All This War Is Breaking My Heart

Manka Bros., Khan Manka, Those Damn Kids, Lester Aldrich, Syria Chemical Attack, President Asad, Barack Obama, President, WarWar sucks.

I don’t have to tell anyone that.

I’ve been through two and had a kid through one.

I’m 88 years old.

War sucks.

There is nothing funny this week. Snotty Scotty can do whatever he wants to my lawn this week because it doesn’t matter at all.


Bashar al-Assad in Syria must be destroyed. As Hitler needed to be destroyed. As anyone who kills innocents must be destroyed.

A chemical attack is pure evil.

He must be destroyed.

He destroyed children.

He destroyed mothers.

He destroyed brothers.

He destroyed fathers.

He destroyed sisters.

He destroyed pets.

HE must be destroyed.

But all this war is breaking my heart.

What do you do when you must do something but when you do it it ruins everything you hoped life would be?

That’s war.

That’s Obama’s decision.

And it breaks my heart.

More will die.

And it must be done.

Life sucks.

I’ll talk at you next week.

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5 Replies to “All This War Is Breaking My Heart”

  1. The problem is that the rebel are not better, and might even be worse, than the Syrian government. This is not like WW2. There is no good guy. Those rebels will hate us and assist in our future destruction.. They will continue to kill innocent civilians even when the ‘war’ is over if those people do not agree with their religious beliefs.

    It truly is a no win situation. Also why are chemical weapons any worse? The tutis killed over half a million people in just 100 days in 1994. Where were the world powers then?

    I do know this.. if I was a rebel commander and the most powerful man in the world drew a line based on a condition, I would do everything I could to ensure that line was crossed and the condition was met.

  2. I understand that you fought in the last “good” war, so your perspective about international affairs may be very valid for the time period during which you fought, but the evidence is out on whether Assad perpetrated these attacks. I don’t see why Assad would gas his own population and then welcome UN weapons inspectors. This isn’t 1950. We can’t rely on the media to get the facts right. They publish whatever trash they find on the Internet because sensationalism sells. They have to advertise for oil companies and Lockheed Martin. They really think we are THAT stupid. The evidence of the military industrial complex is right on the television. And everyone is just doing their jobs.

    If we get involved in this war, I can foresee some nightmarish scenarios. Assad had no incentive to try to bring in the United States if all he is trying to do is stabilize his country. Maybe he is a madman who has lost all grounding who is trying to destroy Israel and start world war 3. Until I get quantifiable evidence that says this, I say we stay out. And even with evidence like this, they are not specifically requesting our help, we have no allies willing to fight this fight, and we will really piss off Russia and China. Considering their nuclear armaments, our fragile economy, and soaring debt…do we really want to anger more countries off of the petrodollar? There is no justification for this war. We’ve been through this once with Iraq in 2003. Have we learned nothing?

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