Greece – Before and After The Referendum

There is great concern in Greece about the Referendum on whether to stay in the Eurozone or exit.

I actually know exactly what will happen and how things will change. Nothing much will happen and nothing much will change.

If the majority votes “Yes,” expect to see this:


If the majority votes “No,” expect to see this:


I’ll talkĀ at you next week…

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3 Replies to “Greece – Before and After The Referendum”

  1. Yes Lester, you are right. My grandfather was Greec, my father Syrian and I am 86 year youngster who still works 1012 hours each day. I love what I do otherwise I would not do it. The Greece public loves their nation and are very proud of it. The billions of Euros did not go to the public. Who really benefited by all that debt? Why not compromise, give some and say ” this money is for diligent business to help you grow” The other European wealthy countries can help but do they want to? Why not help Italy, Spain, Portugal as well? They all are part of your United Europe. Why strangle your own members ?

    I think Mrs. GERMANY should have a more compassionate side to her, or maybe she does not have it.

  2. Greece nowadays has a really difficult economic situation. This so-called depression started in late 2009 and lead to the fact that Greece can exit from the European Union.One year ago I wrote my dissertation about Economic collapse in Greece, here you can read a part of it. Even one year ago I said that situation in Greece only would worsen.

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