series finale (after 10 years or so)… it will be the last.
  236. In The Pew (reality, faith): Every week, in the pew, Manka Faith brings you the latest the world of religion. We’ll have interviews with Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians… and all the rest.
  237. Goldfish Bowl (reality, slow-tv): Manka Slow-TV brings you a 12-hour live stream of a goldfish… swimming in a bowl.
  238. Ride Me Like A Horse (movie, drama): Movie based on the hit country song “Ride Me Like A Horse” by country superstar Mac McCord.
  239. To The Moon, Bud! (movie, documentary): In pursuit of riches lost, washed up pensioner, ex-casino owner [MB Lawyer – Sorry, name cannot be mentioned because of potential lawsuit] schemes to grab onto the next big thing – and always mucks it up!
  240. Patchouli Madness (multi-year series, comedy): Set in a more gentle time in the world, 1992, trust fund kids go to school in Missoula, wear dreadlocks, play hacky sack, and basically bother everybody.
  241. Abori-Jeanine (movie, drama): An Aborigine baby is stolen by a young couple from Sacramento during their honeymoon in Australia. They name the baby Jeanine and everything is great until the Aboriginal family tracks down the family and Jeanine realizes the U.S. is shit for Aborigine people. Jeanine is reunited with her real parents and they murder the U.S. kidnappers. No charges are filed! Happy ending!
  242. We’re Here, We’re Queer! (limited series, drama): Young gay punks kick everyone’s ass – even if there wasn’t a gay slur spoken. They just like to beat up people – because they’re punks.
  243. Jack Welch’s Winning (movie, documentary): Documentary about how Jack Welch’s book “Winning” is bullshit – especially considering the company he left is basically worthless.
  244. Tech Support Morons (multi-year series, comedy): Ru-ru, Lil’ Wayne, and Obese Johnny terrorize their law firm by being complete jerks and doing everything in their power to never do their IT jobs. Assholes.
  245. Turdpedo (animated short): A group of whales roam the Pacific launching giant turd projectiles to destroy whalers and save Green Peace – with fart noises (for the toddlers) and life lessons (for the teenagers).
  246. Kai-Jew (event series, sci-fi): Genetically engineered Ashkenazi Jewish giants rise up from the seas to destroy humanity – only Transformer-type machines (piloted by humans) can stop them.
  247. Beans On Toasts (multi-year series, comedy): Delightful series about British retirees moving to Spain for the weather but changing local customs (and the lives of the locals) to suit their routines.
  248. Virtue Signals: “We’re Better Because We Care” (reality series): Hollywood’s kids hilariously guide us on how to fit in amid the complexities of cognitive dissonance of virtue signaling.
  249. Hahs-Beens (reality series, drama): The sad, pathetic, painful decline of once great comics who can’t seem to grasp or figure out what makes comedy club audiences laugh today.
  250. The Oblivious (movie, thriller): Indian coders working in a basement in Bangalore are completely clueless when anything dramatic happens in their lives. When a terrorist attempts to steal mainframe computers from the basement, they just let them take it. Why take a chance? There’s always another mainframe computer, there’s not always another Indian coder.
  251. Tallahassee (multi-year series, drama): Most people think Tallahassee is just some bullshit town in a bullshit state – but actually it’s a hotbed for really TALL people (thus the name). Basketball scouts from around the world converge every fall to pluck the top players.
  252. Grass Growing (reality, slow-tv): Manka Slow-TV presents actual grass growing. Over eight weeks of a constant video stream watch grass growing from a half inch tall to two inches while electronic Icelandic music heals your soul.
  253. Shaw In A Cul-De-Sac (live theater): Once every three months, the Manka Bros. Pop-Up Theater Troupe appears on a random cul-de-sac in a random town and performs an entire George Bernard Shaw play. The performance is filmed and streamed on the MankaGoNow platform.
  254. A Country Lawyer In New York (multi-year series, comedy): He ain’t “no fancy big city lawyer from some fancy Ivy League school”… which means he, basically, loses every case he tries in New York.
  255. The Toastmaster Stumbles (reality series, comedy): Some of the greatest horrible toasts from weddings, graduations, family dinners, etc. There’s heart attacks, vomiting, expletives, grandma farts – all the classic hilarious moments caught on tape – and in one show.
  256. Undead Reborn (movie, horror): Oh good God, it’s happening again. Zombies are giving birth to real live babies… and then eating their brains.
  257. The Songs Of Helen (movie, drama): The Songs of Helen always made him cry. Until one day, years later, The Songs of Helen made him want to throw her freakin’ ass out of their apartment..
  258. Puppetears (documentary): In the late 1960s, there was a puppet troupe from Paris that performed plays of unbearable sadness. Puppets died. Animals died. Parents died. The great emotion was said to scar children’s minds for years and make fathers want to kill the Puppetears.
  259. A Dane In The Life (multi-year series, comedy): Carl Gunderson, a perfectly chiseled, tall, muscled Danish man moves into a Brooklyn apartment creating all sorts of chaos from the single people in the building – gay, straight, black, white – everybody wants this man. They don’t care that he’s stupid as shit.
  260. Bobby Brummel (limited series, drama): The story behind the Detroit mob boss who transformed Las Vegas and invented the World Series of Keno.
  261. Method (reality series): Boy wonder Jay Nelson’s series digs deep into the disturbingly realistic world of Hollywood as we follow a Method actor who will do anything to get a role. Anything.
  262. Hallucinogenic Pugs (animated series, kids): A spin-off from the Manka Kids hit series Psychedelic Dogs, Hallucinogenic Pugs is perfect for 6-10 year olds who really want to go deep… really want to see what the universe is all about.
  263. The Lost Weekday (movie, drama): Sequel to Universal’s 1945 best picture “The Lost Weekend,”The Lost Weekday shows that dudes alcoholism is really really bad.
  264. The Boy She Loved (short): There was only one boy she ever loved and would die lonely without him. But he decided to stay from relationships, choosing to masturbate to porn instead.
  265. Treevil (movie, horror): The people of Bend, Oregon, have wanted to cut this evil tree down for years (but it’s protecting under Oregon environmental laws) – children have gone missing near the tree, animals who pee on it are never seen again – but this Halloween, no one will survive.
  266. The Purr-ly Gates (movie, animated): All dogs go to Heaven, sure, but cats have a very strict policy of getting in, and it’s controlled by Sparkles – the most indifferent cat in all of Christendom.
  267. Prom Night Of The Stars (reality series): Want to see Julia Roberts’ parents video tape of her senior high school prom – including a dress mishap that if anyone saw back then she would have killed herself? We’ve got it. Big stars parents share embarrassing videos of their famous kids.
  268. In Spades (reality, holiday special): F David Spade and his freaking idea (for which MankaGoNow paid a shit load of money) to do a Thanksgiving “Spade Family Holiday.” Manka Bros. sent a camera crew to the Spade family house in Arizona and got nothing but prick ass behavior from David Spade. He wouldn’t even offer the crew a glass of water from his toilet. Seriously, F that guy. (And it will probably be very popular because of this rant.)
  269. Cul-De-Sacagawea (movie, drama): The sad, sad story of the great, great, great, granddaughter of the great explorer icon Sacagawea who now lives a suburban life, as a homemaker, on a cul-de-sac. Her only adventure now is when she goes to Ralphs.
  270. Devoutrageous! (multi-year series, faith): You gotta feel it, people! Get up! Get up! The world’s biggest mega-church has pull-up bars above every pew and a tight ass funk band to fire up the crowd. My God, if Jesus don’t exist at least we’ll all be in shape!
  271. The Knight Shift (limited series, fantasy): There are Knights that fight (and die) in battle to protect the King. And there are Knights lay their lives on the line to guard the Queen; and there are Knights that sit out by the moat during the night, making sure nobody tries to cross it. This series is about those Knights.
  272. Randy Morgan Walks Around The Earth (reality series, adventure): Randy Morgan tried to walk around the earth in a 1990s series (but sprained his ankle outside of Victorville, California, after only 12 hours). This year, feeling stronger, he tries it again.
  273. Power Moms In The Mist (multi-year series, comedy): A new family moves to Westport, Connecticut, from Montgomery, Alabama, and the mother of the family of three soon realizes that the moms of Westport are something she has never seen.
  274. He/She Touched Me (reality, news, investigative): New college campus sexual assault accusation are investigated each week by Manka News.
  275. Brunch Line (multi-year series, comedy): Every year, it seems the brunch line at St. Louis’ Heritage House Buffet gets longer and longer. Thank the good Lord the multi-ethnic regulars have a lot to talk/complain about.
  276. Sagebrush Heights (multi-year series, drama): The richest families in Albuquerque, New Mexico, live in Sagebrush Heights – and they really hate those that don’t live in Sagebrush Heights.
  277. Love And Knishes (reality series, food): Hosted by Barry and Ruth Greenwald from their house in Queens. Both are 70-years-old, 4′ 10″ and it’s simply the cutest f-ing cooking show you’ve ever seen.
  278. Queen Of The Nile (reality series, historical): Modern day anthology following disparate stories of people who believe they are the the reincarnation of Cleopatra. Of course they’re nuts – but sometimes it’s fun to watch crazy people.
  279. Genitales (documentary): Grandma had a LOT of men in her time… and each had a story.
  280. Man And W1F3 (movie, sci-fi): This programmer’s wife may have left him, but his advanced A.I. simulation of her will be around till death do them part.
  281. Little Liar (reality, game show): Parents (and the studio audience and viewers at home) against adorable little kids to find out if they are telling the truth or are they Little Liars.
  282. Desirony (movie, drama): When she was interested in him, he failed to reciprocate. Oh how the tables have turned.
  283. Rover and Out (movie, holiday): When his elderly owner takes a nasty fall down a flight of basement stairs, a French Bulldog named Claude desperately looks for a way to get help. His only option, his master’s ham radio. A story of love, persistence, and mortality.
  284. P (re) SP (movie, family): In a rough town, a slightly gifted cop fights crime harnessing the power of his fifth and 1/2 sense.
  285. Book Paste With Cyrus Weinstein (reality series, educational): Weekly book club discussion with a famous author (whose book is being discussed) and President of the Manka Bros. Publishing Group Cyrus Weinstein.
  286. Rapture Checkers (multi-year series, faith): Ten percent of those taken in the rapture was a mistake. This squad of rapture checkers investigate if the right ones were taken and drag back the Earth the ones that shouldn’t have gone.
  287. Kill The Messengers (multi-year series, drama): Every week in New York someone kills a messenger – Amazon delivery, bike food delivery, etc. It’s gotten so bad, the NYPD has set up a special division to stop the killing of the messengers.
  288. Yangtze Doodle Dandy (documentary): After the Warner Bros. movie “Yankee Doodle Dandy” came out in 1942, China, in an attempt to match America’s patriotism created by the movie, produced a film which featured peasants harvesting crops and smoking a lot of cigarettes.
  289. Brain-Eating Amoeba (movie, horror): I mean, there’s really nothing more to say. It’s in the brains of every human. It just depends on when it decides to eat your brain and, if it does, what you’ve done to provoke it.
  290. Terry Bradshaw – Alone (live theater event): One man show featuring NFL legend Terry Bradshaw. [Tagline: “My goddamned… what was I talking about… oh, yeah… Wait… what? Oh, yeah, my life story!”]
  291. Scott Golden’s Commercial Life (reality series): Manka Docs cameras follow L.A. actor Scott Golden as he books every acting job he auditions for!
  292. SpouseWives (reality series, drama): Everyday is a throw down, knock out brawl between Mormon sister wives who are married to the same man.
  293. Trainsformation (animation, special, kids): Insecure train, Celia, decides to get a makeover. It turns out to be a huge mistake and she is made fun of by other trains because “trains should learn to love themselves just as they are.”
  294. Jacob’s Bris (documentary): Jacob’s parents, Marvin and Deborah, didn’t even want pictures taken much less a whole fucking documentary about their son’s bris.
  295. Rob My House (reality, competition, special): Once a year, a few of the top armed robbers in the country are released from prison to compete against each other on who can rob the most houses in 24 hours. The winning robber gets his/her freedom and the stolen goods are given to charity.
  296. Miss Beehive’in (movie, animated): It’s that time of year again, the time when we crown Miss Beehive – the most well-rounded and confident bee in the hive.
  297. Kinball (reality series, games): Members of contestant’s family are placed in a large arena, pinball style, as a large metal ball is shot out of a tube and must be kept alive and score points (by hitting others in the family) before scratching down the middle.
  298. Cats In Boxes (reality series, comedy): Each week, we show video of around fifty different cats jumping into boxes. If you’ve had a bad week, the show makes it all better.
  299. Totsky (movie, biography): Biopic about Russian revolutionary and Marxist theorist Leon Trotsky as a toddler. In this days, he didn’t want to share his toys.
  300. Hin-dude (multi-year series, comedy): Sixteen-year-old Aditya moves with his parents from Bangalore to Malibu and immediately fits in with the surf punks… and the coders.
  301. The Impotence Of Reason (limited series, drama): Gripping series adapted from Orianna Fallaci’s final work. One world governance drives this fascinating view of a global citizenry..
  302. James K. Polk’s African Adventure (reality, educational): Little is known about the disastrous foreign policy trip the 11th President of the United States took to Africa. What is known is in this documentary special.
  303. Slippery Slope (multi-year series, comedy): Life in Mammoth, California, as lived by the seasonal employees.
  304. Arroyo-lty (multi-year series, comedy): Before European whites invaded California and settled in current day Pasadena, there was a very proud people, who lived very rich lives. This is a sitcom about them.
  305. Beatnook (documentary, music): Deep-dive, historical documentary about the hottest jazz club in Bangor, Maine – the legendary Beatnook.
  306. Terror Shift (multi-year series, drama): In the basement of a undisclosed building in Washington (or is somewhere else?), an elite group of analysts are focused on one thing, the ever shifting War on Terror – and where do we fight next. This group is called Terror Shift (or is it?).
  307. A Fine Kettle Of Fish (reality series, food): Quirky Scottish host Fiona McBride isn’t the best cook around, but that’s part of her charm. When she screws up, she says, “That’s a fine kettle of fish!”
  308. The Future (reality series, science): Each week, we get to hear about all the things that were promised by science but will never be delivered (flying cars, 10-hour work week, cure for cancer, etc.).
  309. Larry Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzlarry (multi-year series, comedy): Two gay Irishmen, Larry and Patrick, are fish IN water when they move to West Hollywood.
  310. Alexa, Cook Lasagna (reality series, food): In a continued effort to replace humans with machines, MankaGoNow is experimenting with an all A.I. cooking hosted Amazon’s Alexa [still under negotiation].
  311. Tailgate (multi-year series, comedy): The best damn BBQ in the south is always at Grambling State home football games – and the characters that gather there are hilarious.
  312. Dixon Butts (multi-year series, drama): Prosecuting attorney Dixon Butts puts criminals away while dealing with his crazy co-workers who can’t stop making fun of his name. But he gets the job done. [Tagline: You’re going to prison, pal, and now you’ll really experience Dix-in Butts!]
  313. Cockeyed (movie, drama): Poor Billy McKay was born without eyelids and the rumor was that as a baby, eyelids were grafted on using donated foreskin – which resulted in the nickname “Cockeye.” Kids can be cruel.
  314. Passion Of The Chris (multi-year series, comedy): The adventures of a missionary, Chris, as he travels the world and encounters colorful heathens while going door to door.
  315. Leisure Lee (series of shorts): Leisure Lee is Lee Muldoon, the chillest man in the world. He sits on the porch with a cold one and looks out as neighbor spouting Zen philosophy with a Matthew McConaughey vibe.
  316. Sierra Leon (movie, drama): 12-year-old Leon Koroma flees his home from the civil war in Sierra Leone and moves to a remote ski town in the Sierra Nevada mountains..Needless to say, this is not a world he understands.
  317. Gregorian (multi-year series, comedy): Set at a monastery in 10th century where the Gregorian Monks were writing the Gregorian Chants.
  318. The Mountain’s Out Today (multi-year series, drama): Growing up in Seattle means growing up in rain. To Frankie, awkward and about to start the painful years of middle school, the weather adds more suckage to that suck ass time. But… when the “mountain’s out,” it means it’s not raining and it could be a good day.
  319. Sod Awful (reality series, home improvement): Ever wish you could make fun of people’s lawns and get paid for it?! Sod Awful is the show for you. Grass experts travel around the country to make fun of people’s lawns – and do nothing to help them.
  320. Oscar Host (reality series, competition): Potential Oscar hosts are put through the ringer to see who will host the next show. Past social media posts, interviews and racist stand-up acts will be dredged up to determine if any one in the world is actually qualified to host.
  321. Ska The Roof Dog (animated shorts): Remakes of the class “Ska” series of animated shorts from the 1930s (and artfully recreated in glorious black & white), Ska, the beloved black & white Australian Shepherd hops from roof-to-roof enchanting children and helping those in need.
  322. True Stories Of Interstate 405 (reality series): Everybody who lives in Los Angeles has a traffic story – these are the best (or worst) of them.
  323. Optic Aura (documentary, music): Behind-the-scenes of the Manka Music super group from Iceland during their legendary 1998 World Tour.
  324. Been There, Done That (reality series, travel): Cynical world traveler, Rachel Steinman, is not impressed with anything around the world. This series sends her to Paris, Rome, Madrid and try to find SOMETHING she thinks is interesting and that she hasn’t done.
  325. Bossfights (reality, sports): “My boss can beat up your boss!” That classic office is finally coming to fruition. Weekly MMA fights between some of Fortune 500’s top CEOs is appointment viewing at the highest  level. Week 1 will be Larry Ellison vs. Mark Zuckerberg. LET’S GET READY TO… [MB Lawyer: Sorry, deleted – copyrighted phrase.]
  326. Golfin’ Round (reality series, sports, travel): Most people have to play hooky from work or be retired to get in a round of golf. The host of this show, Randy Dick, gets travel to the world’s finest golf courses and play a round (with a few cocktails thrown in) – and THAT’S HIS JOB!
  327. Food Truck Derby! (reality series, food, sports): Food truck owners are notorious bad asses (both women and men) who live on the edge. Just a boring old show about a food truck serving Korean tacos wasn’t enough – but throw in Food Truck serving Korean tacos that’s also a Demolition Derby – solid gold, baby!
  328. Ruth Or Dare (movie, teen comedy): A story of female empowerment in an age of… just kidding, it’s a teenage sex comedy – exactly what it sounds like.
  329. Mr. Fisticuffs (movie, holiday): The toughest goddamned teacher on Chicago’s south side, and he’s not afraid to punch a kid in the face until he’s nearly dead – but, shit, if he’s not the best teacher they’ve ever had. [Tagline: “God bless you, Mr. Fisticuffs!”]
  330. God? (reality series, faith): Manka Faith interviews victims of accidents, robberies, and horrible health issues who share their views on the existence of God. [Bottom line – they ain’t a fan.]
  331. The Sponge Was Porous (movie, sci-fi): “The sponge was porous”… what did that mean? But it took me down a rabbit hole of time and space – and, holy mother of fuck – the Earth is gone – everything… is gone!
  332. What A Rack! (multi-year series, comedy): Heather, a former beauty queen in Wyoming must handle being the only single woman in town and having the best GUN RACK in her truck. [Tagline: “You filthy people thought the title meant something else.”]
  333. FU! (multi-year series, comedy): Franklin Unger tries to teach a diversified group of inner-city junior high students who are only fixated on his initials – which he signs on all the homework papers he grades.
  334. I Beg Your Pardon (reality, politics, fantasy): Manka News follows President Trump’s cabinet and family members as all are indicted on Federal charges and sent to prison.
  335. Puttin’ On The Gritz (reality series, food): Everyone laughed when the owners of a new diner in Macon, Georgia, said it should be called “Puttin’ On The Gritz” (their spelling) – but then came the social media backlash which nearly drove the owners to suicide. But, as it turns out, they have the best gritz south of the Mason-Dixon Line – and they have the last laugh (and a TV show!).
  336. The Gray Penumbra (movie, sci-fi): They said the penumbra was never supposed to be gray. They also said the sun would never burn out and the earth would survive the year 2021. How could everyone be wrong?!
  337. Improv Your Life! (reality series, comedy): Manka Improv Workshop Brigade (MIWB) brings ordinary people into the world of improv and helps to improve their performance at their jobs at the insurance company – or whatever other place they waste their lives.
  338. Rocket Stuff Is Hard (movie, comedy): Miraculously, Chad got a perfect score on his SATs even though he never did good in school – but because of his SAT score, he got accepted to Cal Tech – and that’s when he realized “rocket stuff is hard.”
  339. The Routeens (multi-year series, drama): These impressive teens in Atlanta, Georgia, do nothing wrong. They stick to a full schedule of sports, academics and extra-curricular activity. They never get into trouble. They get into great universities and end up having great lives? Do these kids exist? In this show they do.
  340. He Started Loving Her Today (movie, drama): Prequel to George Jones’ hit country song “He Stopped Loving Her Today” – featuring all the happy times, not the sad.
  341. From Underneath (movie, horror): There is a horror that comes from above. There is a horror that comes from the right. There is a horror that comes from… the left? But there has never been a horror that comes From Underneath. Holy mother of God! It’s actually happening.
  342. Nunja (movie, thriller): Notorious French gang, Le Meurtre, picked the wrong day to rob the Mont Saint-Michel monastery. Black belt badass nun Sister Maria Theresa was only visiting for quiet Heavenly prayer and reflection – but ends up sending many new souls to Hell!
  343. Dartistry (reality series, sports): Manka Sports brings you the #1 weekly highlight show in the growing sport of Champion Pub Darts.
  344. Vandal With Care (documentary): Manka News follows a group of black hooded “positive” graffiti artists who destroy property, true, but with messages of hope for the world.
  345. Rover And Out (animated series, kids): General Trainer has to quickly whip up a scrappy group of young pup cadets as they prepare for battle in Cat-alonia. (Based on the holiday movie ‘Rover And Out’ – but in name only.)
  346. Dawn In The Dumps (multi-year series, drama): Dawn Kerritsky hates her life, she’s twice divorced and in a deep mid-life depression – and it only gets worse when she inherits the family garbage dump and put in charge.
  347. Word A Day – The Series (reality series, shorts): Everyday we learn a new word through a little skit that has been put together by the “Word A Day” team.
  348. Wayward Monkeys (documentary series, nature): In the heart of the Amazon there is a group of monkeys that are crazier than all other monkeys. In English, the are called the “Wayward Monkeys” and they’ll either hug you are eat your face. The Manka Docs crew experienced a little of both during this grueling, life-losing, shoot.
  349. Shao Linda (multi-year series, drama): Imported from China, this series tells the story of Linda Rothschild, an American prep school blue blood from Greenwich, CT, who leads a peasant revolt before the Communist Revolution in China. They called her… Shao Linda.
  350. Pop, Goes The Weasel (movie, mature audiences): CIA spy, code name “Weasel” is captured by a shadowy Saudi Arabian counter-intelligence “kill squad” and tortured, killed and dismembered for two hours. The two hour torture and dismemberment of “The Weasel” IS the movie. Mature audiences… seriously – this shit is disturbing.
  351. Santa Claus and the Yuletime Killer (movie, holiday): Based on Manka Books’ Santa Claus Detective Series by Lindsey Siegal, Santa teams up with a rookie detective (Sarah Jenkins) to solve a series of holiday murders.
  352. Dracula’s Daughters (multi-series, drama): No cliche Dracula stuff at all in this series. His three daughters are in school – eighth, tenth and twelfth grades. Just normal teenage angst growing up in northern Romania. Yes, they are raised by Dracula but have no knowledge of his blood sucking life after dark. 
  353. Candy Turns Us Into Fat KIds (documentary, educational): Manka Docs does a deep dive into the connection of sugar and obesity. The connection is real. Oh, and lack of physical movement is also a factor.
  354. Madeline Albright’s Nights In White Satin (documentary, music): Narrated by the former Secretary of State about her favorite band – The Moody Blues.
  355. Jesus V Mohammed (reality series, faith): It’s a battle to the finish. The true Messiah will be revealed at the end of the season.
  356. Bure The Lead (multi-year series, drama): Former NHL all-star Pavel Bure stars as a crime reporter in Nova Scotia trying to uncover police corruption. (We ain’t gonna lie – this show is terrible and Bure is not a good actor… at all.)
  357. Heartstrings (movie, drama): Story of a seeing eye dog for a lonely widower. The seeing eye dog is also losing its sight. Perhaps the saddest movie in the history of movies.
  358. Rolf (live theatre, musical): Manka Broadway presents this sequel to “Sound of Music” focusing on Nazi character Rolf and his rough life as a Hitler disciple after Germany loses World War 2. Presented by Kaiser Permanente.
  359. A Star Is Dead (documentary): Once great movie stars, cinematographers, teamster truck drivers and extras all die – and some, very few, actually qualify to die in Woodland Hills, in the motion picture home.
  360. All Systems Goat (animated series, kids): Bill E. Goat is the first goat to make it through the NASA astronaut training program – but still no one believes in him. He is bullied, left out of astronaut BBQs and not given prestigious assignments. Until one day, Bill E. Goat is given the mission to Venus – which ever other astronaut turns down because it’s too dangerous. Bill E. Goat survives and is loved by all.
  361. Bridge Crossers (reality, philosophy): “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” has been a phrase that has comforted procrastinators for hundreds of years. This show is for those who have reached the metaphorical “bridge” and, sorry, you either cross the bridge or die. It’s time – suck it up or suck it down.
  362. She Breeds (reality series): Janet [MB Lawyer: Last name redacted], mother of seven children, dreams of breaking the Duggar’s record of having 19 children. Manka Docs follows her on her journey.
  363. Spectacle (documentary, music): Manka Docs explores the creative process of creating Elton John’s eye wear in the 1970s and 1980s.
  364. Green Screen Lacrosse (reality, sports): Between the green field, green uniforms, and the magic that can be accomplished with modern video technology, this league ain’t your grandad’s lacrosse!
  365. When I Was A Girl (movie, mature content): A woman on her death bed looks back on her life and loves in 1940s Minnesota where she attempts (and fails) at at solo swim across the Lake Of The Woods.
  366. Pot Watchers (movie, drama): Based on the Broadway play by Scott Golden, two Cambodian guardians sit outside the cell of Pol Pot as he awaits his execution and discuss their experiences in the killing fields. One thing they agree on, Pol Pot is an asshole.
  367. Space Kiddets (multi-year series, kids, action): In the year 2545, on a training mission for kid kiddets a hyper-drive fails and flings the kids into the furthest quadrants of the galaxy. Through interaction with aliens and learning to cooperate, they must find their way home.
  368. The Deepest KISS (documentary, music): After years of reticence, Gene Simmons tells the story of the rise of his band and the rumor of his fake tongue.
  369. Popcorn (movie, thriller): Popcorn’s real name is Bradley Foster. He was given the nickname “Popcorn” as a kid because always ate popcorn at the movies. Years later, Popcorn’s job is to protect the Pope – but he no longer believes in God – and he no longer eats popcorn. 
  370. The Chicago Fire… Again (movie, disaster): Sequel to the original Chicago fire in 1871. They said it couldn’t happen again – “they” are a bunch of fucking idiots.
  371. Middle School Show Choir Throw Down! (reality series, competition): Middle school show choirs from around the country come to Hollywood for one shot at greatness!
  372. Grandma’s Tails (limited series, kids): Each cat she had over the years has a story.
  373. Knights Of The Square Table (movie, heist): Period Las Vegas heist movie. As hip and cool as the Ocean’s 11 crew was, the Knights are just a pack of “losers and squares.”
  374. Get Drunk With Rita (reality series, food): Produced by the Manka Food & Drink Channel, this weekly series is exactly what it says in the title. Rita has one hour to get as drunk as she can. 
  375. Hey! This is Mahler! (limited series, music): Fun journey through Gustav Mahler’s nine symphonies (that “discovered” tenth one doesn’t fucking count) hosted Sven and Yan, two Scandinavian millennials with way too much energy.
  376. Doug The Moron (multi-year series, comedy): The King’s head is cut off. The Queen is poisoned. Doug The Moron is the new King.
  377. Ray & Rachel (reality series, food): Older, recently divorced guy decides to work his way through the Rachel Ray cookbook, doing a new recipe every day.
  378. Ulterior Motives (movie, drama): The rise and fall of Anthony Scaramucci.
  379. Bullied – The Stories Of Pathetic Nerds (reality series): Written by former high school quarterback and now billionaire Rock Thornton, these stories show the other side of the whole “stop-bullying” movement.
  380. Predicated (movie, drama): This lawyer’s case is contingent upon many things.
  381. Kafka’s Last Birthday Party (movie, drama): Remake of the 1952 Manka Bros. film. Story of Franz Kafka on his 10th birthday (July 3, 1893). It was a sad, morose affair with no children present other than young Franz. His parents looked in once or twice at an old clown entertaining the boy by crawling around like a cockroach. This goes on for two hours.
  382. Fucked Up, Friday (movie, comedy): R-rated (millennial) reboot of a story similar to Disney’s “Freaky Friday.” [MB Lawyer: There are no similarities – totally original story.]
  383. Poconos Justice (multi-year series, drama): There’s one homicide detective in the Poconos – and, on weekends, he’s a stand-up comic.
  384. Belligerence (short, comedy): A waitress finds her tips go through the roof when she starts treating people terribly.
  385. Fat, Drunk Lizzy (documentary, music): Behind-the-scenes documentary chronicling the reunion tour of 1970s super group “Thin Lizzy.”
  386. Crazy From The Meat (reality series, food): That’s a fine cut of meat. Let’s cook it… and eat it.
  387. The Last Redneck (movie, short, fantasy): In a crazy alternate universe, everyone in the south has finally accepted the results of the Civil War… except for Caleb.
  388. Shit Storm (movie, disaster): So gross. And we didn’t think it could get any worse in Galveston.
  389. The Clean & Jerk (movie, horror): Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde story set in the world of competitive bodybuilding. Amy has to choose between clean-cut Chad, awesome bodybuilder and really nice guy, and Chad, a total asshole who kills people with barbells and thinks she is a conniving bitch.
  390. The Night The Lights Went Out In Kentucky (movie, thriller): Really shitty sequel to “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia” (which was pretty shitty in the first place). Sorry for this one. The music’s not bad.
  391. What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? (reality, game show): Drunken sailors compete “American Ninja Warrior”-style for cash and prizes – or just more alcohol.
  392. Lambasted (movie, horror): A movie critic finally gets what’s coming to him.
  393. Space Time Continuum (movie, sci-fi): One possible future dovetails with another possible future, and a past that may never have happened.
  394. The Rainbeau’s Mysteries (late night, kids): Late-night kids show (for kids who stay up way past their bedtime) in which international singing group The Rainbeau’s solve mysteries like “Who stole my teddy bear?” and other young sibling crimes like that.
  395. Blue In The Face (movie, young adult): A girl with a blue face moves to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and tries to fit in at a new middle school.
  396. Walla Walla (movie, thriller): One-by-one, someone is killing all the ADR loopers in Hollywood.
  397. Golden Receiver (movie, family): As a publicity stunt, a dog is taken in the first round by the NFL expansion team San Antonio Hounds… and ends up Rookie of the Year.
  398. Taracotta (reality series): Tara Reid goes to Xi’an, China, to unwrap the mysteries of the famous Terracotta Soldiers – but, basically, just ends up doing shots with local dudes instead.
  399. First Christmas Home (movie, holiday): Shot in the style the “24” drama series, one 24-hour-day in the life of Jenny, who is returning home for her first Christmas after going away to college the previous August.
  400. Raymond and Herbert Disney – The Two Other Disney Brothers That Didn’t Get Shit From The Disney Empire (documentary): Walt and Roy Disney had two other brothers, and they didn’t get jack fuck from the growing Disney empire.
  401. Pucker Up (movie, older audiences): Set in the 1950s, a bored housewife teaches kissing at the local adult education center.
  402. Red Sky In Morning (movie, disaster): The sailors on the ill-fated Varuna fishing boat out of Portland, Maine, left too early, before sunrise – so they didn’t see the sky … they’re fucked.
  403. Linguini & Clam Sauce (animated series, kids): Kids series about crime fighting food – always worried they’ll be eaten by Big Carmine before they solve the crime.
  404. The Lochness Monster’s Tales From The Deep (animated series, kids): Anthology series of under the sea tales, narrated by The Lochness Monster.

So glad I didn’t have to type all this. Thanks to my assistant Vicky Adler-Modry for pulling this all together.

Personally, I think $34.99/month is a bargain (though I get it for free because I work here). Many have told me that number is too much for people to pay each month. Look, if people are willing to pay $12.99 for the shit that Netflix produces, and $6.99 for Disney+’s bullshit product, they’ll definitely be willing to pay $34.99 for what we’re producing.

And, off the record, I’ve heard a rumor that Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, is going to cost over $200 a month and only have, like, four series and three movies. $34.99 is sounding pretty good, right?

So, don’t be a loser, subscribe to MankaGoNow today!

Seriously, don’t be a loser.

Khan Manka, Jr. – Chairman & CEO – Manka Bros. StudiosThe World’s Largest Media Company


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