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I Completely Agree With Marshall Mathers!

As a country, we have been walking on eggshells for 9 months. It has to stop! I’m 88-years-old and everyday something new happens to further break apart our once great country. What is coming out of that White House every … Continue reading

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In Honor Of Jerry Lewis’ Death – The Greatest Ten Minutes Of Comedy Ever

From Don Rickles…   Lester Aldrich – Those Damn Kids

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Greece – Before and After The Referendum

There is great concern in Greece about the Referendum on whether to stay in the Eurozone or exit. I actually know exactly what will happen and how things will change. Nothing much will happen and nothing much will change. If … Continue reading

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America Needs Donald Trump To Become President

Good afternoon from Michigan. I’m 88-years-old and really falling apart. I may not even make to the 2016 Election (especially with Those Damn Kids running around on my grass, dropping their crappy chocolate ice cream in Mrs. Aldrich’s flowers and peeing all … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Will Crush Anyone Who Opposes Her

Good afternoon. First, I must admit, I was wrong last week when I said “Hillary Is Toast.” For some reason, I forgot all about the Clinton political machine (how could anyone forget that?). There is no doubt – Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Is Toast

Let’s make one thing clear: Hillary Clinton would have been President of the United States. But – and I hate to say it – now she will never be President of the United States. Chris Christie has a better chance of being … Continue reading

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Yemen Theme Park Is A Horrible Idea

As an independent contractor at Manka Bros. Studios (which claims to be the World’s Largest Media Company), I am shocked and disgusted at the plan to build a Manka Fun Park in Yemen. Here is the disturbing announcement: I have … Continue reading

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The Open Championship Is My Super Bowl!

Those damn kids on my block always seem to know when and how to junk up my day. I get up at 5:00 am every morning. I suck some oatmeal through a straw because my teeth can’t chew anymore. I do … Continue reading

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The Terrorist Games of the 22nd Olympiad

You know we’re living in a crazy fucked up world when a victory for Russia is that no one gets killed during the Sochi Olympic games. If terrorists do not strike, I can imagine Vladimir Putin shouting from the Caucasus … Continue reading

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I Think My Medicine Is Making Me Sicker

Dr. Quack put me on a new pill the other day and it’s fucking up my life. I’ve been crying like a baby girl and writing sentimental hogwash about the horrors of war. I’ve been peeing my pants (more than … Continue reading

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