I Think My Medicine Is Making Me Sicker

Manka Bros., Khan Manka, Namenda, Those Damn Kids, DementiaDr. Quack put me on a new pill the other day and it’s fucking up my life.

I’ve been crying like a baby girl and writing sentimental hogwash about the horrors of war.

I’ve been peeing my pants (more than normal) and sweating more than a Boston marathon bomber hiding in a boat in the backyard.

And worse of all, I’ve had no energy to scream at THOSE DAMN KIDS!

School started this week and my yard is already showing the effects. Those little pissants love to use my yard as a sidewalk and my shrubs as a trash bin. Walk in the street, ya little Hitler youths!

Now my hands are trembling.

Fuck this new pill. I am officially disobeying Dr. Quack.

I’ll talk at you next week (if I live that long).

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One Reply to “I Think My Medicine Is Making Me Sicker”

  1. The pill may be a calcium aggravator (like Norvasc).
    It is a severe but not a common side effect….
    Note for Physicians treating you going forward….

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