5 Replies to “NBC Is Saved!”

  1. This sounds snarky but isn’t – why doesn’t NBC just get out of scripted series altogether? Just have a lineup of competition/live sports/reality/variety/game shows? Lower ratings but much cheaper than scripted anyway?

  2. You do have to realize that NBC comes from the same corporate management that brought us Catwoman and Wolverine in Les Mis. I understand Manka Brothers, the largest media company in the world, is about to launch a hostile takeover of Comcast.
    Being here in the east, with 2 feet of snow on the ground, NBC is showing weather, non-stop…maybe that will become the new programming paradigm

  3. Ricci has little to do with it. NBC saved itself when it finally got rid of Jeff Zucker. Now he’s at CNN. Let’s see how long before he runs that into the ground … get your stopwatch ready.

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