Yemen Theme Park Is A Horrible Idea

As an independent contractor at Manka Bros. Studios (which claims to be the World’s Largest Media Company), I am shocked and disgusted at the plan to build a Manka Fun Park in Yemen.

Here is the disturbing announcement:

I have been proud of my years at Manka Bros. and the writing I have accomplished – but this theme park must NOT BE BUILT.

Not only is it a terrible business decision – it is a terrible moral decision.

If the Manka Fun Park Yemen ever opens its gates, I will cut my ties with the company and go work for Disney Blogs.

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7 Replies to “Yemen Theme Park Is A Horrible Idea”

  1. Why? Would love to know more as to why you react so strongly to this. My biggest concern would be corruption. But you don’t say anything about your reasons.

  2. Let us hope that the Manka Fun Park is built, both to make fun of the Prophet Muhammad, and to promote Christianity and Christian values in this Godless land.

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