Chris Christie Needs To Give Up

Chris Christie, Those Damn Kids, Lester Aldrich, BridgegateIf I ever saw man who was never going to be President of the United States it is Chris Christie.

He just has no chance and should not take one more dollar from a person who wants to donate to his Presidential campaign.

If he had any dignity, he would realize that it’s all over, apologize and figure out what he’s going to do for the rest of his life.

Because he’s not going to be President – and will most likely not hold any elected office ever again.

That’s just the truth.

He reminds me of Those Damn Kids on my block who think they just do whatever they want – walk on my lawn, put burning bags of shit on my porch, toilet paper in my trees – and expect to get away with it.

He has about as much control over his staff as he does with his weight – zero.

Which is also the percentage chance he has to be President.

I’ll talk at you next week…

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16 Replies to “Chris Christie Needs To Give Up”

  1. Boss Tweed and the Brooklyn Bridge. Took 15% of everything ordered to build the bridge! Then, in 1871, before the Brooklyn Bridge was completed Boss Tweed threw a wedding for his daughter. Diamonds dripped from the chandeliers. His daughter’s dress had a diamond motif. And, every button was an encased diamond. The fancy wedding, which an ordinary politician was not supposed to be able to afford … Yes, he and his “partners” all went to jail.

    What you see with the George Washington Bridge lane closures is an 8 acre parcel of land that is now being developed. When Harry Helmsley owned it he could build at all! The promise? The new development has a 3 lane access to the George Washington Bridge.

    This was a strong-arm closure to force the mayor of Ft. Lee to open up to Christie and his gang, a 15% interest. If we’re lucky, Christie blows up just like Boss Tweed (of Tammany Hall.)

  2. Meh, the only surprise was that he blew up so early. It was waiting to happen, I just though it would take much longer. Too much petty spite on the big tit.

    1. Look back, Barry, and remember the Republican Rogues, longing to run for President, last time: Singin’ Cain, TX Terrible Perry, Tea P Michelle, Weird Hair Trump, No-Condom Santorum, Nitwit Mitt, who else? Not unusual in the GOP. Each & every one was deadly serious about wantin’ to be POTUS.

  3. Lester–

    Is that a recent/current photo of Chris Christie? My word, I didn’t realize how grossly obese the man is (probably because he doesn’t let himself get photographed in “profile” if he can avoid it).

    I am sympathetic to people with eating disorders, but maybe the man is just a head case?

  4. SEN. OBAMA:? …and terrorists were living in Germany, and we’ve got to take this seriously, then hopefully we can give the political space to, to Chancellor Merkel to do more than they’re doing right now.

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