The Terrorist Games of the 22nd Olympiad

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You know we’re living in a crazy fucked up world when a victory for Russia is that no one gets killed during the Sochi Olympic games.

If terrorists do not strike, I can imagine Vladimir Putin shouting from the Caucasus Mountains: “See, I told you! Now please you to come to Russia for visit. We are safe!”

Yeah, fat chance, Pootie Poot.

The fact is, most people in the world will be very surprised if there isn’t at least one act of violence or terrorism during the games.

I personally believe there will be several acts of violence and probably a couple of countries will leave early because of it.

Manka Bros., Khan Manka, Those Damn Kids, Lester Aldrich, Sochi Olympic Games, Matt Lauer, Vladimir Putin, Pootie Poot, Savannah GuthrieWhat’s the point of going there then?

I understand it for the athletes, they been training their entire young lives and this might be their only shot. If you’re a cross-country skier, you roll the dice at that point.

But why do we have to send Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie into the shit?

How many morning show hosts are we willing to sacrifice for sport? 15? 20?

Shame on you, NBC.

Send that guy that’s always in the flak jacket in Egypt. He can probably tell you what’s happening in the luge.

There’s no upside for Russia as host of these games. Why would anyone visit a place that needs 40,000 troops to protect you?

A million troops could probably protect South Sudan but you see them trying to host the Academy Awards or even a bowling tournament.

Manka Bros., Khan Manka, Those Damn Kids, Lester Aldrich, Sochi Olympic Games, Matt Lauer, Vladimir Putin, Pootie Poot, Savannah Guthrie, Polish ice dancersIt’s such a joke.

Those Olympics venues will look like Sarajaveo’s in a couple of years with grass growing through what used to be a Curling arena or whatever.

I hear they have 40,000 troops guarding the Games.

That has to make one feel secure – 40,000 drunken Russian troops lusting after Polish ice dancers.

The goddamned Polish ice dancers never had a chance.

Oh, well, I’ll be watching.

I love the Olympics.

I’ll talk at you later…

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P.S. – No report on Those Damn Kids this week – it’s too goddamned cold for even those little pissants to come out from their holes.


33 Replies to “The Terrorist Games of the 22nd Olympiad”

  1. Putin will single-handedly win gold in every Olympic event, even if those events typically involve teams!

  2. Looks like the terrorists have already beaten you. They’ve succeeded in causing you to alter your actions/perceptions due to fear. Congrats ya yellow coward. Why send Matt Lauer? Because he’s not a little bitch.

      1. screw matt lauer…he’s a second rate journalist at best…and if it’s his time to get eaten by the bear then so be it !

  3. Dear Mr. Aldrich, judging by your article we in all Russia live in expectation of terrorist attack, but I assure you that it not so. To me it is thought that having lived about the 24 years and not to time without having seen any explosion except New Year’s a fireworks I can claim full safety of residence in our country. Yes provocations can take place but I am sure that will stop them at the earliest stages. yours faithfully, not expert on English. Nikolay

    1. Hi Nikolay,

      Good luck. In general, 99.9999999% of the world is not going to be killed in a terrorist attack. Most people are able to live in the most violent areas of the world and never be harassed at all. All we hear about is the bad things – the ones who died – rather than the ones who lived. I’m just saying, there is a really good chance – much higher than normal – that there will be a terrorist attack. The Boston Marathon didn’t have that great of risk but now, every year, people are going to think a terrorist attack could happen. The impact of one attack is enormous – which is why so many people – bad people – want to succeed in that attack.

  4. All americans is crazy, becouse of living in USA. And as we know any terrorist of any country is dreaming about bombing somthing in USA.
    did author knows about 9/11??? Or some thing about Boston marathon???

  5. Такое бывает, ты уже старый и больной, и гордиться тебе нечем! Свою войну ты проиграл, а то что сейчас из тебя лезет говно с песком так это от старости и бессильной злобы. С любовью из Россиии.

  6. It happens, you’re old and sick, and you have nothing to be proud of! You lost your war, and what is now shit out of you climbs with sand so that old age and impotent rage. With love from Russia.

  7. Yes Mr. Aldrich can be in something you and are right, the probability is higher, but first such probability remains on any actions of similar level and scale, and secondly I am absolutely sure that all necessary security measures will be accepted. Yes, those awful explosions which happened in Volgograd really played a role and as anti-advertizing. But in the article you write as if at us over all country it isn’t safe, and it is far not so. Yours faithfully Nikolay.

  8. This is a very paranoid point of view. Fear Campaign took you over. Death is always somewhere around you, there is always a chane you’ll be hit by a car (drunk idiot behind a wheel), or even brick can found your head being thrown from the roof by the wind.
    40,000 drunk russian troops? Are you kidding one me? Who can even think something rubbish like that. You think every russian is an alcoholic?
    I have no idea of who you are actually, I followed a few links here and there to find this ridiculos post, but based on that little piece of an arcticle you wrote, you’re narrow minded person. Don’t wanna offence, maybe in real life you’re nice men (I doubt it though), but it looks like american propaganda and fear campaign won you over. Such a shame.
    Olympic will go smoothly.

    just a random guy from Russia.

      1. Another glimpse of lie, yeah, some people have drinking problem, but this article has nothing to do with Russia I live in. I’m 25, I drink a few bottle of beers a months, all my friends are the same, I know many people, I meet many people, I travel across the country. Trust me, I know better. The things you see on TV/papers about Russia is just what your goverment wants you to know. You’re an old man, its uncomfortable for me to write all of this to you as long as you’ve seen some crazy stuff and obviously seen life more than me, but please, dont believe everything you read about our country. Cold war is over, move on please, we are not alcoholics, we dont have bears walking on our streets and etc.

        1. Evgenly I am going to demonstrate with your post what the West does for its guests-it gives them consideration…so here is the way you should write a reply in my language.

          Another glimpse of a lie, yes some people have drinking a problem, but this article has nothing to do with the Russia I live in. I am twenty five years old and I drink a few bottle of beers a month. My friends are the same as me. I know many people, I meet many people, I travel across the country. Trust me, I know better. The things you view on Television and read in newspapers about Russia is just what your government wants you to view on a regular basis. You are an old man, it is uncomfortable for me to write all of this to you. You have seen some crazy stuff and obviously seen more life than me. But please do not believe everything you read about our country. The Cold War is over, please move on we are all not alcoholics. We do not have bears walking on our streets and etc.

          No comrade you do not have bears in your streets. I believe you kill stray dogs and harass gays. Your nation are a bunch of pigs with a two-bit dictator that lies about corruption.

          Boston Strong, comrade…

          1. Boston Strong, you are a silly one. First of all, you tried to correct the commenter by disguising it as Western Hospitality. In reality, you pretty much wrote the same thing, and even then with some abominable mistakes for a native speaker (I assume). Maybe you should have written your response in Russian. Oh wait, you only speak English and you aren’t even very good at it! Also, the generalizations you used in your shitty last paragraph expose your infinite ignorance. Should you be blamed for the crimes your government commits? Because that is exactly what you are doing.

  9. Your comments seem ignorant, although I don’t doubt your intelligence, you do not seem to have a lot of far sight. I am a citizen of Russia living in America for a number of years now, so I have perspectives of both sides I think. Terrorism is indeed real and requires a lot of preparation and defense. However your remarks about Russia’s measures, such as “drunken troops” are simply stereotypically ignorant. Russia’s military is one of the most advanced and efficient and the Olympics are indeed a crown jewel for Putin to protect. You say that awarding the Olympics to a place where you need 40,000 troops to protect just a 1000 troops is bullshit? Well look at the 2012 London Olympiad, where the terrorist threat was real too (we all remember those bus and subway bombings throughout the last decade), so the UK placed surface to air missiles on rooftops of London (fucking Battle of London of WW2 all over again it seems), a battleship harbored in Thames, and also close to 40,000 security personnel ranging from military to private contractors. My point is, this is the world we live in today, and it is necessary to protect the Olympics games. To host the Olympics for Russia is a great pride and honor, as well as the ability to build this excellent infrastructure for use in other worldwide/local events (such as some winter sports have already pledged to use the stadia for championships, plus the main stadium will be converted eventually to host 2018 soccer World Cup games, in addition to that, Sochi has signed a contract and began building a Formula 1 track in the vicinity, to attract more types of sports and tourism to the city), so no need to worry that the venues will be unused like in China. Overall it is an amazing reformation of the region, pouring a lot of money into it and hopefully not neglecting it. I think terrorism in itself is horrific, because in a way it is someone else willing to die in order to destroy your life, horrifically impact the lives of thousands of others, and create fear in millions more. These are not “freedom fighters” as some like to call terrorists around the world, for they are not fighting for independence but for death and chaos. Especially by doing so on another country’s territory. I was a kid in Russian when Beslan, the theater hostage crisis, and other bombings occurred, and I was scared. I was in Moscow when 9/11 happened, and my country grieved for the US. My family came to America because of a job opportunity, not any ideological reasons, and we were greeted by a paranoia of post-9/11 and to this very day facing ignorant hatred like you have in your post. Russia and US are among most powerful nations in the world, and should support each other (and even though they do on a government level more or less, the people in the US seem to still have a Cold War attitude). Let’s hope that all goes smoothly and there will be no casualties at the Olympics, and that those who are responsible for the security will do one hell of a job. But this year, I’ll be cheering for both nations, because even though so competitive, the Olympics should unite everyone.

  10. Mr. Aldrich, stop drinking vodka too much and blaming Russian policemen with your mental sexual problems! London Olympic games have been protected with 30 000 policemen and troops. And that in one place, in London. But this was OK for you, right? Now, the olympic games in Sochi will be protected by 40 000 policemen (in two places: mountains and city itself) and you are saying it is not safe to go there. Try to write objectively, otherwise article stinks with Cold war stereotypes of your mind.

  11. Hey I was in New York on 09/11 and nothing can compare to what I have witnessed there so don’t scare readers with awful Russia since terrorism have shown itself in places that you probably call the safest places on earth (yes including London mate)….so either be a men or get some anti depressant pills and chill like majority of the population in the west does….enjoy Olympics!!!!!

  12. So Mr. Aldrich you do not only see but also understand that for many Russians the Olympics not only a sporting event but also the pride of the nation you are an intelligent man and can not help but realize that the Olympics will be one of the most znachemyh events in the sports world, not only in Russia but also worldwide. Sincerely Nicholas.

  13. Dear Mr Oldrich it’s better to write about what we do not always given freedom of speech. Personally, I once wrote to you about the Olympic games could not go to the page with comments about an hour. But I ask you, without fanaticism. With respect Nikolay

  14. And ate you can send to my mail your contacts. Always interesting to talk to an educated person. With RESPECT Nikolai.

  15. Dear Mr. Aldrich, The depth of some people’s ignorance never ceases to amaze me. Unfortunately in your case it is too late to do something about it. We lost you for good. I can not even spare an advise ho to alleviate your plight. Bye.

  16. Your article is ignorant, insulting and full of hypocrisy. Russia have been fighting extremists in their own country for years. Extremists that for a long time were funded by the good old US of A. Have you forgotten the bombing at the Atlanta Olympic games? I think the flak jackets are just as required in your own country.

  17. “There is none good, no, not one.”

    This is Almighty God’s comment on the state of mankind. He gave man free will and didn’t make them robots. He gave them the privilege, (not the right), to be wrong, and all choose to sin at some point. You are no better than any other sinner, nor any worse. “Take heed, you who think you stand.”, as in, those who think you are better than others because you only do some “not so bad” things. Your first act of unbelief is all it took to put you on the road to hell. It didn’t take 2. And only by the grace of God, do you escape the wrath of God, (“Not by works of righteousness which we have done He saved us”). Time to dismount from that highhorse, and see you are just like everyone else, someone who chose to be an enemy of God by unbelief, and in need of washing in the blood of the lamb.

  18. I would refuse to eat this old farger Aldrich, even if I am starving – the senior has liver diseases and bad breath, and he pees in his pants.

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