3 Replies to “TBS – Go Get Your Shinebox”

  1. Conan is doomed to drop and drop and drop and settle into a decent rating for TBS but terrible against the Tonight Show. Sorry Coco.

  2. Ohh come on, its just self deprecating humor. Conan loves being on Basic Cable, one basic cable viewer is worth more than one network viewer… and Conan has had more viewers than Leno some nights.

    I came to your blog through a link regarding your facebook post. Facebook is not worthless, as a VC funded firm investors want to hype the company for the IPO to be extremely overvalued and then pursue a nice profitable exit strat. Your post or anything for that matter will not stop this from happening. The IPO is going to be huge. The monetizing problem is not a matter of concern for Facebook at this stage, it will be dealt once the company becomes public and it will be tempting for management to be unethical at that point in time. Charging 99 cents would be a death blow to the IPO aspirations. I envy anyone with a nice equity stake on facebook :/

    1. Thanks Juan for a great comment. I agree with you that one Basic Cable viewer is more valuable than one Broadcast viewer – that’s the point of the blog. I just think Basic Cable networks need to get away from this “we’re cheap, we suck” mentality – self deprecating as it is. Imagine if Mercedes starting marketing themselves by saying they’re just some crappy car maker with that horrible German engineering.

      As for Facebook, we’ll have to see. The longer they wait the more bored the 500M will start to get and want to move to the next thing. Who would have thought in the late 1990s that AOL would basically become worthless?

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