6 Replies to “Old Media Fights Back”

  1. Tough row to hoe there – the dweeb lost in the phone is quite the picture of the zeitgeist …

    But I’m sure you’ll come up with some way to “monetize” these suckers too.

  2. Soon everything that is free with these cute little phones will be subscription based. Suicides will go up I’m sure.

  3. Wow…your arrogance is pretty insufferable. Very old school. I imagine you as Scrooge McDuck.

    I get it that you have angst with the message. However, if YouTube channel is getting that many views on that low a dollar count, and YOU’RE spending that much money for such a low return, it seems more to me as if the fault lies with YOU. People don’t WANT your crap.

    Just an observation.

    Enjoying your bile whilst still alive.

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