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  1. Mr. M

    You need to turn that amusement park around with some innovative ideas. Here’s a few exciting new attractions I thought would go over well in Yemen.

    Hack at the Infidel’s Neck.
    A wonderful attraction where an infidel is buried in sand and people get to take turns hacking at his neck with a bamboo saw.

    Blow Yourself Up
    Sure to be a crowd pleaser as they watch their friends strap on a bomb and blow themselves to smithereens because, God is on their side!

    Learn to Fly a Jumbo 747
    You’ll thrill as you learn to take off and fly a real Jumbo 747. Landing instruction not included, or even needed!

    Accost the Embassy
    Families will shriek with excitement as they armed with AK-47s, and trained to storm a simulated embassy, haul out the ambassador, and kill him.

    Hope this helps :)~

  2. The issues you are currently experiencing at Manka Fun Park Yemen are deeply disturbing to me. Not only myself, I’ll add, but my entire family! Upon announcement of the initial call for investors, my family and I have poured substantial funds into the endeavour. “Silent partners” Mr Manka called us. Well I tell you, sir, we will be silent no more. 5 years and my vision of a tilt-a-whirl fashioned in the shape of an enormous Hijab has NOT come to fruition. Who hasn’t wondered what is hidden behind the veil? My family and are Saudi backers simply must know! While we are willing to invest further, if need be, we are becoming impatient and I can no longer promise to avoid legal action. That is the last resort. And we all wish to avoid that; for obvious reasons. I didn’t invite Al-Qaeda. I specifically said NO Al-Qaeda! But here we are. Please answer my phone calls. I’m beginning to worry the Hijab-a-Whirl will never come to fruition.

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